Vaccine re-allocations

I’ve written about the pressure for countries to re-distribute their vaccines to other countries. Yesterday, WHO asked the U.K. to temporarily suspend its vaccination programs once the “essential” important people are vaccinated.

Meanwhile, there’s a smaller scale, local re-distribution effort underway. Nearly half of the counties in my state are temporarily cut off from further vaccine distribution so their doses may be re-distributed to the Portland metro area.

Supposedly this has to do with insufficient phase 1a recipients having been vaccinated in the metro area (possibly due to ineptness of the vaccine rollout – or perhaps because vaccines are being given to administrators, hospital financial donors, Board members and their families and other elite – ahead of health care workers). The State says some of the counties being cut off had completed their phase 1a vaccinations. Rather than let them continue on to phase 1b, the state is halting or slowing further vaccinations in half of the counties in the state (some counties still have doses in inventory).

Law makers look for exit strategy for their “ban on evictions”

Another one of those 15-days-to-flatten the curve ideas that turned into “forever”. They never had an exit strategy and they realize this cannot go on forever.

Nearly a year after Gov. Jay Inslee stopped evictions for failure to pay during the pandemic, lawmakers now find themselves attempting to unwind an experiment of their own making.Both Republicans and Democrats are looking for a way to end the eviction moratorium while staving off what some predict could be a “tsunami” of evictions once it is lifted.

Source: Washington lawmakers look for ways to exit the eviction moratorium — and prevent the fallout | The Seattle Times

Reading this one realizes legislators have no clue.

I witnessed the last of the scheduled “firefalls” to occur in Yosemite National Park

A long time ago, park staff would push a pile of burning embers off of Glacier Point in Yosemite National Park in an evening display of a “Fire fall” that recreated the many waterfalls but with glowing embers. The embers would be pushed over the edge when visitors on the valley floor below would all yell simultaneously, “Let the fire fall!”.

In retrospect, this was bizarre, especially inside a national park. But it had gone on since 1872.

Oddly, as a child I witnessed the last of the scheduled original fire falls as we were there late in the season.  During the following winter, the National Park Service announced it would discontinue the practice. They ran one additional one, in the middle of winter with almost no visitors present.

Since then, photographers took to catching the glow of the setting sun on Horsetail Falls which occurs when the weather and sunlight line up just right. The following news story omits all mention of the original firefall.

Source: How to see Yosemite’s firefall in 2021, Horsetail Fall | The Sacramento Bee

Nationwide, teachers lobbied to be first in line for Covid-19 vaccinations and now refuse to re-open schools

A choice to vaccinate teachers early was a choice to not vaccinate someone else:

Educators have lobbied to be prioritized for the Covid-19 vaccine, but they’ve also made the ethically questionable call to continue to wait to reopen.

Source: If Teachers Are Vaccinated, Schools Should Reopen | WIRED

Pandemic policies – exposing the rot in many American institutions, one by one ….


Teachers are using a bogus argument not to teach in classrooms.

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Like I was saying: WHO urges UK to temporarily halt vaccines and send their doses to other countries

The World Health Organisation is urging the UK to pause its vaccination programme once vulnerable groups have received their jabs to help ensure the global rollout is fair.

Source: WHO urges UK to share vaccine once vulnerable receive jabs – STV News

I said last fall I thought this would happen (page 3/4 of the way down the page) – just as soon as the elite were vaccinated they would suddenly want to virtue signal by allocating vaccines to other countries – at no personal risk to themselves. And just like that … its about to happen.

It’s political: Why gloom and doom, fear mongering covid-19 announcements?

Look at any news right now and you’ll see stories about “new variants”, “variant are here”, “CDC imposes new restrictions”, more travel restrictions and on and on.

It’s all doom and gloom and fear mongering – even though there is a lot of great news right now.

Why all this doom and gloom? Politics. Will get to that at the end of this post.


  • Johnson and Johnson vaccine results are good and says they could be shipping by March, Their CEO says the U.S. will have enough vaccine doses for everyone by June.
  • Novavax announced good trial results and may seek an accelerated approval perhaps also shipping in March or April, well ahead of what was previously expected.
  • AstraZeneca is wrapping up a repeated trial of their vaccine for regulators. Word is now they may be applying for EUA within weeks, sooner than expected.
  • Pfizer moved up doses for 100M people from July 31 to May 31st.

All great news!

Case counts dropping, hospitalizations dropping like a rock

U.S. hospitalizations are plummeting. If this rate continues, by mid-February, hospitalized Covid-19 cases will be half of what they were just 3 weeks ago. This is amazing!

Daily New Positive Tests are also down by a lot (this measure varies a lot)

Deaths are likely flat topping. For reasons I won’t explain here, I believe deaths peaked 3-4 weeks ago. The reports coming out now are reporting on and catching up on many deaths that occurred weeks ago. I confirmed this was occurring in my state. Due to the reporting delays, this curve may be about to turn down too.

Southern California has been covered intensely by the media due to high case loads. But look what happened to their death reports?

Also in Los Angeles, hospitalizations are headed down and have been for weeks.

Why the Gloom and Doom?

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CDC flip flops: CDC says bandanas, scarves no longer work

The CDC issued a new Order mandating face masks on all public transport. It is superfluous as most states had already done the same, and airlines have required masks since mid-2021.

But buried in the Order is the CDC no longer allows bandanas or scarves as face coverings on public transport.

Source: CDC issues rule requiring travelers to wear face masks – POLITICO

CDC is now researching if they should recommend “double masks”.

The CDC is acknowledging, together with Austria, Germany, France and the White House, that cloth face masks never worked well, or possibly at all (case counts generally increased by 10x to 20x after high compliance cloth face mask mandates went in to effect).

Past scientific evidence showed cloth face masks were ineffective against influenza.

Austria, Germany and the White House now mandate N95 equivalent masks exclusively. France wants everyone to use a medical grade mask (surgical or N95-type). WHO wants everyone age 60 or older, and anyone with underlying health conditions to only use certified medical grade masks now.

Public health has flip flopped so many times that it is apparent they never had good evidence to support their recommendations. Their track record is very poor, which leads to everyone ignoring them.

Could variants arise spontaneously in multiple locations?

Reminder – I am brain injured idiot with no experience in health care. I make observations and ask stupid questions.

We’ve seen news of multiple variants of Covid-19 spreading essentially everywhere.

It is perfectly normal for viruses, which replicate like crazy, to experience mutations. Mutations that lead to greater transmissibility are likely to survive. Conversely, a virus that leads to greater lethality is unlikely to survive as it kills off its host.

As more people have the disease, more people end up with natural immunity and the disease has a harder time finding a successful new host target.

Natural selection favors mutations that pass on to others more easily, and selects against mutations that are more lethal. Make sense?

(I am not a biologist – assume I am an idiot who knows nothing about this.)

Is is possible that the mutant variants that are seen also arose spontaneously in multiple locations? In fact, is there something about the particularly mutations that would have made these mutations more common than others?

If this is the case, then travel restrictions do not seem to accomplish much. In fact, it explains why in spite of travel restrictions, these variant always end up the general population before we even discover they have “arrived”.

The stupid question is then, is this why we have variants everywhere now?

Good: While much more risky, recovering from Covid-19 is as effective as vaccines in preventing future illness

Vaccination stimulates the development of immunological memory and protects individuals from infectious diseases in the same way that natural infection does. However, vaccination is safer than natural infection because it doesn’t expose the person to the risks associated with the disease. COVID-19 poses serious health risks to infected individuals that can lead to potential long-term health effects or death. Therefore, COVID-19 vaccines are an important tool to minimize complications from the disease.

Source: COVID-19 vaccines currently in use stimulate immunity to the same degree as natural infection without exposing the vaccinated person to the risks associated with the disease – Health Feedback