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Energy: Should you buy carbon offsets, an EV or solar PV to reduce your environmental impact? It depends.

Should you buy an EV? Should you install solar PV? Details matter a lot as to whether your decision leads to actual environmental improvements – or not. Should you buy carbon offsets? A better solution is to invest in direct solutions, even helping your neighbors become efficient energy consumers, to buy or install solar PV or an EV, depending on where you live.


Transportation and Energy: Electric utilities push for electric vehicle (EV) expansion to grow their businesses

Among a decline in electricity sales in the United States, electric utilities “need a new source of load growth” and “electrification of the transportation sector” is a huge opportunity. To that end, they are pushing for more EVs, even though the effect on greenhouse gas reductions may be mixed for now (due to use of fossil fuel-based generation).

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