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Pressure builds for CDC to update indoor-mask requirements for vaccinated people

That assumes they have credibility:

A growing consensus among public health experts that the U.S. could soon safely end mask mandates has put pressure on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to update its guidance in the weeks ahead or risk losing credibility with the public.

Source: Pressure builds for CDC to update indoor-mask requirements for vaccinated people – ABC News

Heh – it’s Lake Wobegon for Covid :)

Alas, apparently this line of thinking is common

Efficiency in Agriculture

Many think the quaint and tranquil working the land by hand is the future of agriculture. Uh, no, its ont.

In some ways, it is not surprising that many of the best fed, most food-secure people in the history of the human species are convinced that the food system is broken. Most have never set foot on a farm or, at least, not on the sort of farm that provides the vast majority of food that people in wealthy nations like the United States consume.

In the popular bourgeois imagination, the idealized farm looks something like the ones that sell produce at local farmers markets. But while small farms like these account for close to half of all U.S. farms, they produce less than 10 percent of total output. The largest farms, by contrast, account for about 50 percent of output, relying on simplified production systems and economies of scale to feed a nation of 330 million people, vanishingly few of whom live anywhere near a farm or want to work in agriculture. It is this central role of large, corporate, and industrial-style farms that critics point to as evidence that the food system needs to be transformed.


in a modern industrialized society, most people will live in cities and suburbs and will not work in agriculture. As a result, most food will need to be produced by large farms, with little labor, far away from the people who will consume it.

Many sustainable agriculture advocates tout the recent growth of organic agriculture as proof that an alternative food system is possible. But growing market share vastly overstates how much food is actually produced organically. In reality, organic production accounts for little more than 1 percent of total U.S. agricultural land use. Meanwhile, only a bit more than 5 percent of food sales come from organic producers, mostly because organic sales are overwhelmingly concentrated in high-value sectors of the market, namely produce and dairy, and fetch a premium from well-heeled consumers.

Source: U.S. Industrialized Agriculture Is Better for the Environment—and the People, Too

People are disconnected to how food is produced, and are oblivious that their local well stocked produce section of their local supermarket depends on a large network of food production and delivery.

You can’t actually “eat plenty of fresh produce each day” and “buy local” at the same time – in much of the country – without a large and diverse agricultural system. People in California, where the growing season is about 10 months long, are oblivious that in much of the northern parts of the U.S., the growing season is 3 to 5 months long!

When I was in college (1970s), a group of students were discussing a related topic and it turned out most everyone in the group had at least one grandparent (sometimes parents) who grew up on farms, ranches, or if not, had lived on large plots of land where they grew or raised much of their own food. At some point in the 20th century, people became disconnected from how food was produced.

One couple discovered their Big City friends had no idea where food came from – which led to their creating the True Food TV Youtube channel that explains it all. Worth checking it out if wondering where and how your food comes from.

They were wearing face masks here

This is an Oregon beach, photographed earlier this week. As you can see, it is very crowded – hah hah. Social distancing is clearly tough to do – hah hah.

Literally, we are looking at 3 miles of beach. Over this beach we saw three couples – plus 3 others who were wearing face masks. Why were they wearing face masks here? That makes no sense.

The winds were steady at 15 mph, gusting higher.

That three people thought they needed to wear a cloth face mask here illustrates the incoherent public health messaging on face masks.

Pentagon creates MICROCHIP that will detect Covid-19 under your skin

Wait … I thought the Covid vaccine was already injecting a 5G microchip – you mean it wasn’t already doing that? 🙂

Medical researchers working for the Pentagon have claimed to have created a microchip that can identify viruses like Covid-19 if they are under your skin.

Source: Pentagon creates MICROCHIP that will detect Covid-19 under your skin — RT USA News

CNN encounters a number and hilarity ensues

Hilarious – never, ever let a journalist be in a room, alone, with a number. (That’s actually a quote from a news editor!)

Good to know:) The mRNA COVID-19 vaccines aren’t operating systems, and won’t transform the human body into a virus-making factory

Left me laughing out loud!

The mRNA vaccine is “an operating system that takes over the machinery of your cells” ; “…by the time you get your fourth shot your body will be making all four proteins that make up the COVID-19 virus.”

Source: The mRNA COVID-19 vaccines aren’t operating systems, and won’t transform the human body into a virus-making factory – Health Feedback

Google introduces mask filter for Android photos

April 1 – Google has updated its Android OS default camera app with a new “mask filter”. The apps uses AI techniques to automatically identify face masks and then filters them out of the photo, using AI to automatically generate the missing face area.

The update is available on all Android phones as of April 1.

Reviewers say the mask filter works as effectively as masks work in real life, which is to say, not that good. Google suggests applying the mask filter twice for more effective mask removal.