Hundreds of Epidemiologists Expected Mask-Wearing in Public for at Least a Year – The New York Times

Because, like religions, there are many different belief systems at work in epidemiology:

The C.D.C. said Thursday that vaccinated Americans no longer needed masks in most places. Other disease experts recently had a different message: that masks were necessary in public.

Source: Hundreds of Epidemiologists Expected Mask-Wearing in Public for at Least a Year – The New York Times

There is little science beneath epidemiology, apparently, accounting for why so many experts can come to so many different conclusions.

Like economics, ask 100 epidemiologists for an opinion and receive 101 different opinions.

Prineville teen collapses at HS basketball practice; ER doctor blames face masks

Lay added that the ER doctor said this was an isolated case of a lack of oxygen due to running and distress with a mask on.”

I almost lost my daughter last night,” Lay said. “It was absolutely terrifying.”

Source: Prineville teen collapses at HS basketball practice; player, mother say mask to blame – KTVZ

I assume the ambulance crew measured O2 sats with an oximeter, hence, the diagnosis.

This past year revealed to all that public health epidemic response is run by quacks. This is the 2nd collapse of a face masked high school athlete in the area. This is not cool.

As I drove through town today, I saw even more businesses now gone. Very sad to see. One-third of the downtown retail spaces are now empty. I am fortunate in that I did not lose a job or a home, or have kids in (well, not in) school for the past year and half.

But much did happen in my life, including an untreated broken foot/torn tendon, and then a sequence events that led to knee injuries and tinnitus. All because of public health quacks.

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Oh boy – not the way to handle this

This turns this into a mandate for vaccine privilege.

And this observation:

Confusion: yesterday, our Governor said restrictions will remain in place until 70% of adults are vaccinated. Then, most restrictions will be removed, except she said masks will continue to be mandated indoors.

CDC drops most mask mandates for vaccinated people in many scenarios

People who are fully vaccinated against coronavirus no longer need to wear masks indoors or outdoors or physical distance while in large and small gatherings, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky announced during a White House COVID-19 briefing Thursday.

Fully vaccinated individuals are still advised to wear masks while in crowded indoor settings such as while on public transportation and in hospitals, prisons and homeless shelters.

Source: CDC says fully vaccinated people can ditch indoor masks, physical distancing | Fox News

(Note – because Fox and MSNBC are highly partisan “news” sources, I do not usually use them, however, it came up in Here’s another report from CNBC).

2-year olds and children in summer camp are still mandated to wear face masks in 95 degree, high humidity conditions, outdoors. Of course.

Covid-19 didn’t spread at the places they said it did

public data analyzed by ABC News appears to tell a different story. The data from states across the country suggests specific outbreak settings (including bars, gyms, restaurants, nail salons, barbershops and stores — for the full list, see graphic below in story) only accounted for a small percentage, if any, of new outbreaks after the pandemic’s iniital wave in 2020.

Source: Most states have reopened. Here’s where new COVID outbreaks happened.

The explanation is that contact tracing didn’t trace everyone or was not very good.

Experts who spoke with ABC News said contact tracing efforts around the country were very limited, representing only a fraction of reported new cases, as was testing at specific businesses and locations.


“At the beginning of the epidemic of February and March last year, several people would be called in and you had really good contact tracing, but during really big outbreaks, states just don’t have the resources to track every case,” he told ABC News.


In fact, Andrews and other experts noted that the public health data on outbreaks represents a fraction of the cases throughout the states because of tracking challenges.

I’ll go further: Much if not most contact tracing was useless. When Florida published their serology-based estimates of how many people had antibodies, it implied that they had successfully contact traced just 10% of those who had Covid-19.

Outside of easier locations for contact tracing – such as a workplace or a home – contact tracing accomplished little. When protests occurred with thousands of people, sometimes arm-in-arm and in direct contact, our public health agency said they suspended the contact tracing for anyone in outdoor events. When the trail goes dark, they cut off the trace. This happened A LOT.

India: the media pivots to highlight deaths as daily new cases have peaked

India’s daily positive test cases appears to have passed the peak. This is good news.

Hence, the media has pivoted to focusing on the daily body count.

Predictable. Because that is what the media did all of 2020. And rarely went back and reported when cases were in free fall. Because the point is to keep you very scared at all times.

I said last week that India appeared to be peaking. In fact, disease models had reached the same conclusion, but the media kept those hidden.

Surprised it’s this high: About 1/3d of Americans have confidence in public health agencies

Fewer than 4 in 10 adults report having “a great deal” or “quite a lot of trust” in the National Institutes of Health (37%), the Food and Drug Administration (37%) and the Department of Health and Human Services (33%).

Health experts say the politicization of public health measures such as masking, travel restrictions and stay-at-home orders also has influenced public opinion.

Source: CDC, FDA: American opinion of public health system suffers amid COVID

You mean politicization like this? Protesting is more important than fighting a virus?

Jennifer Nuzzo
Participating in protests is more important than fighting a virus, says Dr. Jennifer Nuzzo

June 2, 2020 is the day I lost all confidence in public health. Really.

That week, after 1,288 other public health “experts” signed an online petition saying the same thing is the day I unfollowed dozens of public health “experts”, never to listen to them again.

They then blame “politicization” for the public losing confidence in “experts” who no longer have any credibility and who have been wrong about most everything. An entire field of study that lacks any self awareness.

Climate change requires “degrowth” say “experts”

Presumably the authors of this study will agree to demonstrate “degrowth” by cutting their own salaries, their departments and their university budgets. They can go first, right?

“We can still satisfy peoples’ needs, maintain employment and reduce inequality with degrowth, which is what distinguishes this pathway from recession,” Mr Keyßer says.

“However, a just, democratic and orderly degrowth transition would involve reducing the gap between the haves and have-nots, with more equitable distribution from affluent nations to nations where human needs are still unmet — something that is yet to be fully explored.”

A ‘degrowth’ society could include:

A shorter working week, resulting in reduced unemployment alongside increasing productivity and stable economic output.

Universal basic services independent of income, for necessities i.e. food, health care, transport.

Limits on maximum income and wealth, enabling a universal basic income to be increased and reducing inequality, rather than increasing inequality as is the current global trend.

Source: Climate Change Modeling of “Degrowth” Scenarios – Reduction in GDP, Energy and Material Use

This sounds a lot like Communism, where technocrats decide for you  what you will receive: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs”.

Certainly, the authors of the study will go first: “degrowing” their own departments, universities and their own income.