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Colorado sets Covid Volume Control to 11!

If you’ve seen the movie This is Spinal Tap – you know what this post’s title means: the rock band’s amplifiers were louder than others because their volume controls went to 11 while other bands only went to 10!


Colorado just adopted the Spinal Tap solution to Covid-19 – they’ve added a sixth color-coded Status Dial level – purple!

A sixth level, Level Purple: Extreme Risk, will be added to the dial, representing when hospital capacity risks being breached and most businesses and indoor services must be closed.

Fortunately, “experts” think the human brain can discriminate up to 100,000 (or some think millions) of different colors. Colorado has plenty of color choices left to add more levels to their Status Dial.

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We tried 200 covid-19 vaccines so you don’t have to!

You just know this is coming – It’s time to start writing future headlines in the absurd style media has adopted as the “new normal” where everything is sensationalized or turned into “gloom and doom”!

  • We tried 200 Covid-19 vaccines so you don’t have to!
  • Study finds this one weird trick could alleviate Covid-19 symptoms
  • I had the Covid-19 vaccine – what was it like?
  • Covid-19 vaccine to increase climate change emissions
  • Do you really need to spend more than $40 on a Covid-19 vaccine?
  • Up to 40 million Americans could be injected by year end-will you be one of them?
  • Covid-19 Vaccines – Hands-On!
  • You won’t believe what Melania said about the new vaccine!
  • History of diversity at Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson in light of vaccine release
  • How to pick the right vaccine for you!
  • Confusion reigns over which vaccine to choose
  • A former KGB spy talks disinformation tactics and how this effects the Covid-19 vaccine
  • 7 secrets you should know about the Covid-19 vaccine
  • DHS concerned over “insensitive names” given to some Covid-19 vaccines
  • How a vaccine is changing remote Nunatsiavut
  • Unsolved mysteries of vaccine distribution
  • Bay area to fine people who do not get vaccinated
  • Survey: Tell us what you think of your vaccine?
  • Learn how vaccines are ruining work at home opportunities for the disabled
  • Moderna’s vaccine is here and its named “Sweet Shots Live!”
  • Trump mispronounces name of new vaccine
  • Airlines to ban travelers who refuse vaccine
  • Airports add Covid-19 vaccine sniffer dogs to check travelers
  • J&J to skip U.S. vaccine release and go straight to Netflix distribution
  • Covid-19 vaccine will widen the “digital divide” for students
  • Zoom faces business collapse as millions get vaccinated

It’s over! “What happened to #virtual reality?” as we hit that phase in the news cycle! #VR #VR360

The virtual reality industry has achieved – again! – that point in in the product life cycle where the media declares it’s death!

Over the past year, evidence has stacked up that VR isn’t as hot as everyone thought it’d be, and it feels poised to go the way of the smartwatch.

Source: What happened to virtual reality? – Business Insider

Per the reporter, Facebook’s Oculus Rift is a failure, the HTV Vive is a failure, Sony PlayStation VR is a failure, Microsoft’s HoloLens might be okay, eventually, and Google is “stumbling”.

There you have it – VR is on its death bed! So say the media talking heads!

This is good news – it means #VR has reached that point in the product life cycle where the media is predicting its eminent demise! That is progress! 🙂