A long time ago, park staff would push a pile of burning embers off of Glacier Point in Yosemite National Park in an evening display of a “Fire fall” that recreated the many waterfalls but with glowing embers. The embers would be pushed over the edge when visitors on the valley floor below would all yell simultaneously, “Let the fire fall!”.

In retrospect, this was bizarre, especially inside a national park. But it had gone on since 1872.

Oddly, as a child I witnessed the last of the scheduled original fire falls as we were there late in the season.  During the following winter, the National Park Service announced it would discontinue the practice. They ran one additional one, in the middle of winter with almost no visitors present.

Since then, photographers took to catching the glow of the setting sun on Horsetail Falls which occurs when the weather and sunlight line up just right. The following news story omits all mention of the original firefall.

Source: How to see Yosemite’s firefall in 2021, Horsetail Fall | The Sacramento Bee

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