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And then there is the World Health Organization that seems to believe vaccines do not work

Have seen similar comments, with data, from many true experts – in immunology, viruses, infectious diseases all say the same. The vaccines work effectively against the “Delta” variant.

The other reason we see increases now is because we test so many people including those without any symptoms. We even detect weak viral fragments in the noses of those who are vaccinated – because that is exactly how vaccines and immunity work. Never before in history have we tested so many people without symptoms.

Here is a discussion of reality – click through to read entire thread:

Public health strikes again

James Turbitt, who lives in Belgium, made an emergency dash home last week after he learned his 62-year-old mother was in hospital in Perth, Western Australia.

But the only flight available was to Melbourne, on the other side of the country. So he asked authorities if he could break the mandatory 14-day quarantine in order to fly onwards to Perth to see her in hospital before she died.

He said he had already returned multiple negative tests but his request was denied.

Source: Australian man goes on hunger strike after mother dies while he was stuck in hotel quarantine

Epidemiology remains stuck in the dark ages. These are the same policies they came up with hundreds of years ago. Literally, imprison everyone, imprison the healthy, indefinitely. This is dark ages medicine. This nonsense has to stop.

Unexplained: Tinnitus Complaints Rose Amid The Pandemic

Is there anything the public health quacks’ policies can’t make worse:

Ringing in the ears has been on the rise during the pandemic. Here’s what to know if you suffer from it, and techniques to help quiet the bothersome sound.

Source: Tinnitus Complaints Rose Amid The Pandemic. Here Are Tools To Cope : Shots – Health News : NPR

I too have been dealing with this nightmare for the past almost 3 months, with it gradually diminishing to the point I have many good days now.

Mine may have been caused by taking ibuprofen for my knee pain (which itself is caused, in part, by public health quacks’ failed pandemic policies). About 1 in 30 people may develop tinnitus from taking NSAIDs. I will no longer take them – ever. It could also be related to past brain injuries. There is no way to know. Fortunately, mine is gradually diminishing.

Public health side effects: “‘It’s out of control.’ Airlines, flight attendants want stiffer penalties for unruly passengers”

A direct side effect of public health Orders that have increase anxiety, irritation, frustration and anger on board aircraft. Source: ‘It’s out of control.’ Airlines, flight attendants want stiffer penalties for unruly passengers

Public health’s unilateral Orders, which never gave a moment’s thought to side effects and consequences, or whether the benefits of the Orders exceeded the harms, have led to this. They own it.

U.S. remains unprepared for “vaccine passports”

The U.S. remains unprepared for a world that is now, and soon will be even more, mandating use of vaccine passports for travel.

The only “proof” available in the U.S. is an easily forge-able, unverifiable paper vaccine card.

Elsewhere nation’s have set up verifiable, authenticated vaccination passport records.

As global travel slowly re-opens to vaccinated travelers, U.S. citizens will remain at a disadvantage because of the incompetence of public health to plan ahead for this need. Public health remains AWOL on this issue.

I have documented that vaccine passports were coming, whether we like it or not, since last winter.