Hypocrites: The Elite who ignore quarantine orders they enforce on everyone else

Knowing this would be an historic event, back in March I started taking notes – copious notes. I’ve only shared 1-2% of what I have collected.

In this very long list, I kept track of the “elite” who violated their own Covid-19 Executive Orders, rules, policies, regulations and guidance – because rules are for the peons and not the elite. In fact, there is a field of study called “ethical fading” – about how leaders frequently deceive themselves into believing they are above the rules.

None of them believe in their own rules and guidance.

After reading this enormous list and how the elite ignored their own guidance and rules – you would be a fool for adhering to their guidelines.

Click on the “Continue reading…” item to read the full list and see the details. The behavior of the public health “experts”, politicians and the “elite” is appalling.

This list is updated frequently – there’s no shortage of arrogant elite who are flaunting their own rules – and then scolding the public for not following their rules! Some people appear more than once on the list – because they violated their own rules more than once!

The List of Hypocritical Arrogant Assholes

  1. Neil Ferguson, architect of the UK’s lockdown and egregious violator of lockdown rules he established
  2. NYC City Mayor Bill De Blasio (is chauffeured to gym just before he closes all of them)
  3. Chris Godley, Director of Emergency Management
  4. Dominic Johnson, UK Chief Advisor
  5. Oregon Health Authority gives a $145,000 grant to an activist group providing direct support to protests and mass spreader events, and having a tag line of “1-800-BURN-IT-DOWN” while simultaneously telling the public to “Stay Home, Save Lives.”
  6. Public Health
  7. CDC Footnote
  8. Chris Cuomo, CNN
  9. George Stephanopolis
  10. Dartmouth Medical Center health care professionals
  11. VA Hospital professionals and administration
  12. Gordon Ramsey, celebrity
  13. Mayor Lori Lightfoot, Chicago
  14. Karyin Polito, Lt Gov of Massachusetts
  15. Gretchen Whitmer, Gov. of Michigan
  16. Dr. Jennifer Nuzzo, public health doctor and academic
  17. Gov Ralph Northam, Gov of Virginia
  18. Dr. Tom Frieden, former CDC Director
  19. Dr. Catherine Calderwood, former Chief Medical Officer of Scotland
  20. Judge Bill Gravel, Texas (who violated his own direct order)
  21. Gov. Kate Brown, Gov of Oregon
  22. Ontario Premier Doug Ford
  23. Austria President Alexander Van der Bellen
  24. German FDP party leader Christian Lindner
  25. Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki
  26. Polish PiS leader gets access to cemetery that is closed to the public
  27. Spanish VP Pablo Iglesias breaks self-isolation required of others
  28. Contra Costa Public Health Department
  29. Mayor London Breed, San Francisco
  30. Oregon State Troopers
  31. Rep. T.J. Cox, California
  32. Bill Morneau, former Finance Minister of Canada
  33. Mayor Jim Kinney, Philadelphia
  34. City of San Francisco government
  35. Gavin Newsom, Gov of California
  36. Corey Lewandoski, Chief Advisor to the President
  37. Margaret Ferrier, Member of the Parliament, UK
  38. Stanley Johnson, father of UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson
  39. Rep. Nancy Pelosi
  40. Sen. Diane Feinstein
  41. Donald Trump
  42. Members of U.S. Congress
  43. Tootie Smith, Chair, Clackamas County Commissioners, Oregon
  44. Gov. Gavin Newsom, California
  45. Lawmakers and lobbyists from 4 states including California and Washington holding a 100 person attendee conference in Maui in violation of nearly everyone’s Directives.
  46. ABC’s Jonathan Karl, who takes his face mask off – in a crowded room – once the cameras turn off
  47. MSNBC TV Reporter Cal Perry – who does a live broadcast complaining about people – outdoors! – not wearing masks. A 3rd party records the live broadcast showing his own crew is not wearing masks either.
  48. Oregon politicians traveled off to Mexico and Hawaii during travel restrictions
  49. Dr. Sharon Meieran, ER doctor and Multnomah County Commissioner who tweeted from her vacation condo in Hawaii that people must stay at home, that Oregon should have a hard lock down, and then defended it by saying she’s a doctor and that qualifies her to violate the rules
  50. Denver Mayor Michael Hancock
  51. Windsor, Ontario Mayor Drew Dilkins
  52. New York Democratic Leadership meets for a party and violates all the rules
  53. Naperville IL Mayor Steve Chirioco
  54. San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo
  55. Los Angeles County Supervisor Sheila Kuelh
  56. Gov. J. B. Pritzker, Illinois
  57. Entire Indiana Legislature
  58. San Francisco Mayor London Breed
  59. Austin TX Mayor Steve Adler – who posts a video from his vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico telling residents not to travel and if things get worse, he threatens them with a lock down. And then says he sees no problem in this.
  60. In the UK, the “elite” are given exemption from quarantine travel rules.
  61. Hollywood Elite are Exempt from California’s lock down 2.0 rules
  62. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO, Facebook
  63. Jack Dorsey, CEO, Twitter
  64. White House Staff
  65. Oregon Secretary of State (as of 2021) Shemia Fagan
  66. Sky News Anchor Kay Burley
  67. West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice
  68. Movie Director Oliver Stone
  69. Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo
  70. Dr. Mikhail Varshavski
  71. Actor Tom Cruise (sort of but not for the publicized reasons)
  72. Lockdown “Karens” Who Use Home Delivery
  73. Dr. Deborah Birx, White House Covid-19 task force head
  74. Members of Congress
  75. Andrew Yang wants a “Star of David” armband for those not yet vaccinated, basically
  76. Hospital Administrators-who went to first in line for vaccinations
  77. Scotland First Minister Nicola Sturgeon
  78. St. Clair County IL Director of Emergency Management Herb Simmons
  79. Gov. Tate Reeves, Mississippi
  80. Belleville Mayor Mark Eckert, Illinois
  81. Texas Public Health Officials
  82. Mark Poloncarz, Eric County (PA) Executive
  83. Ontario Finance Minister Rod Phillips
  84. Chicago Teachers Union Board Member Sarah Chambers
  85. NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio (New Years Eve) – shuts down NYE’s celebrations and then dances with his wife in Times Square
  86. Hamilton County Health Department (Tennessee) – gave Covid vaccines to friends and family members
  87. British MP Margaret Ferrier (arrested for violating Covid-19 rules)
  88. Patrick Allen, Director, Oregon Health Authority
  89. Huge number of Canadian Parliament Members travel abroad, violating government guidance
  90. Jesse Lippold, Salem-Keizer School Board director and avid party goer
  91. Registered Nurse Mike Schultz
  92. Canada Public Health Agency manager, Dominique Baker
  93. California School Teachers
  94. Oregon Health Authority
  95. Nashville School Board Chair Christine Buggs

THIS LIST WILL BE UPDATED … nearly every day … sigh

WARNING: By the end of this list my language to describe their actions begins using obscenities as I have become angry with these assholes. Public Health no longer has any credibility and based on their actions and actual data, Public Health is an outright fraud. They do not believe in any of their own rules. They have sob story excuses as to why they are exempt – even though all of us have the same valid reasons.

Click below to read of their outrageous conduct in violating the rules the rest of us must follow. Honestly, I no longer believe any of the elite give a damn or believe any of the public health rules.

After ICL’s Neil Ferguson, the creator of the fraudulent disease model and architect of UK’s lockdown, ignored his own lockdown orders, I began tracking prominent people who ignored the lockdowns and rules that the rest of us were made to follow. The list of rules violators is lengthy – yet incomplete.

Bottom line: The elite routinely ignore their own rules. The purpose of authoritarian pandemic policies seems geared to putting us peons in our place.

In the news (months ago, now) from Bloomberg is a story about how people are suffering pandemic fatigue and ignoring lock down orders. Bloomberg’s solution is strict punishment for rule violators. As we will see below, however, the “experts” who come up with these rules seem to think these measure do not work in practice – and routinely ignore them.

Public health people know strict measures are not sustainable, are frequently infeasible, and typically within weeks, people get on with their lives – because they are not sustainable, they do not work in the real world, or there is no evidence they work (as published in their own research papers all the way up to the present).

But the elite routinely ignore isolation and quarantine orders, sometimes the orders that they themselves issued and inflicted on every one else. This behavior is why public health mitigation measures – absent unconstitutional house arrest and detainment of everyone – eventually fail.

Public health is in the dark ages, attempting to employ 300+ year old mitigation strategies that worked in isolated agricultural centric communities to a modern, highly interconnected economy and culture. And it’s not working.

Examples of The Rules that Do Not Apply to the Elite

Bill De Blasio, Mayor New York City

After announcing shutting down the city and closing all schools, the Mayor is driven by chauffeur to his gym workout at the YMCA facility. Gyms were ordered closed later that day.

Chris Godley, Director of Emergency Management

Godley violated his own rules:

Chris Godley, the county’s director of emergency management, enjoyed a family trip to the beach Saturday despite a shelter-in-place order that has closed local parks and open spaces in an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Source: Sonoma County emergency management director disregards coronavirus shelter-in-place order, takes family to beach

Neil Ferguson, PhD

The Imperial College London’s Neil Ferguson created the fraudulent disease model that projected 2.2 million dead in the U.S. by spring of 2021. His fraudulent models were the basis for ineffective lock down measures established in many countries including the U.S. He was the government advisor who architected the UK’s lock down orders. (Note – all of his disease model scenarios over 20 years proved to be bogus.)

In real life, Ferguson invited his married lover into his home multiple times. Even after he had confirmed Covid-19 the week before and his lover’s husband’s was a presumptive Covid-19 case.

Update: Late December 2022, this arrogant asshole returned to persuade PM Boris Johnson to cancel Christmas in SE England. He apparently returned with a new model predicting over 7 trillion dead within weeks. He needs to be arrested and locked down.

Dominic Johnson, UK Chief Advisor

The UK’s Chief Advisor to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Dominic Johnson, who is the advisor that ordered everyone to be under house arrest, ignored his own rules, twice, to travel 260 miles north in England. And did this travel when his wife had symptoms of Covid-19 and he was ordered in to isolation. While they denied the initial reports, he has since admitted he is a jerk that is more important than you. (He argues it was legal under the “for paid childcare” exemption to the UK’s house arrest order that made it okay to leave home and travel 260 miles for child care services.)

Oregon Health Authority

Oregon Health Authority gives a $145,000 grant to an activist group providing direct support to protests and mass spreader events, a group with (they thought) a humorous tag line of “1-800-BURN-IT-DOWN” while simultaneously telling the public to “Stay Home, Save Lives.”

OHA burned up its own credibility. If you doubt that, call 1-800-BURN-IT-DOWN and ask for Pat Allen, OHA Director.

Public Health

In February and March, public health proclaimed we should absolutely, positively not wear face masks. Faces masks only work when worn by a professional health care provider. Yes, they said that. This led to altercations – including assaults – on people wearing face masks in public. I was chastised on social media for saying I wore my used N95 shop mask – by a health care worker – who said I should have turned over my used, dirty, shop mask to health care (which would have promptly thrown it away).

The first week of April, just 2 days after reiterating that face masks do not work, public health reversed course and began ordering everyone to wear a face mask made out of random bits of cloth, using random designs, assembled by persons of unknown skill – assuring us that these would work.

By late June, Dr Fauci said in a TV interview that they had to tell us not to wear face masks in order to preserve PPE. BUT THERE WAS NEVER A SHORTAGE OF HOME MADE FACE MASKS MADE OF RANDOM BITS OF CLOTH USING RANDOM DESIGNS AND ASSEMBLED BY PERSONS OF UNKNOWN SKILL.

Public health’s screwed up nonsensical messaging on face masks led to persons being assaulted, knifed and even shot for not wearing a face mask.

Public Health Shut Down Non-Emergency Health Care

I injured my foot around March 1st. It hurt. Typical of those with this injury, I waited a few weeks to see if it would get better. It got worse. The day I decided I needed to see a doctor was the day the Governor, acting on the directions of state public health, shut down all non-emergency (e.g. not life threatening) health care in the state. I was unable to see a doctor until May 13th, ten weeks after the injury.

Diagnosis: Broken navicular and partially torn tendon.

During this period I had been in, at times, considerable pain. But due to the delay in diagnosis, there was not much that could be done. I was in quite a bit of pain into late summer and significant pain, at times, into late fall. Not until January 2021 could I say that I am (mostly) pain free for walking again. This has been a long haul.

By the way, car repair was not shut down – only non-emergency health care, illustrating the idiocy at work. My state never had a run on health care providers – in fact, most had to furlough workers during this public health directive.

You might say this experience did not get my thoughts about public health off on a good footing.

This non-emergency health care shut down was idiocy from public health quacks who never gave a moment’s thought to the consequences. To this day, they have never considered the actual costs of their actions. They did not give a damn about the actual pain and injuries their decisions were inflicting on people.

Public Health Experts Say Protesting is More Important Fighting a Virus

Public health screwed up the messaging. And then as you will see below, public health expert established strong measures (which have largely not worked) – but deliberately ignored their own orders. By early June, public health “experts” told us that attending mass spreader protest events was more important than fighting a virus.

At this point, I lost all faith in public health. The entire field no longer has credibility and cannot be trusted. After months of following their public health guidance, we now have ten times more cases than before, and ten times more deaths than before.

Public Health Vaccination Expectations

In December of 2020, public health so mangled the vaccine announcements that surveys found a majority of Americans thought they would get vaccinated within the next 3 months. The reality is that it will take until summer before they get through the prioritized groups – leaving the rest of us until summer or fall of 2021. This was a huge miscommunication that should never have happened. As of January 2021, we still do not have an actual plan in place to vaccine even half of the country by the end of June. Yet another massive failure of public health – this should have been the “all hands on deck” moment of fighting a war – instead, in late December they almost completely stopped vaccination programs over the long Christmas and New Year’s weekend. We are supposed to believe this is an emergency when the public health experts don’t believe its an emergency?

Public Health Exports Ignored Their Own Rules

We have a right to be very angry with them for public quackery and hypocritical behavior. They brought this anger upon themselves.

As you will see in this lengthy list, there are many “health experts” who routinely violated public health guidance – and the rules they themselves established. When caught, they defended their actions by pleading that their situation was special – even though it is the same situations you and I are faced with but do not receive a free pass.

After 9 months of this inconsistent, contradictory, illogical and nonsensical bull shit from public health, public health seems to be a fraud of politicized “experts” who have little idea what they are doing. We failed to control the pandemic but at least we put 40 million out of work, bankrupted businesses and destroyed our childrens’ education – and 9 months into this, we increased the number of daily new cases by a factor of ten. Guess you can call that a public health success?

Bottom line: Public health has been abject failure.

CDC Footnote

In January, WHO made available a low cost Covid-19 test. The US CDC refused to use it, saying it would develop it’s own test. The CDC then proceeded to spend February shipping out contaminated CDC tests (and as learned later, knew their tests didn’t work).

After fixing the test, the CDC then asserted a government monopoly on testing through March, rather than allow non-government labs to conduct tests.

The result was predictable – failed tests in February, and then an inability to conduct the tests that were desperately needed.

Not until spring were other labs allowed to do tests.

The CDC should have immediately adopted the WHO test while simultaneously developing and verifying their own test. But the CDC chose not to do that – and this single failure of CDC public health may be why the nation is where it is today – with hundreds of thousands dead.

Yet another example of massive public health failures.

Chris Cuomo, CNN

CNN’s Chris Cuomo and brother of NY Governor ignored quarantine after being diagnosed with Covid-19.

George Stephanopolis

George Stephanopolis, diagnosed with Covid-19, ignored the quarantine rules.

Dartmouth Medical Center Health Care Professionals

Unnamed employee of Dartmouth Medical Center went out to party after being tested and told to quarantine. He’d been to Italy and had symptoms. His test result was positive. The party was with doctors and medical students and the elite people who set the rules for the rest of us peons.

Karyn Polito, Lt. Gov, Massachusetts

Lt. Governor of Massachusetts violates state order and hosts huge party after telling everyone else to engage in social distancing and stay at home.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, Michigan

Michigan Governor, whose lockdown orders led to mass protests, sought to have her own boat put in a marina ahead of the Memorial Day weekend – ahead of others and while she said people should be staying at home and not traveling to northern Michigan where the rules had been relaxed.

Gordon Ramsay, Celebrity Chef

Gordon Ramsay ignores lockdown rules.

Veterans Administration

Veterans Administration Hospital hosts a lockdown party. Yes, a “lockdown party”.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot, Chicago

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot gets a haircut because she is “in the public eye” and looking good is “essential”. While no one else can get a haircut.

Gov. Ralph Northam, Virginia

Virginia Governor insists everyone wear a mask in public but then takes his family to the beach and no one wears a mask. And he’s a doctor – do what I say but not what I do.

Dr Catherine Calderwood, Chief Medical Officer, Scotland

The Scottish government’s Chief Medical Officer violated her own quarantine house arrest orders to travel to her vacation home – twice – and ended up resigning.

Gov. Kate Brown, Oregon

In Oregon, in March and most of April, one could not get a Covid-19 test unless hospitalized (already) for pneumonia, showing all CDC defined systems and living in a skilled nursing home or elder care center, or showing all symptoms and having been in close contact with a confirmed patient. So of course, Governor / Supreme Leader Kate Brown and her husband were both tested by the state lab, contrary to their own policies, when both had a head cold – about the 3rd week of March. (Update – Brown received at least two additional Covid-19 tests during the year at unknown times.)

Covid-19 testing was not available to anyone – unless you were the Governor and her husband. At that time, the rules were you could not get a Covid-19 test unless:

  1. You were already admitted to a hospital with signs and symptoms of pneumonia.
  2. You were a resident of an elder care center, had signs and symptoms of Covid-19.
  3. You had known contact with a confirmed case and has symptoms (at that time, this applied primarily to health care workers and immediate family members of known cases).

While the Governor received special access, I could not get care in March for what by mid-May was determined to be a fracture in my left foot and a torn tendon. The Governor shut down all non-emergency non-life threatening health care in the state from mid March onwards. Car repair was ok, according to her Order, but seeking care for an as-yet unknown broken foot was prohibited. Yeah, that makes sense. And this certainly did not get my view of public health off on the right footing …

Ontario Premier Doug Ford

After issuing orders not to visit with people outside your own household, Ontario Premier Doug Ford had his daughters (from separate households) over to visit on Mother’s Day, with more people present than allowed, in violation of Ontario directives. Because rules are for the little people – important people are qualified, he implied, to make their ow decisions.

Austria President Alexander Van der Bellen

Caught by police breaking curfew so he could go to a restaurant. Because elite. Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kruz blew off masks days earlier – because elite.

German FDP party leader Christian Lindner

He was shown hugging others when hugging was prohibited. Yeah, hugging is illegal but not if you are important.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki

Gathered with a large group and attended a ceremony – with no social distancing or wearing his government’s mandated face masks.

Polish PiS leader Jarosław Kaczyńskigets

Polish PiS leader Jarosław Kaczyńskigets breaks self-isolation mandated for everyone else – because he’s elite.

Judge Bill Gravell, Texas

In Texas, a Judge attends a birthday party in violation of HIS OWN lock down orders- chauffeured by a sheriff’s deputy, no less. He wrote the Order that threatened fines and jail time for those who left their own homes. When pictures appeared on social media, the Judge sought to have the photos removed, even though he had no authority to make that request. He apparently violated two other state laws, as well. But, you know, rules are for the little people. (As of mid-June, a special prosecutor was appointed to investigate this. As of November, he was found guilty of the Order violation and fined $1000.)

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, Michigan

Gov. Whitmer of Michigan took part in protests, in violation of her own lock down orders. Because protesting is more important than fighting a virus.

Dr. Jennifer Nuzzo, doctor of Public Health

We know that protesting is more important than fighting a virus because Dr. Jennifer Nuzzo, a public health doctor and influential expert at Johns Hopkins University said so:

1,288 public health “experts”

1,288 public health “experts” then signed an online petition echoing those thoughts (the petition was taken offline because it embarrassingly revealed public health to be a political operation, not based on science).

As long as you engage in mass demonstrations of the proper politically correct nature, attending potential mass super spreader events is encouraged. At the time Nuzzo said that, there was no science or data to support that assertion – none at all. She made it up.

Contra Costa County Public Health

In Contra Costa County, California, public health decreed that outdoor social gatherings would be limited to 12 people but protests may have up to 100 people. Explain the science behind this? There is none. Politicized public health quacks made that up.

Mayor London Breed, San Francisco

In California, Mayor London Breed, days after issuing an order that everyone wear a face mask within 30 feet of someone outdoors, appears at a protest event, without a mask, standing – touching shoulders – next to other speakers.

Oregon State Troopers Refuse to Wear Masks

In Oregon, on July 1st, a group of Oregon State Troopers refuse to wear face masks inside a coffee shop, in spite of the Governor’s mandate to wear face masks. They voiced highly disparaging comments about the mandate and said they would not comply.

Rep. TJ Cox, CA

CA Rep. TJ Cox (D) requested special permission for a personal visit to Yosemite National Park on the 4th of July. When his visit was denied (due to access restrictions limiting the number of visitors), he then re-applied and said it was for official business to make a video about a bill he had sponsored. The NPS then granted passes to him and his entourage. No such video subsequently appeared.

Bill Morneau, (now former) Finance Minister, Canada

In July, Canada’s Finance Minister had himself chauffeured between Ottawa and Toronto during lock down. Government officials in the UK and France similarly flouted the rules and expectations. In late September, after announcing ever more draconian lock down measures in the UK, Prime Minister Boris Johnson appeared on a video clip with 7 others – none of whom were wearing face masks.

City of San Francisco

San Francisco prohibited the opening of gyms and recreation centers as unsafe – while secretly re-opening city operated private gyms used by city employees, police and firefighters.

San Francisco closed churches for six months – limiting church attendance to a single individual allowed on premises at any time. In late September, the U.S. Department of Justice informed the city that these rules were unconstitutional as they treated churches differently than other businesses and activities. Two days later the city allowed churches to re-open with 25% of capacity attendance and distancing in effect.

Suzi Levine, Washington State Unemployment Fraud

In Washington State, hundreds of millions of dollars in fraudulent unemployment payments were issued by the state – the well connected political appointee in charge of their unemployment program is still employed receiving a full salary – while unemployed state residents are delayed in getting compensation. She bought her way into the position by raising millions of dollars for her party’s (D) candidates. (This example isn’t specifically about Covid-19 orders – but is an example of how an elite is treated differently than the rest of us.)

Mayor Lori Lightfoot, Chicago

Chicago Mayor, after issuing a stay at home order, and blasting other city officials for taking vacation trips, then traveled to Maine for a vacation.

Mayor Jim Kenney, Philadelphia

Philadelphia Mayor, after banning indoor restaurants, travels to Maryland to eat out at a restaurant.

Margaret Ferrier, Member of Parliament

She was diagnosed with Covid-19 but traveled anyway: “Police announce investigation into SNP MP Margaret Ferrier over Covid trip from Scotland to Commons”

Stanley Johnson, Father of UK PM Boris Johnson

The father of the UK Prime Minister (who survived Covid-19) went shopping without a face mask, ignoring UK Orders, while the Labor Leader attended a dinner party, in violation of rules.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House

Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, gets her hair done indoors at a San Francisco hair salon – without a face mask – in a city where all of that is banned by public health orders. She also got a blow dry, which is strictly prohibited under their public health orders. Because eliteness. Rules are for the little people.

Her defense is that she did everything she understood to be correct – the ignorance of the law defense and then argued she thought she had been “set up”. Yep, that happens to all of us!

Sen. Diane Feinstein

She lobbied the FAA to make masks mandatory in airport terminals and on aircraft. She then was seen walking through a “private” (you know the drill – elite) air terminal in September at Dulles International – without wearing a mask. Masks have been mandatory at the airport since May, 2020.

Feinstein also appeared at a Senate hearing, and in a hallway on November 16th without wearing a mask. She had been lobbying for mandatory masks since July.

Donald Trump, Buffoon

Trump appears to routinely ignore most of the rules regarding Covid-19 but then he does not encourage those rules either. In early October, he was diagnosed with Covid-19, airlifted to a hospital and received two experimental therapies and other medications, just like any of us would have received on our $2,000/month premiums/high deductible catastrophic-only ACA insurance policies!

While still contagious at the hospital, he then went for a short jaunt in a Secret Service chauffeured enclosed vehicle, putting all of them into quarantine. He then returned to the White House and removed his face mask – as I understand it he was outdoors and away from others – but still. He then issued a Tweet saying Covid-19 is no big deal. I’d need a larger blog to cover the idiocy on this.

Update Jan 1, 2021: While the rest of us are confined to home and told not to travel – take a look at who traveled to, and attended Trump’s New Years Eve party (Trump and Melania did not attend but plenty of self important people did attend – without masks too!)

Corey Lewandowski, Chief Advisor to the President

His advisor, Corey Lewandowski was to self quarantine but went to a kids’ sporting event without a mask because rules are for the peons, not important people like him.

Portland City Council Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty

Refused to comply with Lyft requirement that windows be kept slightly open for ventilation due to Covid-19 restrictions with driver and riders sitting closely together in a vehicle. She called 9-1-1 to ask for police assistance (in Vancouver, WA) even though she has supported defunding the police in Portland.

Weird situation. Disclosure: I sat next to her on a Portland MAX light rail trip and had a good conversation with her about homeless and mental illness problems in Portland, and was impressed with her.

Lori Lightfoot, Mayor of Chicago

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot tells city to stay at home for 30 days, cancel Thanksgiving plans and puts 10-person limit on gatherings due to COVID-19 spike – days after she joined crowds celebrating Biden’s win.

Muriel Bowser, Mayor of Washington DC

After mandating at 14 day quarantine for entering the city from any of 46 U.S. states, or for anyone leaving the city and returning, she travels off to a mass crowd event to celebrate Biden’s election win. Upon return she does not quarantine nor get the mandated negative coronavirus test and declares herself as “an essential worker”.

Gavin Newsom, Governor of California

Attends a birthday party with multiple households (12 people) and too many in attendance, in violation of his own Order prohibiting such gatherings. Because rules – which are not based in any actual science anyway (see link)- are for the little people, not big important people like the Governor. Afterward his staff argued the event complied with the rules – because, what ever – Newsom later issued a statement acknowledging that it violated the rules.

And the party was for a lobbyist – a lobbyist who only a short time earlier blasted someone else on social media – for holding a birthday party. The arrogance is off scale.

After the party, Newsom further responded by re-locking down nearly the entire state and closing all restaurants. Reminiscent of NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio working out a gym before closing all gyms later in the day.

UPDATE: It get’s worse. The party was basically indoors and it seems no one had a mandated face mask. (They’ve called it an outdoor seating venue but see update below.) California’s top medical lobbyists were in attendance. By now you’ve seen the trend play out – the rules do not apply to the elite, who have no skin in this game. We should not question any of this, of course, because peons should shut up.

UPDATE: It get’s worse. One of the Governor’s children came in contact with a confirmed case of Covid-19 at a private school. Almost all schools in California have been closed by the Governor’s orders – except the private school his kids attend.

UPDATE: Eventually his entire family had to go into quarantine including his Royal Highness.

UPDATE: A reporter says there were 22 people in attendance at the dinner party, not 12, as originally claimed. It was held inside, not outside, as originally claimed. There may also have been up to 20 additional California highway patrol security officers in the vicinity too.

Nancy Pelosi and Members of Congress

November 13, 2020 – because Members of Congress are far more important than you and I, where all restaurants are now closed.

Tootie Smith, Chair, Clackamas County Commissioners

Screen capture from the Oregonian on 11/17/2020. Chair of the Clackamas County Commissioners says she will not comply with public health directives concerning household Thanksgiving activities. Considering that by now, no one else in a position of power cares, I guess we should side with her on this to be in the majority?

Legislators from 3 states head to Maui for multi-day Conference (Nov 17, 2020)

California lawmakers [plus 3 other states] head to Maui with lobbyists despite pandemic travel warnings

Maui has stay-at-home directives in effect, a suspension of all local government meetings, and a limit of ten people gathering at any event. The lawmaker’s event will host about 100 people. Because shut up you peon.

Two of the states have a travel advisory in effect asking those traveling back home to quarantine for 14 days. Do you think any of them will self quarantine for 14 days? Doubtful. They are “essential workers”.

California is simultaneously locking down nearly the entire state and is considering imposing a state-wide curfew (the virus primarily spreads at night!) – but not for the elite! Shut up you peon!

Did you know the elite can’t use Zoom? It’s in their genes. Duh!

Remember, pandemic rules are only for the little people! The virus itself knows if you are a little person or an elite!

Update – their behavior is the definition of nomenklatura.

Thanksgiving at the White House

While everyone has been told to not travel, stay at home, and do not invite anyone over for Thanksgiving, the White House will host an indoor Thanksgiving reception.

Andrew Cuomo, Governor New York

After telling everyone to stay home and definitely do not invite others to dinner, guess who invited others to dinner?

After an outpouring of outrage on social media, Gov. Cuomo backed off the family get together. Peons, know your place!

ABC TV Reporter takes off face mask once cameras are off

Face masks are for show and virtue signaling. In an enclosed room full of people, ABC national TV White House reporter Jonathan Karl removes his mask once the cameras are turned off.

MSNBC National TV News Reporter Cal Perry Feigns Outrage of People Not Wearing Masks

An MSNBC TV reporter feigns outrage over the lack of mask wearing – outdoors while most of his own crew had no mask.

His fake news broadcast, from last May 2020, was recorded on a smart phone by a third party.

Not one “elite” believes in the nonsense they are peddling to the rest of us. Not. One.

Oregon Politicians – Dr. Sharon Meieran

Just as the Governor issued a travel advisory asking that people stay home and avoid travel, and plan to quarantine for 14 days upon arriving back in Oregon – a bunch of politicians flew off to Hawaii and Mexico.

One of the politicians is also an ER physician. She tweeted, from her vacation spot in Hawaii: “At this point we need to go back to staying home.” What an arrogant asshole. Rules are for the little people not big important essential elite! So shut up stupid peon!

She’s a member of the Multnomah County Commissioners, the County that includes Portland, Oregon.

She argued she left for Hawaii on Nov 10th when she said it was no big deal. Yet her husband flew out on about Nov 17th, after travel restrictions were issued. But it’s okay – he’s an ER physician too and doctors are immune to all infectious diseases and don’t need to follow protocols and State rules! Rules are for the little people.

Arrogantly, she gave an interview – from Hawaii – on or before November 12th, in which she called for a mandatory lock down of the citizens of Oregonapparently she was aware by Nov 12th of the rise in cases that she denied had existed on November 10th. Dr. Meieran is apparently lying (just look at the state’s epicurve – cases were exploding starting in October).

But it’s okay, she said, because she wore “2 masks” on the flight. And she’s a doctor – so shut up peon:

She defended her decision from a medical point of view.

She is an MD and she said she looked into all the mitigating factors and felt it was a safe option at the time.


The message here is that you are not qualified to make this judgement as to safety but she is a doctor (and a lawyer and a politician) and is fully qualified to violate the rules – so shut up, you idiot plebeain!

Her argument is that if you carefully evaluate and mitigate the risks, then the rules are not necessary. In other words, we can, in fact, re-open bars, restaurants, gyms, parks, schools, day care, the Zoo and numerous other venues – as long as we carefully evaluate the risks.

Yet, as the Oregonian notes, her entire focus for eight months has been a heavy handed command-and-control closure of everything – because the government knows best. Know your place you worthless peon!

And while vacationing in Hawaii, Dr. Meieran advocated a total lock up of the state’s citizen’s. After the trip, she appears to lie about her understanding of the situation on November 10 – giving an interview on or before Nov 12th, from Hawaii – advocating a total lock down.

I found Dr. Meireran’s arrogance extremely triggering to me – and I will vent – she is a liar and an arrogant fool who has no business being a public official and must resign immediately (she won’t – she’s a doctor and more important than us peons). She comes across as an arrogant jerk who disdains the plebeians. She seems oblivious to the immense damage her own actions have given to the entire field of health care and public health “experts”.

Check out the actual case counts (Green line) on Nov 10th (my chart from OHA data – click on image for larger size). And check out the green line on about Nov 17th, when her husband flew out.

As a Multnomah County Commissioner, she no longer has credibility on public health. None. At. All. She appears to have lied about her own activities and must resign immediately (but won’t).

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock

DENVER — Denver Mayor Michael Hancock flew to Mississippi Wednesday to have Thanksgiving with his wife and daughter at his daughter’s home after pleading with Denverites not to travel for the holiday if possible.


In fact, on the day of his flying out of state, he was tweeting out directions to the peons: “Host virtual gatherings instead of in-person dinners. Avoid travel, if you can.”

He literally issued a sob story to explain his actions – saying his daughter had recently taken a job out of state. Yeah, me too – except us peons are staying home unlike big self important people like him.

Is there any reason at all why anyone is following directions from the elite to stay home, save lives, quarantine, do not travel? I can’t think of a single one!

Windsor (Ontario, Canada) Mayor Drew Dilkins

Violates his own Order on group size gatherings at a restaurant just hours after saying his city would have a “zero tolerance approachfor Covid-19 rule violations. The Mayor called it “an unfortunate error on my part”. No, this was not an error Mayor. This was an arrogant elitist who knows rules don’t apply to him – he’s sorry that someone took a photo. The rules and dates of enforcement were his own – blaming ignorance of the rules he promoted doesn’t work.

From a comment to that news story: “Isn’t this about the 1,000th elected official on this planet who have told us to isolate and then got caught partying like it’s 1999?”

Yes. But add a few more zeroes to that number.

Naperville IL Mayor Steve Cherico

Is outed by his own niece for hypocrisy. Days after threatening his constituents with a face mask mandate (his state recommends everyone wear a face mask already), the Mayor left his state (which discourages travel) and flew to Florida to attend his daughter’s out of state wedding with 53 other guests without wearing face masks. He argued this was okay (including not wearing masks) because the event was held outdoors. Illinois has a state wide face mask recommendation, and travel to regions with high incidence (which includes Florida) is discouraged.

While Illinois does not yet restrict travel, the city of Chicago has a mandatory quarantine on arrivals from almost all U.S. states. Ten days earlier, the state issued strict new rules for businesses in the state.

There is a pattern here – each of these hypocrites and arrogant asses found their own situation was “essential” – but if you or I had the same excuses we would be violating orders.

Public health is apparently a sham and a hoax perpetrated on all of us.

San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo

California had directives on not hosting guests over Thanksgiving. The week before, the Mayor publicly told people to stay home and said he would be staying home with his immediate household family.

And then on Thanksgiving, he instead went to his elderly parents’ home with unknown number of other families and guests.

When questioned about this discrepancy between the Mayor’s actions and the rules, his staff replied:

This is a private event – not public,” said Jim Reed, Liccardo’s Chief of Staff.  “We are going to redraw the line between what is personal and what is public because that line has become blurred.”

There you have it – the rules do not apply to “private events” in your own home! Especially if you are the Mayor – so stay in your place peon!

Los Angeles County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl

Los Angeles County Supervisor Sheila Kuelh, mere hours after voting to ban even outdoor dining at restaurants – went off to eat dinner at an outdoor restaurant.

Gov. J.B. Pritzker, Illinois

Governor acknowledged his family has been traveling to and from Florida and Wisconsin last spring but argues the travel complied with the rules (that he was responsible for issuing) and the travel to Wisconsin was to care for a family farm which is defined as an “essential service”.

In his case, he may have complied with the rules but the optics were definitely bad. In October, Pritzker threatened to issue “stiff penalties” against restaurants that did not comply with his authoritarian Orders that they be put out of business.

Not one politician or public health official saw their own hours cut, wages cut, or their job eliminated as the result of their own Orders illustrating their elite attitude towards the hoi polloi.

Entire Indiana Legislature

After the state mandates the wearing of face masks everywhere, the Legislature then exempts itself from the mandate.

You see, the Governor’s Executive Orders, by law, do not apply to the Legislative branch – so the legislators noted they are more important than the hoi polloi – so off with your heads peons!

San Francisco Mayor London Breed

Attended a birthday party – the night after Gavin Newsom, at the same restaurant, also violating the guidelines (but not the rules in effect at the time). 3 days later, she banned all indoor restaurant dining in her own jurisdiction: “I cannot emphasize enough how important it is that everyone act responsibly to reduce the spread of the virus

Update – after initially defending her nonsensical party attendance, she came under fire and has kind of apologized for being an idiot using the now standard wording “I need to hold myself to a higher standard and I will do better” (which is what they all now say after being caught).

Uh huh. I’m so old I remember back in September when the CDC said eating at restaurants was very risky – literally doubling your risk of getting Covid-19.

Austin Texas Mayor Steve Adler

Attends his daughter’s wedding and reception (outdoors) with 20 guests, apparently none wore face masks, and then the next day, flies by private jet with 7 members of the wedding party to the family’s condo in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. While there, he posts a video to Facebook threatening Austin Texas residents with lockdowns:

We need to stay home if you can. This is not the time to relax. We are going to be looking really closely. … We may have to close things down if we are not careful.”

After being caught, he defends his actions by saying they did not violate the Orders in effect at the time and …. he consulted with medical experts such as his public health director on how to hold the wedding and travel safely. The wedding photographer flew in from Seattle. The next day after the wedding, his public health director told others not to go to restaurants and not to travel.

“If you’re going out to a restaurant, go out with your family, the people who live in your household, not with family and friends outside your household and start to decrease those travels outside of your home that are not necessary.”

That’s Oregon’s Dr. Sarah Meieran defense – the elite can ignore the guidelines because they either are “experts” or have can consult “experts” on how to safely violate official guidance and Orders. As to you, well, tough shit you miserable peon!


Massachusetts beat California to adopting curfews. But Massachusetts went even further mandating wearing a face mask at all times outdoors, even if hiking alone on a forest trail. There is no science to support curfews or the wearing of face masks outdoors when distant from others. And you wonder why no one believes a word from public health “experts”?

When their directives are arbitrary, not based on facts, logic or evidence, there is no reason for anyone to listen to elite experts. Indeed, the elite do not even listen to themselves.

European Politicians and Diplomats Attend Sex Party

Cannot make this up – at least one European parliament member and several diplomats and others attended a large sex party in Belgium, in direct violation of lock down orders. The country has had very strict lockdown orders in effect and the activities at this party were strictly prohibited. There’s some other irregularities with this one.

New York Democratic Leaders

Democratic leadership, in a state run by Democrats, under Democrat written health Orders and restrictions – meets for a party last week in a private residence and ignores all the rules. While simultaneously telling us to dine alone for Thanksgiving. In fact, the party exceeded the state’s indoor gathering size limit.

One of the elite is an outspoken face mask enthusiast – for everyone else – and did not wear a face mask for the illegal party. Rules are for the plebeians you peon – so shut up!

More on this fiasco, here.

New York Young Republican Event

Held at a restaurant in New Jersey, the event appeared to violate rules, and was held in New Jersey to likely evade stricter rules in New York. In this case, the organizer made clear he did not support any of the rules – not quite the same as making the rules and then ignoring them. But still.

Journalists: The Elite.

The news media is filled – over flowing – with journalists writing that people must work from home and avoid all travel and contact. Journalists are themselves members of the elite – and among the elite workers who can do most of their work from home. But there are many workers who cannot work from home – at all. They are furloughed or laid off, lose income, and put their families health and housing at risk. Journalists don’t care about these people as they promote the narrative and publish incoherent and inconsistent messaging: Stay Homes. Save Lives. Go Protest.

Executives, Sports Celebrities and Entertainment Staff Exempt from Quarantine Rules

Good grief – this is the very definition of a class-based society – and now its formalized in England:

Senior company executives, elite sportspeople, and television production staff are among those travelers who will be exempt from COVID-19 quarantine restrictions for international arrivals in England, the government has announced.


From 4 a.m. on Sat 5th Dec high-value business travelers will no longer need to self-isolate when returning to ENGLAND from a country NOT in a travel corridor, allowing more travel to support the economy and jobs. Conditions apply,” transport secretary Grant Shapps said on Twitter


As one politician put it, “I hope the virus has been made aware of the rules and keeps well away from them.” illustrating the complete lack of evidence to support this exemption.

Peon, know your place! You are a “non-essential” worker, the dregs of society. Remember, always listen to the official guidance of “public health experts”! They know what is best for those with tiny little minds! If we are lucky, you stupid peons will die of Covid-19 – long hail the elites!

This nonsense is turning into modern day eugenics to remove the lower classes.

Hollywood Elite are Exempt from California’s lock down 2.0 rules

California exempted movie, film and television production from their strict lock down rules and curfew. Meanwhile, hypocrite Hollywood celebrities put out social media propaganda pieces urging everyone else to stay home and wear a mask. While they head off to work and eat catered restaurant style meals at private catering facilities while restaurants are closed for everyone else.

Mark Zuckerburg, CEO, Facebook

Unlike those of us under house arrest, Mark Zuckerburg is off playing in Hawaii – apparently making multiple trips to a state with hyper strict travel restrictions. Turns out he owns about half the state so is presumably exempt from the rules that apply to us peons. Yet again, the elite have “immunity” from Covid-19 rules.

Jack Dorsey, CEO, Twitter

Unlike those of us under house arrest, Jack Dorsey is jetting around the world to exotic vacation destinations all through 2020 and into 2021. He even lives in a state (California) that has had strict travel advisories in effect. However, apparently by law, the elite are exempt from the travel restrictions imposed on the rest of us. And they don’t even need to wear a stupid useless face mask when traveling on their private jets!

White House Staff

The White House staff, which has mismanaged the entire pandemic, has held numerous parties and events, generally giving all of us the finger while we all hide in isolation in our homes – will receive the Pfizer vaccine during the first few days of its availability in the 3rd week of December 2021. The rest of us will have to wait, likely, until the summer of 2021.

Know your place, peon! We do, we do know our place now.

Update: Surprisingly, Trump acted Presidential and canceled the staff vaccinations saying they will have to wait.

Oregon Secretary of State (as of 2021) Shemia Fagan

In open violation of Oregon’s current “Lock down 2.0” or “Freeze”, Fagan held a large multi-house hold party(More here) violating the rules against multiple households, more than six people, and no one wore a face mask. Caught on camera by a neighbor.

Have you noticed a pattern yet? Not one elite rule maker believes in their own damn rules.

There is talk that Oregon Governor Kate Brown might tapped by the Biden Administration – in which case Fagan would be appointed as Governor of Oregon. She has demonstrated she is sufficiently arrogant to hold the position.

Sky News Anchor Kay Burley

“Sky News presenter Kay Burley and a host of her colleagues are being branded hypocrites for flouting Covid-19 restrictions for the anchorwoman’s 60th birthday party after spending months chastising others about breaking the rules.

Burley and several of her Sky colleagues including Beth Rigby, Inzamam Rashid and Sam Washington were in a group of 10 people that attended the presenter’s milestone birthday bash at the Century Club in Soho, London, on Saturday night.

While the glamorous gathering appeared to break the UK’s ‘rule of six’, the group tried to get around the coronavirus restrictions by spanning across two separate tables at the swanky establishment.”


West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice

WV Governor is first in line to get a Covid-19 vaccination, claiming he wants to demonstrate its safety. His staff also received vaccinations today, day #1 of the Covid-19 vaccination rollout.

The state won’t have enough vaccines to innoculate all health care workers until sometime in January.

But the self important, self entitled elitists already have theirs!

Movie Director Oliver Stone

Another elitist – as of December 16th, Stone reports he has already been vaccinated. In Russia. Where just 320,000 doses of their Sputnik V vaccine have been distributed so far. Because, he’s important.

Note – actor Ian McKellen has also received a vaccination but at age 81, he is actually in the prioritized group to receive a vaccination first.

I expect 100% of the elitist will have been vaccinated in the next 2-3 months, while us peons wait until 2H 2021.

Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo

Days after telling residents to “Please, stay home except for essential activities & wear a mask anytime you’re with people you don’t live with“, Gina Raimondo showed up a wine bar, with out a face mask. Here’s the Kinsa Health Weather information, saved on 12-17-2020 for Rhode Island – Covid situation “Critical”.

Many people I know are feeling sorry for the economic devastation being done to restaurants – yet feel for safety reasons that restaurants should be closed.

But where would the elite go if we forced all restaurants to close? Obviously, some restaurants must remain open to serve the needs of the elite, the politicians and the public health officials that tell us we must not eat at restaurants! Duh!

Dr. Mikhail Varshavski

New Jersey doctor and social media celebrity had told his six million followers to wear masks, even outside, to practice social distancing and think carefully about traveling.

He flew from New York to Miami and was photographed hanging out on a boat with 14 people, and no one wearing masks. Photos showed the group in direct physical contact with one another. He claimed that he only removed his mask to go swimming, although public photos show he was lying about that. Another arrogant “doctor”.

Are you catching on yet? Health “experts” do not follow their own recommendations. Ever.

Actor Tom Cruise (sort of but not in the way the media reported)

Tom objected to production staff not adhering to Covid-save guidelines, apparently losing his temper and threatening to fire people. His concerns seem valid – that staff behavior might get their production shut down, and then numerous people would be out of work – not just on his production but on other movie sets too. His comments to staff may have been justified and I understand why he may have been frustrated –that behavior is not the purpose of this post.

It was decided he needed time off (he is both lead actor and producer and is known to work incredibly hard). He flew his private jet from Italy back to the United States. This, during a time when the general public is currently mostly prohibited from traveling between the U.S. and Europe. He, however, is an elite – and movie making is “essential”.

I get why he complained – and to some extent this one is a media creation, not his fault – but he does enjoy the privilege of being an elite who can travel via private jet between the U.S. and Europe – while travel is banned for the rest of us.

Lockdown “Karens” Who Use Home Delivery

There’s a large contingent of people who let us know they are terrified of Covid-19 and are angry that people are out and about and not staying at home. They loudly scream we should have a TOTAL LOCKDOWN. LOCK DOWNS WORK!

They tell us this as they make extensive use of home delivery and curbside pickup services without a hint of irony that they are using their own wealth privilege to outsource their risk to the young and lower paid who keep “essential services” functioning.

This is the classic example of privilege, typically wealth privilege and usually “white wealth privilege”.

Everyone should be under lock down – EXCEPT MY SERVANTS!

“Karens” are oblivious that a “lockdown” still requires many people work (probably about 40%) and often work at relatively high risk occupations. A delivery person has to not only work at the grocery store, but must also visit numerous homes every day, potentially adding to their own risk exposure.

“Karens” are oblivious that our modern economy is highly interconnected and dependent on others. We are unable to shut everything down without causing other harms, even deaths. Just consider food, for one example. Most communities have no more than 3 days worth of food on inbound transportation, in warehouses, distribution centers or stores. We cannot shut that down without many people starving.

“Lockdowns” are for the protection of the elite. By now we know that public health mitigations have been nearly a total failure. 9 months into the pandemic, after “lock downs”, “freezes”, social distancing, face masks, business and school closures, the daily number of new cases is now ten or more times greater than just months ago. Public health mitigations were a clear failure. But Karen wants us to do more of them.

All these mitigations did was delay and prolong the pandemic. Given time, everywhere has the same eventual outcome, in spite of, not because of, public health measures. Public health has totally failed.

Dr. Deborah Birx

Dr. Birx is (was) head of the White House Task Force on the coronavirus.

After telling all of us to stay home, not travel and not meet with families for Thanksgiving – can you guess what she did? (Hint: all of the above).

She traveled to her vacation home in Delaware, met up with her extended family from multiple households.

And then argued that her life situation required this – the sob story:

‘My daughter hasn’t left that house in 10 months, my parents have been isolated for 10 months,’ she continued.


Oh, it’s worse once you see the full quote:

“My parents stopped eating and drinking because they were so depressed,” the 64-year-old complained to Newsy.

“My daughter hasn’t left that house in 10 months, my parents have been isolated for 10 months. They’ve become deeply depressed,” Birx said of the need to “recover from the trauma of the last 10 months.”


She recognizes her own Orders are not workable – but openly ignores her own Orders and argues her situation was special, unlike yours. You, you miserable peon, should stay home in isolation. Your mental health and depression is not relevant.

Dr. Birx originally lied, claiming that the group was not from multiple households. As one Twitter user noted, its really tough for the elite to limit themselves to visiting only one of their many homes…

Note also the pattern repeated over and over again with the “sob story”, “my situation is special” while condemning us if we did the same thing.

Apparently not one public health “expert” believes in their own orders. These assholes are oblivious to how this looks to anyone with functioning brain cells. Dr. Birx deserves all the condemnation she has received so far – and more. The arrogance and stupidity is off scale.

Dr. Birx has announced she will retire due to the public scrutiny she received for being a hypocrite.

In November, public health officials told us to continue being “disciplined about distancing” during the holidays, to “hang on, the vaccine is around the corner. Just do it. It’s not that hard. ” Unless you are a fucking public health expert and then its a sob story that grants you, but not us non-essential, worthless dumb shits, an exemption from your own rules.

Members of Congress

Young, healthy woman steps to front of line to be vaccinated against coronavirus before health care workers – while you, you sniveling little peon – must wait until late summer. Know your place peon!

Lots of Congressional members were posting similar items to their social media – not realizing the public relations fiasco they have created.

At least one Senator figured this PR fiasco out:

Andrew Yang

Andrew Yang was a lawyer and CEO of a sort-of tech’ish company who parlayed that into running in the Democratic Primary. I’m so old, I remember when the thought of forcing people to wear a Star of David armband and tattooing their ID number on their arm was called Nazism.

Many people recognize serious problems with “immunity passports“. But this goes beyond Yang’s understanding, unfortunately.

Hospital Administrators

This past week, Stanford University hospital administrators were first in the queue to get vaccinated. Until a huge uproar from staff, and then they backed off. Stanford administrators blamed “the algorithm”. The algorithm took into account age – but not exposure to patients with Covid-19. Thus, young doctors (almost all the doctors in the hospital) treating Covid patients were excluded while ancient Administrators hiding behind spreadsheets and email were given priority (because they were older).

My local hospital monopoly, St Charles Medical Center, did not back off on that, however, as seen in these comments posted on the KTVZ news web site:

Scotland First Minister Nicola Sturgeon

Breaks her own face mask law by hanging out in a pub, talking to elderly, without even a pretense of wearing a face mask. She admitted to having “no excuses” for breaking her own rules. .

You also know that when caught doing this once, they’ve undoubtedly been doing it all along for months.

Also realize that for every one of the public officials caught, there are probably dozens more doing the same thing.

St. Clair County IL Director of Emergency Management Herb Simmons

Publicly, in his job, he preaches the company line about how dangerous Covid-19 is and you must follow the rules. Privately, off the job, he runs a wrestling promotion, hangs out with groups of people, neither social distancing nor wearing face masks.

When caught at it, he said he had actually moved his side business to Tennessee where the rules are more relaxed – and gave the usual dumbass sob story that his situation is special. In other words, he does not believe in his own rules that apply to everyone else. What an asshole. In his situation, there is no accountability for his actions – because rules are only for the little peons like us.

Meanwhile, small businesses in his jurisdiction are going bankrupt and he doesn’t give a damn.

Gov. Tate Reeves, Mississippi

As over 2,000 positive test cases are added daily to the state’s count, Gov. Tate Reeves attended a Christmas party at his taxpayer provided mansion. No one wore masks or maintained six foot spacing, outdoors. No idea what went on indoors.

One day later, he issued an executive Order requesting that residents follow the CDC and MS Department of Health guidelines – all of which he ignored.

Belleville Mayor Mark Eckert, Illinois

In spite of a ban on eating inside restaurants in Illinois, Mayor Mark Eckert drove across the border to the nearby city of St Louis (about 15 miles away) where he and his wife dined inside. Rather than supporting the closed take out only restaurants in his own town.

Of course.

Texas Public Health Officials

Texas public health officials have taken their own time to roll out vaccines, even when they had them on hand – and as of Dec 23, 2020, “a significant portion of vaccine in Texas may not be administered yet“.

Williamson County Public Health, in Texas, received 900 doses of vaccine on Wednesday but then promptly closed down operations until the Saturday after Christmas. They would begin vaccinations on Saturday.

I am so old, I remember when Covid-19 was a public health emergency for which we needed to put everyone out of work, close schools, ruin our children’s education – and remind us every day of the daily body count. Now that a solution is at hand, public health says let’s delay for a few more days. Guess that emergency thing wasn’t true, huh?

It took a County Judge – heh – Judge Bill Gravell, cited above for having violated his own health Orders – to publicize this failure of his county’s public health organization.

Related: In Oregon, the state’s OHA public health stopped updating the Covid-19 data on the weekend, starting in June. We went from this was a terrible disease to oh hum. And Oregon vaccinated a whopping 11 people on Christmas day, and on Dec 24th, 26th and 27th, just 25% of what it did the days before and after. Because – well because emergencies take the holidays off, of course.

Mark Poloncarz

While other ice skating rinks were closed due to Covid-19, Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz was photographed shooting pucks at a hockey rink with 14 others. For unclear reasons, Erie County Health Department had shut down scrimmages at some rinks but possibly not at all of them… then again, Poloncarz said he was alone even though video showed otherwise.

This one sounds mostly just dumb and not as egregious as many of the others on this page.

Ontario Finance Minister Rod Phillips

The Ontario government told residents not to travel. So of course, he being an elite, traveled to a Caribbean island. Upon return he was forced to resign. The Ontario Premier previously ignored his own rules as well, and did nothing about this – even though he knew about it – until the story went public.

He traveled to St. Bart island, which is short for St. Barthelemy. Arrivals must be tested on or before entry, and again on their 8 day of stay. If the test result is positive, the visitor must quarantine in private lodging at their own expense. The US CDC’s advisory says “Travelers should avoid all nonessential travel” to the island (the advisory is not dated – that is what it says on Dec 31st) – upon return, you must get tested in 3-5 days AND stay at home for 7 days. If not tested, you must stay at home for 10 days.

Ontario, previously the location of a “study proves face mask work” paper published on September 24th, then saw case counts massively escalate and went into full lock down in December.

But hey, its okay since no one obeys the Ontario orders anyway.

Chicago Teachers Union Executive Board Member Sarah Chambers

While advocating on social media that schools in Chicago must be kept closed for safety reasons, she was simultaneously posting photos of herself vacationing in Puerto Rico, a Covid-19 hot spot, and violating her city’s travel guidance.

The City of Chicago has an emergency travel order in effect. Anyone arriving from 48 U.S. states is required to both quarantine for 10 days or get a mandatory Covid-19 test prior to arrival. The City of Chicago says ALL TRAVEL SHOULD BE AVOIDED and specifically lists Puerto Rico as a place not to travel to.

Unless you are an elite member of the Chicago Teachers Union Executive Board and a vice president of the organization. Rules don’t apply to you, only to the little peons.

(This item is not about whether schools should re-open or not – this is about the idiocy of claiming safety/fear issues about schools re-opening while simultaneously traveling to a Covid-19 “hot spot” in warm sunny weather, and while there, telling everyone else that schools are unsafe.)

NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio (New Years Eve)

Hamilton County Health Department (Tennessee)

A public health run vaccination clinic administering doses to qualified individuals, including those age 75+, closed access early saying the supply of vaccine was becoming limited. They then distributed the remaining vaccine to friends and family members of the staff that were administering the vaccines.

The Mayor blamed it on a miscalculation and that they wanted to ensure none went to waste. So instead it went to friend and family’s of the public health elite.

Qualified individuals who waited long in line were turned away.

Because elite have privilege…

British MP Margaret Ferrier

“A British MP has been arrested and charged by police after she travelled hundreds of miles across the UK despite testing positive for coronavirus. Margaret Ferrier was suspended by the Scottish National Party after her journey came to light, but has so far ignored calls to resign as an MP. The MP had travelled between Glasgow and London twice while suffering from symptoms of coronavirus.”


In a new twist, Ferrier blamed SARS-CoV-2 for her actions, as it caused her to “act out of character” 🙂 Is there anything Covid-2 can’t do?

Patrick Allen, Director, Oregon Health Authority

In the midst of what we have been repeatedly told is an all out emergency, with at its peak, 40 million out of work, schools closed, businesses going bankrupt, people denied health care and forced to stay home … when time came to roll out vaccines, these assholes took Christmas weekend and New Year’s Eve weekend off from administering vaccine doses.

This is both hypocrisy and incompetence. Click on the image to enlarge. Vaccinations plummeted at Christmas and New Years and remain way, way, way below the numbers that are needed.

The Governor had to intervene and order OHA to have a plan in place to administer 12,000 doses per day within two weeks. Many noticed that, for 2-dose vaccines, this means 70% of Oregon residents will be vaccinated by about April of 2022. I am not kidding.

Many in Oregon are noticing OHA’s incompetence – even the state’s largest newspaper.

The OHA said there is nothing that a pile of bureaucracy cannot accelerate:

The state’s 27-member Vaccine Advisory Committee will make recommendations to the Oregon Health Authority and the governor. The first of what’s expected to be six or seven meetings is Thursday.


Seriously – that means 6 to 7 weeks before they might have their next set of recommendations. For a committee that was not even set up until days ago. Yet these fuckers had months to put this together. Other states, in fact, had these advisory meetings done months ago.

These public health quacks have had months to prepare for this. Instead they talk about how they ran into speed bumps and what not – yet in Washington County, UTAH, their public health ran influenza vaccination clinics last fall as a trial run of the procedures they would need to roll out Covid-19 vaccinations. They figured out how to plan and pilot test months in advance. Oregon? Oregon attended meetings and talked about how great and wonderful Oregon would be eventually.

Patrick Allen should be fired for incompetence. (OHA is the state organization that squandered $450 million on the 100% failed Cover Oregon health insurance marketplace, which never enrolled even one individual before the project was terminated).

It’s time for those who proclaim this is an emergency to act like it is an emergency.

Huge number of Canadian Parliament Members travel abroad, violating government guidance

13 or 14 members of Parliament traveled abroad on holiday vacations at Christmas time – in spite of government guidance that no one should be traveling unless it is absolutely essential. Stay Home! Save Lives! Unless you are an elite! Because Hawaii beckons!

“Now, government leaders across Canada must wait to see whether the backlash against the politicians who did travel over the holidays leads to more Canadians bucking public health advice and venturing beyond their homes and workplaces. Trudeau pleaded with Canadians Tuesday to stay the course, despite their frustrations with jet-setting government leaders.”

Additionally, police in Canada began arresting ordinary peons who merely had 2 families – six people – get together for New Year’s Eve.

Canadian Government officials and their “essential itineraries”

  • Rod Phillips, St Barts, vacation
  • Niki Ashton, Greece (likely legitimately essential but many others with similar situations chose not to travel)
  • Sameer Zuberi, Delaware (possibly essential)
  • Pierre Arcand, Barbados, vacation
  • Youri Chassin, Peru (family visit of the type the rest of us have not pursued)
  • Joe Hargrave, California, probably a vacation
  • Tracy Allard, Hawaii (explaining it was a long standing family tradition – you see, family traditions are ok for the elite, just not you)
  • Jeremy Nixon, Hawaii, vacation
  • Pat Rehn, Mexico, vacation
  • Tanya Fir, United States (family visit)
  • Jason Stephan, Arizona, vacation
  • Tany Yao, Mexico, and still unreachable

On January 6, 2021, Canada made new, mandatory travel restrictions including mandatory Covid-19 testing upon entry to Canada. Most of the MPs were safely back in their castles.

Jesse Lippold, Salem-Keizer School Board director and avid party goer

Jesse Lippold was elected to the Salem-Keizer School Board at the age of 21. In the midst of Covid-19 restrictions – you know, the ones for which we cannot open our schools – this self centered jerk grew up from nothing to become a member of the government elite – where he attended a maskless, non-socially distanced party and posted photos on his Instagram page bragging about it, literally bragging that they were violating the rules. Because he’s an elite member of society. This even violated his County’s regulations. (Source: Jan 8, 2020, Bend Bulletin, pay wall).

SALEM — A Salem-Keizer School Board director is facing criticism after attending a maskless New Year’s party with about a dozen friends.

Jesse Lippold posted photos on his Instagram page over the weekend showing him, his girlfriend and other friends at a party.

Gov. Kate Brown and public health officials have frowned upon these types of gatherings and said that holding them would delay the reopening of schools and local businesses. Since November, social gatherings of more than six people who do not live together have been prohibited in Marion County under the state’s COVID-19 restrictions.

Lippold’s post described the event as a “modern speakeasy” and said the group didn’t social distance but “were still less packed than every mall, Walmart or Costco.”

Schools remain closed in the Salem-Keizer school district as our children’s’ education is ruined by pandemic policy decisions – made by idiots like Lippold. Teachers in his school district wrote a letter to the Governor asking that schools not re-open until teachers are vaccinated.

“School staff must have access to the vaccine and have time for it to be fully effective before reopening schools for in-person or hybrid instruction.”


But then he goes off and parties – because he’s special.

There is not one god damned government official who believes in the Orders they inflict on everyone else. Not one.

Registered Nurse Mike Schultz

After being hospitalized for weeks with Covid in the spring of 2021, Schultz shared photos of how bad it was on his Instagram page. He got the disease from attending a huge party event in Miami that served as a mass spreader event. His story became national news and an impetus for espousing the dangers caused by those who avoid safety practices and attended large events.

In January of 2021, he flew off to Mexico to attend another huge party event, ignoring all of the guidance about Covid-19 precautions. And posted about it on his Instagram page.

He had Covid-19 already and had antibodies – therefore “I’m going to get on with life now”.

Does it makes sense for an RN to promote the idea that its now okay to go out and party in huge crowds/potential mass spreader events?

Note the “I’m immune. I’m going to get on with life” messaging. This is will happen a lot in the next few months as the vaccine privileged demand they be permitted to get on with life, while those of us at the end of the vaccine line in late 2021, will be forced to stay home, save lives – while they party on. No one is thinking this through – and behavior like that of Schulz will enrage many.

Plus, as a health care worker, Schultz will have been at the front of the line to be vaccinated too. So shut up you peons!

(Note the spin of the linked article is this is somehow an LGBTQ issue – its not. It’s about Covid-19, and in this case, a health care worker, ignoring the rules, even when knowing Covid is bad since he spent weeks in the hospital with it himself.)

Canada Public Health Agency manager Dominique Baker

Dominique Baker, a manager at Canada’s PHA (PHAC), flew off on an all expensed paid personal trip to an luxury resort in Jamaica as part of her side job as an Instagram social media influencer.

“Baker is the manager of the office of border and travel health — a Public Health Agency of Canada program tasked with keeping communicable diseases out of Canada and reducing public health risks to travellers.”

Yes, she is the person in charge of telling Canadians not to travel. So what does she do? She travels off to Jamaica.

PHAC has consistently told Canadians not to travel during the pandemic. She tried the usual sob story that she could travel because “comprehensive precautions in place to keep people safe”.

Not one single public health official believes in the restrictions they enforce on everyone else. Not one public health expert believes in what they are telling us. “Follow the public health advice and do not travel right now” – UNLESS you are an important elite member of society, unlike those of us who are non-essential worthless peons, right?

When every damn public health expert does this, many of us wish these assholes would go to hell.

Why the hell should we still be sequestered in our homes for 10 months now?

California School Teachers

Teachers put pressure on the state to move teachers to the front of the vaccination line. Their wish was granted and they are now first in Tier 1b.

But 3 weeks later, the unions say – after getting themselves moved to the front of the line – that schools will remain closed until fall of 2021.

That is sure a heck of a lesson for school students to learn.

December 14, 2020:

California teachers facing pressure to support school reopenings have a request for state health officials: Put educators near the front of the line for coronavirus vaccinations.

January 9, 2020:

But the state teachers unions — as well as San Francisco’s — have said vaccinations won’t be enough and are calling for additional measures not endorsed by public health experts as necessary for students and staff to safely return to the classroom.

Instead of reopening, it’s looking more likely that many if not most classrooms will remain in virtual mode for months and perhaps until the fall, despite the vaccine.

Oregon Health Authority

Oregon Health Authority convened a 27-member vaccine Advisory Committee the first week of January to determine prioritization of vaccine recipients after Phase 1a. This committee should have been implemented months ago.

After the first meeting, they were unable to agree on whether vaccines were safe and effective and if they should recommend them.

In the last few minutes of their 2nd meeting, they approved a new “equity” based prioritization scheme for Phase 1b that is partially contrary to the scheme Ordered by the Governor the week before.

This is their scheme for the next round of vaccinations and is determined by a higher mortality rate among people of color.

  • Black, African-American, Hispanic/Latino/LatinX, Indigenous, tribal and urban-based Natives, Pacific Islanders
  • Adults 16-64 with chronic underlying conditions (COPD, cancer, etc)
  • Adults and youth in custody
  • People living in multi-generational homes
  • People under 65 living in low income senior housing or congregate senior housing.

As of January 16, one full month in to the state’s vaccine roll out, this is the state’s vaccine doses, by sex:

As you can see, twice as many females have been vaccinated as have males.

According to the CDC data on January 16, 2021 deaths due to Covid-19 are:

  • Males: 178,688 or 54%
  • Females: 150,898 or 46%

Thus, in the interests of equity, we have moved males to the back of the vaccination line – and white males behind all males.

This is the Oregon Health Authority’s concept of “equity” at work. The hypocrisy is apparent.

Nashville School Board Chair Christine Buggs

Christine Buggs is the Chair of the Nashville (TN) School Board.

She went on Twitter tirade of the dangers of Covid-19, particlularly as it had impacted her own family, and she didn’t want one more life lost. Therefore, schools will remain “virtual” for the foreseeable future.

16 days earlier she had jetted off to vacation in St Lucia, a Caribbean island. She even hosted a party at a restaurant – maskless 🙂 Because!

While many of us continue to be holed up, isolated from life – the elite are jetting around the world – while telling us about the dangers of Covid-19. The schools, as of now, have no date proposed for re-opening.

Buggs has deleted her Instagram account which appears to have had details of some of her fun outings.

Just Elite.


Bottom Line

The common theme is that being an elite member of society endears you with special privileges. The elite know this and welcome it.

The rules the elite establish do not apply to themselves. If they did, we might see a different set of rules. These ruling elite are arrogant authoritarians who believe they are smarter, better and more deserving than the rest of us. This is a very scary time in U.S. history.

Update: At this point, after documenting this for months I believe everyone should follow the clear example set by our leadership – and that is, ignore all the rules at this point. None of them believe any of it.

8 thoughts on “Hypocrites: The Elite who ignore quarantine orders they enforce on everyone else”

  1. While I generally agree with your intent, the implications are not entirely accurate in some cases. In my home of Oregon, Governor Brown has unilaterally made decrees, without support from legislators and county officials.

    Most recently, Clackamas County Chair Tootie Smith is enduring abuse because she spoke out about the Governor’s Thanksgiving mandates. She’s even received death threats. She’s been an outspoken critic of the lockdown and restrictions procedures.

    I don’t believe speaking out in this case makes her an insufferable elite. Her actual constituents are cheering her on. She won office in the May election with almost 54% of the vote.

    1. Hi Mark,
      I agree with you. I also live in Oregon. In many, if not most states, a Governor’s emergency order is limited to 30-60 days after which the Governor must solicit input from the Legislature. But not in Oregon. The Governor may unilaterally renew her emergency order every 60 days, which she has done. I see a lack of diversity of input into the her Executive Orders – with a very lopsided input from public health and not from other sectors.

      My point in noting Tootie Smith is that we have a very confused messaging on the pandemic. When political leaders do not follow political orders, much of the public will not follow the orders either. I some what agree with her position – noting that the limits on household size are completely arbitrary, as shown by 6 people from 2 households for individuals, and up to 50 people from 50 households for outdoor church activities! And then in Washington, completely different numbers: zero people from different households unless both parties self quarantine for 14 days before hand. Up to 75% capacity in stores in Oregon but only 25% in Washington. Currently, Oregon is in a worse situation, number-wise, than Washington, but Washington puts up more strict rules!

      What I think politicians should be doing: Sell, don’t tell.

      That is, I think a lot of us would go along voluntarily with various measures – like social distancing and santization – if given good explanations. There is evidence that, in fact, this happened. Oregon’s contractor, Institute for Disease Modeling, found that Oregon residents were voluntarily limiting their activities before the Governor’s March 23d Executive Order “Lockdown 1.”.

      Unfortunately, public health doesn’t sell, they tell. And they often issue inconsistent, contradictory and incoherent messages.

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