I started my first blog, on a hobby topic, back in 1995. Considering the HTML-based web was all shiny and new in 1994, this was an early start on blogging! When I shut down that blog in the early 2000s, it was one of the oldest continuously published blogs in the world, at the time. (I shut it down partly because I was losing some interest in it, and partly because the ISP at the time made a major error that dropped the site offline for almost a month – during which I lost half of the readership, which never came back.)

I later started blogs on different topics. This one was, for a time, Commonsense Views on Technology – which was broad and covered too many topics. I then refocused the blog to just Coldstreams Business and Tech, removed all the old content, and started out mostly with new material.

Recently, the focus here has turned to transportation and energy, intermixed with commentary on some other tech topics. That reflects my recent interests.

A blog is a bit of a personal diary. For some, it is a way of selling something – their product or service, or establishing a personal brand.

For me it is a personal diary of items perhaps worth sharing. As I explore topics, I jot down notes – which often turn into blog posts. I figure what I am learning may be of help to someone else. By posting it here, people can find it online – and I can go back and find information on something I’ve learned about in the past. Consequently, this blog is more personal notes about topics than anything else.

One of my other blogs, on 3D and photography, is a place for me to keep notes on, and possibly promote an interest in 3D photography and video.

Another is called SocialPanic.org. In 2014 I noticed I was seeing lots of propaganda on social media. I then knew little about propaganda but began reading books, papers and more about the subject of propaganda. I started the blog as a place to keep notes. It was entire private for 18 months! I eventually decided there was sufficient material that it might be of interest to others so I made it public. Even then, I have continued to write more posts than I publish – there are many hundreds of posts that were never made public! Again, it is sort of a public/private diary on a topic. This blog and the next one are my two most popular blogs.

Finally, there is learn2c.org/appinventor.pevest.com, a blog with tutorials on programming using MIT App Inventor.

Coldstreams has a daily readership in the low hundreds, 3d.Coldstreams.com is around 400, and Social Panic is around 600 or more each day. Learn2C/appinventor.pevest.com have a combined daily readership in the low thousands, mostly coming from people searching on how to do things in MIT App Inventor.

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