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The culture of perpetual outrage strikes Krispy Kreme

Far too many people have far too much time and far too easy of a life that they are compelled to join the culture of perpetual outrage over absurd issues:

The donut chain’s well-meaning (and literally sweet) incentive sparked some backlash on social media, with everyone from doctors to comedians pointing out that obesity — which is rampant in the U.S.— is also a prime risk category for the coronavirus.

Source: Krispy Kreme CEO defends COVID vaccine promotion: ‘If folks don’t want to visit a donut shop, they don’t have to’

Those caught up in the culture of perpetual outrage actively seek out targets for outrage – which is easy to do with today’s media and social media sources. They are not fulfilled unless outraged about something!


(This post belongs on my Social Panic blog but I was lazy this morning – or outraged! Hah hah).

How much does Youtube pay content creators?

There is no simple, one size fits all answer to that question.

This online article, though, provides an excellent explanation of the mix of revenue sources and possible revenue. If interested in the pay out schemes, check out that link.

Last night I watched a video that was basically “What ever happened to these sailing channels?”, referring to the large number of (mostly) attractive young people who think they can sail around the world and pay for it by posting videos of their travels on Youtube.

Only a few of these channels achieve success and many eventually disappear for reasons ranging from insufficient income, partners splitting up, some getting married and settling down on land, thinking about families, and coming to grips with reality of – at some point- needing to save real money for the future and not just beg for donations on Youtube. Plus some have decided they would rather return to a private life.

I got vaccinated! Backlash forms against posting your vaccination status online

I actually was vaccinated this week!

Seriously. For MMR. Yep, measles, mumps and rubella – even though I’m over 60, the system slipped me through the cracks for decades. More on that in a moment!

For the past 3 months, we’ve been treated to an endless stream of vaccination selfies on social media, as the vaccine privileged share their eliteness.

Now the tide has turned – some fear it reveals something about their personal health status (how did they qualify?) or just shows how elite they are, and it doesn’t go over well with social media friends. Indeed, I just logged into Instagram for the first time in a month – and not one selfie vaccination photo!

Source: Can COVID-19 Vaccines Be Kept Private? – The Atlantic

I had previously guessed that by the time I am eligible for a Covid vaccine, the posting a selfie thing will be so last year!

Regarding MMR – I was verbally told by my Mom that I had measles and mumps when I was about 3 years old. Today the CDC wants written lab proof or written proof of vaccination. I expect this will be required in the era of “vaccine passports” – they will be tracking all your immunity records!

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Insurrection is more common than we realize, and how to stop this madness



an act or instance of rising in revolt, rebellion, or resistance against civil authority or an established government.

We’ve had 3 insurrections in the past 12 months. Version 1.0 was done by some in public health who thought they could suspend the Constitution (somewhere I have a quote from a public health person who actually said that). Version 2.0 was a combination of Antifa, anarchists and right wing provocateurs, and version 3.0 was extreme right pro-Trumpers on January 6th.

Insurrection seems quite common – is it stoppable? I think so but it requires a government that truly listens, bases decisions on evidence and logic, explains clearly and is transparent.

Unfortunately, seems unlikely we will see that soon.

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BigTech confirms it now can control the world

  • FB, IG, Twitter and now YouTube have shut down Donald Trump.
  • Twitter deleted Tweets from the official U.S. government account @POTUS and has shut down access to it.
  • Youtube has suspended his Twitter account, including comments, for seven days.

Think about this for a moment: BigTech has the power to shut down world leaders, even official government communications.

This is not whether Trump is an idiot or not – these actions demonstrate that BigTech is in a position to control the world.

BigTech is now more powerful than the President and more powerful than the U.S. government – more powerful than any government entity.

This represents a MASSIVE SECURITY THREAT to all world governments, all world leaders, and to all people.

They have just demonstrated that BigTech must be broken up AND heavily regulated.

BigTech just killed itself.