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Wow: Zero compassion from Buffalo PD

“Our position is these officers were simply following orders from Deputy Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia to clear the square,” said Buffalo Police Benevolent Association [police union] President John Evans. “It doesn’t specify clear the square of men, 50 and under or 15 to 40. They were simply doing their job. I don’t know how much contact was made. He did slip in my estimation. He fell backwards.”

“If they resigned, I’m exceptionally disappointed by it because it indicates to me that they did not see anything wrong with the actions last night,” Poloncarz said.

Source: Buffalo, New York police officers suspended for shoving man to ground

UPDATE: Widespread reports that 57 Buffalo PD resigned in support of the two officers on suspension, not in support of their assault on elderly civilians. THEY DID NOT ACTUALLY RESIGN. THEY RESIGNED ONLY FROM THE TACTICAL RESPONSE TEAM, NOT THE DEPARTMENT.

They blame the victims. After knocking the 75 year old man to the ground, seriously injuring him, the rest of the pack walked right by. No humanity. No compassion. And now they make it all about themselves.. Automaton robots incapable of rational thought – because orders. Jerks.

“He did slip in my estimation. He fell backwards.” It’s his own damn fault that he is 75 years old and not always steady on his feet when pushed backwards by police officers. It’s his own fault that he’s currently undergoing chemotherapy for cancer.

The police are so incredibly tone deaf, so arrogant, so stuck in their brutality they cannot even see how they are viewed by the public. Wow.

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Economics: Employment forecasts for May were in a different planetary system

Source: Calculated Risk: Comments on May Employment Report

Economists had forecast an additional loss of 8.3 million jobs in May, and an increase in the official unemployment estimate to 19.5%.

Actual for May: an increase of 2.5 million jobs and unemployment falling to 13.3%. Same for Canada too.

Economists and their computer models were off in space. 

Since much of the country had not yet “re-opened” after public health sociopaths flattened the economy, this is a good number. By June, many more areas are re-opening – will be interesting to see the unemployment figures for June.

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Ham Radio ISS – How to Call Space Station Astronauts

It’s a great story—but here’s what NASA told us.

Source: Ham Radio ISS – How to Call Space Station Astronauts

Well written news report.  News reports suggested  a ham radio operator in India  contacted the SpaceX Dragon crew on board Dragon (one of the astronauts is a ham radio operator). The story notes many hams (including me) have, in fact contacted ISS (mailbox/APRS) or crew (two of the crew on board right now are ham radio operators) and that this is fairly common.

In this case it appears the original ham radio operator in India may have gotten confused with a press conference link.

Public health is run by sociopaths

  • I’m so old, I remember two weeks ago when public health said “Stay Home. Save Lives”.
  • This week public health says “Leave Home! Protests more important than a virus. Go out and attend mass super spreader events!”

Over 1,200 public health sociopaths signed on to this petition as of a day ago. Some say that not everyone who signed the petition is a legitimate public health person. However, there are social media posts like this one from an epidemiologist who clearly is in the field:

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I no longer believe anything from public health officials – or police

Today was the final straw for me. I no longer believe a word uttered by public health officials, epidemiologists and infectious disease specialists.

Not. One. Word.

I unsubscribed from my County’s daily public health newsletter, and when they asked for a reason, I told them: I no longer trust them.

  • Last week it was “Stay Home. Save Lives.”
  • This week its “Go out and protest and attend super spreader events”. This is more important than fighting a virus, they said.

Yes, over 1,200 signatures from public health “experts”, including epidemiologists, infectious disease specialists and others actually said that.

Public health no longer has any credibility and we are now ignoring them.

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YouTube reviewer Sean Cannell made $40,000 in April from Amazon

This is why there are numerous review channels, especially for high value items like cameras:

Sean Cannell makes tens of thousands of dollars a month as a professional Amazon reviewer. As part of the Amazon Affiliate program, Cannell reviews camera gear on his Think Media YouTube channel and makes a cut of every sale those reviews generate on Amazon. Here’s what his life is like.

Source: YouTube reviewer Sean Cannell made $40,000 in April from Amazon

Sean seems like a decent guy and ethical and these comments should not be viewed as critical of him. Just noting in a generic sense that affiliate sales are becoming the “bread and butter” of Youtube reviews and other social media related online reviews. When viewers click through and make a purchase, the reviewer gets a small commission for the sale. Even “mainstream media” services are doing this now – and usually disclose in fine print that the article contains affiliate sales links.

Some reviewers do good reviews and some do biased reviews in favor of pushing products. It’s not a bad business – we all look for reviews of products that interest us. But we need to be cautious that the reviews might be biased from “gear pushers”.

The Northrup’s also do camera reviews and work very hard at what they do. They purchase all gear they review to avoid conflicts of interest. They, like many, of course, do at times use click-bait titles (which I do not like) to drive their business. The important thing is – it is a business. I think Tony and Chelsea are decent people doing what they need to do to make a living in photography. And Tony’s books really are among the most clearly written books I’ve seen. As an author myself, I’ve learned how to improve my writing and explanations from what I saw in his books!

Covid-19 Data in Charts, for Oregon State

I updated my page of charts for tracking  Covid-19 in Oregon.  I have no expertise – but I prefer to use raw data rather than news reports which are heavy on fear, hysteria, assertions and speculation. When I started this, our state’s public health office was months away from providing public data and charts so that I could see the real picture.

This page  is for “Entertainment purposes only” –> Oregon Covid-19 Situation in Charts (Unofficial)

During all of March, the state’s OHA was highly secretive and released little information. By April they began releasing some useful data (but not charts). By May they began to use Tableau to create online charts, and by June, they were finally producing sufficient charts that my DIY tracking page may no longer be needed. OHA public health has been consistently behind on everything – from their incomplete pandemic response plan to being late with public information to having no plan for unwinding their lock down.

Interesting form of age discrimination

Many corporations moved large offices out of suburbs to downtown locations viewed as appealing to young millennials:

And with each of these moves, there were perks: Millennial talent was more plentiful in these bustling districts such as the Loop in Chicago, where the nightlife and bar scene were also strong. Some companies, including GE, found tax breaks from municipalities when they positioned their offices downtown.

Source: After flocking downtown to woo millennials, offices might move back to the burbs

In a post pandemic, post apocalyptic burned out downtown buildings world, the ‘burbs are looking good again.

Companies may have moved to downtown locations as a  subtle way to discourage older job applicants (who have families and homes),  making it simpler for companies to pursue young workers instead, who are often viewed, particularly in tech, as “hipper” , less expensive and more up on the latest tech fads.

Police blame the mandatory wearing of masks for assaulting the media

Last month, I privately wrote some predictions for the rest of this year. One of those predictions was that these continued lock downs, well past the “Flatten the curve” milestone and which have led to mass unemployment, would lead to mass riots in the streets this summer. My timing and the ignition source was off a bit – but public health created a tinderbox that needed only a single match to explode. Minnesota police lit the match.

I feared the inconsistent, contradictory, incoherent and confusing messaging coming out of public health would lead to fiascoes, which did occur with regard to wearing face masks. People were shamed for wearing a mask, then shamed for wearing the wrong kind of mask, and finally, shamed for not wearing a mask. People have been verbally and physically assaulted, knifed and shot over mask wearing. “Karens” of the world have posted photos in online social groups to shame people in regards to their mask wearing. Everyone is becoming enraged over something.

Now the police blame the mandatory wearing of masks for mistakenly targeting, assaulting and arresting journalists. At least half a dozen were targeted with rubber bullets, point blank tear gas or arrested – for legally doing their jobs.

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