A guy with a PhD in English Literature has never heard of the First Amendment, apparently, and proposes regulating technical speech:

These complex equations have huge influence on our lives — but they operate with very little oversight

Source: Algorithms have gotten out of control. It’s time to regulate them.

He proposes a new government agency and “Algorithm Czar” to regulate the use of algorithms. He is seriously talking of regulating all algorithms used in computing. Give a moments thought to what he is advocating – government control over information processing of all types. Imagine having to apply to a government bureaucrat for nearly every app or application that is developed, seeking approval or a license to use it. The author is oblivious to the concept that algorithms are considered speech in the U.S., protected by the First Amendment. The same Amendment that permitted a magazine to publish the author’s nonsense.

His nonsense is so far out there that I thought it was an April Fools column, but no, it was published on April 3rd.

By EdwardM