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“Experts” admit they don’t know – about time

THIS is what they should have said in the spring of 2020 instead of speaking from positions of authority and expertise:

Experts say what comes next is hard to predict, and we often do not know why the virus spreads the way it does.

Source: What Previous Covid-19 Waves Tell Us About the Virus Now

If the “experts” had been honest from the beginning, they would not have shredded their own credibility. It’s okay not to know the answer – but it is not okay to pretend you know the answer when you do not, and to then set policies based on erroneous religious beliefs.

262 days in lock down

Australia detained 5 million people for 262 days:

SYDNEY, Oct 21 (Reuters) – Millions in Melbourne are readying to come out of the world’s longest COVID-19 lockdown later on Thursday even as cases hover near record levels, with pubs, restaurants and cafes rushing to restock supplies before opening their doors.

Source: Melbourne readies to exist world’s longest COVID-19 lockdown

Wonder if they ever calculated a benefits to harm ratio?

Covid risk of death by age and vaccination status

Source: Chart: COVID death risk for age groups by vaccination status

Linked report says the data represents 30% of Americans, and is provided by the CDC.

The risk of dying of Covid for below age 18 is 5 in 10 million.

The risk of dying of Covid for an unvaccinated child under age 18 is less than the risk of a vaccinated adult age 50+ dying of Covid.

Minnesota has done a similar analysis:

Question: If the risk of a child dying is 5 in 10 million, which is much less than that for a fully vaccinated 50+ year old, why do we require masks in schools for all children, all day, at this point?

The argument seems to be that an infected child might pass it to a fully vaccinated adult? Hmmmm.

The risk to children may be less, even much less, than the risk of that child dying in a car crash. (Neither source indicates if these are risks per day, per month, per year – regardless, the risks are low.) Having a hard time getting this to make logical sense.

Remember, I am a brain injured idiot with no relevant experience. I make observations and ask stupid questions.

Adopting Scandinavian social benefits and taxes in the U.S. | Coldstreams Business and Tech

Back in May 2021, I showed how the U.S. is proposing to adopt Scandinavian social benefits and taxation: Adopting Scandinavian social benefits and taxes in the U.S. | Coldstreams Business and Tech

The White House issued a press release last April confirming a goal to copy most of the Scandinavian social benefit programs. Free college education, subsidized child care, free pre-school for all kids, subsidized personal costs of raising kids, guaranteed 12 weeks of annual paid leave for parents, provide free breakfast and lunch to about half the kids in America, subsidized health insurance for all, raise combined Federal+State+Local taxes to 70% for some, and double capital gains tax rates.

Their intent is this would be paid for, magically, by “the wealthy” (billionaires are mentioned frequently). Others point out that there is not close to enough money from the “billionaire class” to fund these programs. Consequently, there are influential Democrats who are pushing back against this expansion of government (it is not just Manchin and Sinema who are opposed).

Scandinavian countries are known for very high tax rates. In Denmark, the typical wage earner pays 40% to 70% of their entire annual income in taxes. That is not a marginal tax rate – that is how much of your income you give to the government. Norway, on the other hand, has a US$ 1.3 trillion sovereign wealth fund, the largest in the world, paid for my offshore oil drilling leases. The income from this fund pays for infrastructure and education services, and other benefits, in Norway.

While “free” stuff is attractive, ultimately it has to be paid for and American voters seem opposed to taxing themselves at Denmark levels.

The Australian penal colony remains a mess

Still hitting very high daily new positive test cases in NSW Australia. I’ve lost track of the time – where are we? May be 3 months into the strictest lock down in the world and cases still rising?

I’m so old, I remember about 580 days ago when it was “15 days to flatten the curve”.

Maybe, just may be, lock downs and most NPIs do little to nothing. Hmmmm. That’s a thought.

Follow up from July 2021: In Australia “Lockdowns work and we have no alternative”

Photo is of Australian government mandatory quarantine facility camp near Darwin:

Source: Covid-19: Lockdowns work and we have no alternative

How did the lock down do?

Sydney began a lock down on June 26th. During the summer the lock down was extended to an ever expanding geographic area.

Magenta arrow shows where the lock down, mandatory outdoor face masks, restrictions to stay within 5 km of your home, and allowed to go outside your home for only 1 hour per day. The lock down was enforced by police and military forces, police with dogs and helicopters.

By late summer, the Australian government acknowledged that lock downs did not work and instead, accelerated a mass vaccination program.Public health management of the pandemic in Australia failed.

These actions also failed in the U.S., and most countries of the world.

Most states have cut back public health powers amid pandemic

A Kaiser Health News review of hundreds of pieces of legislation found that, in all 50 states, legislators have proposed bills to curb such public health powers since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Source: Most states have cut back public health powers amid pandemic

Government run unilaterally by unelected bureaucrats not soliciting public input is government by authoritarian technocrats.

Remember 15 days to flatten the curve? That was about 570 days go now.

Continue reading Most states have cut back public health powers amid pandemic

It’s all mask theater, 24 x 7

At the national 9/11 ceremony on Saturday, the politicians were all milling about, out doors, no masks, chatting with each other. Minutes later, they posed for the official photo – all wearing their masks. It’s all theater, 24 x 7.

You can see the media’s photo of the event, as distributed by Getty Images, about half way down this CBS News page. Everyone has their mask on for the photo.

Both of these items have been added to the now massive list of hypocritical elite, together with the #MetGala last weekend. There, all of the elite attendees had no masks – while 100% of the staff and the photographers, vaccinated or not, had to wear masks. The elite are hypocrites.