Davos, Switzerland – Spring 2022

An estimated 1,500 private jet flights by the global elite were used to attend the conference, plus private helicopter shuttles from the airports to the venues.

The top 1% are estimated to have more than 2x the climate impact of the bottom 50% of the world’s population.

Climate hypocrites: The World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland – Coldstreams Business and Tech

Hannah Hunt

Hannah Hunt is 23 years old, an activist with Extinction Rebellion, and founder of an anti-fossil fuels activist group. According to the British press, from age 18 to age 23, she appears to have traveled about 50,000 miles, by airline, to exotic vacation destinations around the world, which she features on her Instagram influencer page.

Prince Charles

Prince Charles tells us we must live within 5 to 10 minutes of our work place. No more long commutes.

He says we should walk or ride a bike to get around.

Cheaper neighborhoods should be abolished and cheap and expensive housing should be combined side by side.

We should stop eating meat and dairy.

He did not say anything about air travel.

In 2020, over 11 days he traveled 16,000 miles with 3 private jets and one helicopter – to eventually pose with climate enthusiast Greta Thunberg.

Also in 2020, he flew 125 miles by private jet – to attend a presentation on the effect of aircraft emissions on climate.  Cannot make this up.

Like father, like son: In August 2021, his son, Prince Harry, flew a private jet from Aspen to California, after attending a a critically important equestrian event. His son tells us that climate change is the world’s most pressing problem and you, dear peon, should do something about it, so he can continue to fly around the world by private jet.

Hypocrite: Prince Charles warns Glasgow summit is last chance to save planet – Coldstreams Business and Tech

Prince William

There’s “Official Unhappiness” at the Palace Over William and Kate Using Royal Helicopter to Bounce Between Homes (msn.com)

Climate enthusiast and activists Prince William and Kate travel between their multiple homes via helicopter. Don’t we all!

The concern, however, is not over their hypocrisy but over the safety issues of travel by helicopter.

See also Prince William as climate change influencer (hah hah).

Mark Zuckerburg

Mark Zuckerburg’s private organization is donating $44 million for climate change research initiatives. In 2021, Facebook’s parent Meta spent $1.6 million on his private jet travel for the company. He likely also spends personal funds on his private jet travel. He commutes between Hawaii and Palo Alto, CA.

Many of the elite have carbon foot prints the size of small planetary systems – but assuage their guilt by purchasing carbon indulgences from the climate church. And suggesting the rest of us should stay at home.

“Climate offsets” are now well known as scams, particularly those involving selling forest rights. In many cases, “carbon offsets” are sold on forests that no one ever had any intention of cutting down, often because they are located in geography that makes logging difficult or impossible.

Bill Gates

… and he stresses the importance of consuming less.

His carbon footprint is 3 to 4 orders of magnitude greater than mine. At least.

Bill Gates says he buys green aviation fuel, uses solar panels on his homes and eats synthetic meats | Daily Mail Online – Coldstreams Business and Tech

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

August 5th, 2022:

Hollywood Celebrities

Leonardo di Caprio is well known for his climate change activism. But lifestyle changes he demands of others to mitigate climate change do not apply to him. Lots of celebrities shown enjoying the high life while telling us how to live ours.

Shirtless Leonardo DiCaprio yachts in Saint-Tropez and more star snaps | Page Six

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