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True: “Expedia is charging more for flights because you look for them!”

Popular travel web sites, and at least some airlines, gradually jack up the prices shown if you search for many flight options in a single login session. This sounds crazy but I just saw it happen on Expedia and many others report seeing this on other travel web sites. The theory is that if you are searching for multiple flights, then you really must want to travel – and would be willing to pay more. So they gradually increase the prices for flight options.


“Apple CEO Tim Cook says 4-year degree not necessary for coding”

Software development has been evolving (no surprise!) Today much software can be written using tools that make development easier than ever. A consequence is that it no longer requires a degree in computer science (a broad field) to develop web and smart phone apps. Much software development has become a skilled labor function that no longer requires a 4-year degree.


“5G” is mostly about adding capacity in major markets, and offering a broadband-like wireless connection

5G is not likely to solve much of the rural access issue. Mainly, its a high capacity, faster wireless link at millimeter wavelengths, meaning relatively short distances from base stations. It’s sort of like WiFi on a neighborhood scale. It will enable wireless providers to deliver a wired-like broadband experience, primarily to urban dwellers who will see an added broadband option. However, since phone companies already offer wired services, in many cases consumers will not see an additional market competitor.

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