Garmin Express updater stalling out?

I was just updating the Maps of the Garmin Express Nuvi 2589 map/navigation unit and the download stalled or stopped completely.

The solution for me was to go in to the Windows Defender Firewall and add Garmin Express to the list of allowed apps to go through the firewall. As soon as I did that, the download resumed.

I had previously downloaded updates without any problems so not sure what changed – but if you see a similar problem (and many do from what I saw online), try adjusting your firewall settings.

“Algorithms have gotten out of control. It’s time to regulate them.”

A guy with a PhD in English Literature has never heard of the First Amendment, apparently, and proposes regulating technical speech:

These complex equations have huge influence on our lives — but they operate with very little oversight

Source: Algorithms have gotten out of control. It’s time to regulate them.

He proposes a new government agency and “Algorithm Czar” to regulate the use of algorithms. He is seriously talking of regulating all algorithms used in computing. Give a moments thought to what he is advocating – government control over information processing of all types. Imagine having to apply to a government bureaucrat for nearly every app or application that is developed, seeking approval or a license to use it. The author is oblivious to the concept that algorithms are considered speech in the U.S., protected by the First Amendment. The same Amendment that permitted a magazine to publish the author’s nonsense.

His nonsense is so far out there that I thought it was an April Fools column, but no, it was published on April 3rd.