I looked at Twitter again today. Nothing’s changed. What a sad swamp.

  • Every day, there are “experts” name-calling and bashing other experts for having different perspectives, calling them incompetent, without addressing the issues in contention. Very unprofessional.
  • More “experts” call for mandatory lock downs and blaming capitalism (the Constitution, and so on) for the U.S. failing to have locked up the entire country under house arrest for months on end or forcefully detained citizens in quarantine camps. I saw an “expert” saying this today, and his worshippers eagerly piled on in support of that. We should have been more like China, he said, where steel fences were erected around apartment buildings. Where front doors were chained or welded shut. Where if one person in a 500 resident apartment tested positive, then everyone was taken away to quarantine camps and locked in a cell for up to two weeks. Where pets were killed. Yes, if only we had been more like China.
  • I see inconsistent, contradictory guidance that is illogical and incoherent. If you get Covid in the U.S., you should isolate for 5 days and then can leave isolation. If you get Covid outside the U.S., then you must isolate for 10 days before you can leave isolation. Because SARS-CoV-2 virus knows its location?
  • Every day, we see “expert” pronouncements about the future – which usually prove wrong – by a lot. No one goes back and holds them accountable. Instead, we eagerly look forward to their next frightening pronouncement. The scarier their pronouncements, the more worshipers they get on social media.
  • Models failed spectacularly – yet we treat them as gospel. Models seem authoritative, and if real world data disagrees, then the real world is wrong. This is bizarre.
  • Many experts enjoyed becoming media celebrities and make grand pronouncements based on little or no evidence. When n=1000, a finding is suggestive, but when n=0 based on expert opinion, the finding is rock solid.
  • Many are condescending. When members of the public ask reasonable questions via social media, some have responded with “How dare you question me? I have X degrees and Y years of experience”. Translation, the public are idiots, experts are to be listened to and we have no right to be confused by inconsistent, contradictory, incoherent statements that are illogical. Stop asking stupid questions!

Besides having lost faith in public health, I’ve lost much confidence in the practitioners of science. The damage inflicted will not be restored in my lifetime. It’s that bad.

Others See the Problem Too

Examples of Public Health Professionalism

This from an associate professor of public health at Yale University – so professional.

The above are the experts that know they are smarter than you – so shut up you stupid peon. You have not right question anything they order you to do.

(As of June 20th, 2022:


Here’s harrassment by an MD with lots of initials (Twitter made him delete this later):

The Twitter scientists are collegial, polite and so professional (and just so you know, Canada has 100% identical demographics to the U.S., identical population density, identical population ethnicities and race and age distributions – there are zero other factors that account for differences between any countries – they are all identical! It’s amazing!) But – it’s okay, he is a scientist, a lawyer, a professor, super highly educated and you are just a peon idiot – know your place!

He is such a nice and professional guy:

Check out his student ratings. Ouch. Or his full wikipedia background (see “Controversies” section). Hmmm.

Others have noticed this ugliness in the professional community.

The lack of self-awareness by highly educated “experts” is stunning. Twitter has revealed much about the elite Experttm class and it’s not perhaps what they think it is.

Straight up Lying

IF only we had been like China …

Early in the pandemic, everyone said lock downs were morally and ethically wrong.

Protesting was more important than fighting a virus, said the experts

The virus can tell the difference between a social gathering and a political protest gathering, hence, protests can be 8 times larger!

How They Think of You

They refuse to answer questions – many disable comments and questions, as shown above.

They Ignore Their Own Mandates

Prof Neil Ferguson of ICL was the architect of the UK’s lock down. Ten days after testing positive, he violated his own lock down program to have sex with his married lover.

His rules didn’t apply to him because he’s more important than you – geez, you should know your place snively little peon!

Eric Feigl-Ding, PhD, a social media celebrity regarding all things Covid-19 and focused on scare mongering – he advocated strongly for the closure of schools in the U.S. while secretly moving his family to Austria so their son could attend in person school. He could do this because of his and his wife’s privileged status. He was caught when his wife posted on social media:

I have an entire page devoted to the hypocrites who ignored their own rules. See the right-hand side bar. As of this writing, there are 175 individuals or groups listed.


She lied. 15 days to flatten the curve has morphed into 15 booster shots to flatten the curve.

It was near Halloween, and the OHA thought it appropriate to read the daily body count numbers dressed as a clown.


I need a bigger blog for this category. Here is one example. From Oct 28 2020 to Feb 1 2021, OHA’s models, which only projected 3 weeks into the future, had a bad track record. In 11 out of the 13 projections, they had the sign wrong! They said cases would go down, but they went up, or vice versa. A coin toss would be more accurate!

Black line is actual – the colored lines are the projections.

I have dozens or in some cases, hundreds of examples. The above is to illustrate the problem.

Name calling, illogical, inconsistent arguments, condescending attitudes, refusing to answer legitimate questions and arguing solely from an “appeal to authority” have ruined credibility of individuals and entire fields. What a mess.

The social media personas of public health experts – physicians, epidemiologists, public health officials – and some scientists (most were better behaved than the physicians and epidemiologists) have destroyed confidence in all of science.

By EdwardM