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How mass testing will keep numbers high indefinitely

What I’ve been saying for some time, but I’m a brain injured idiot so what do I know?

But see how the UK is re-confirming positive tests with a 2nd PCR test to help address the false positive problem. Not everyone is doing it wrong!

Elementary classrooms re-open with bare walls, desks, no books or toys

And these “rules” are completely different from one district to another because its random Covid-theatrics not based on evidence:

kindergarten classroom without toys, books, counting buttons, a reading chair, or even a circle-time rug? Parent Chaka Forman wasn’t.

“This make me sad,” Forman said as he toured the Venice classroom where his son once attended kindergarten. “This was a vibrant room full of life, color, activity.”

Source: Everything We Know About LAUSD’s Plan To Reopen Schools In April: LAist

Scandal: Oakland teachers refuse to return to classrooms, after getting priority vaccinations and cash incentive payment

More than a dozen Oakland elementary schools and preschools will not reopen as planned Tuesday after the majority, if not all, teachers at the sites opted not to return until required to do so in mid-April, despite an $800 incentive and prioritized vaccinations.

Source: More than a dozen Oakland schools won’t reopen as planned after teachers choose not to return

Rutgers will test all students, even when vaccinated

Talk about insuring we keep daily positive test numbers high via false positives and testing theater:

Rutgers stated that it will continue to require safety measures such as social distancing and the use of face masks until there is evidence from experts that these precautions are no longer necessary. Additionally, all students, faculty and staff who will be on campus in the fall will be required to participate in the testing program, despite their vaccination status.

Source: Rutgers officials answer frequently asked questions regarding vaccination decision | The Daily Targum

Mandatory vaccination for all students, but not staff.

Poses problem for international students as Rutgers will only recognize vaccination status if using a U.S. approved vaccine.

Young students – only the Pfizer vaccine is approved for those age 16 or 17 which may well be their age prior to the fall enrollment.

The absurdity of the problems here is off scale.

When computer science is mandated in K-12 schools, what subjects will be cut to make time for this?

A new law will require the Mississippi Department of Education to set a computer science curriculum for K-12 schools by the 2024-25 academic year.

Source: Mississippi law will require computer science in schools

The legislators, by passing this law, are mandating the elimination of time spent on other subjects. Which subjects will they cut back? Reading, math, writing, physical education, art, music?

Computer science education is not a substitute for math or language education, as many erroneously believe.

Sick: School district wants kids to wear Covid-19 trackers

When middle and high school students go back to campus, they’ll have the option to wear a lanyard that keeps track of social distancing, alerting students when they get too close to each other.

Source: Gervais SD to provide wearable COVID-19 tracing devices for students, staff | News |

This is almost certainly a Bluetooth device that uses signal strength to judge distance. This is a very unreliable technology. Worse, the school will review each device at the end of the school day to identify any students who were in “close proximity” to another student for “too long”.

Remember smart phone contact tracing apps? Notice they have had no meaningful impact on reducing Covid-19 spread? This is the same thing but as a dedicated device.

I’ve previously described all the technical problems with these devices – and literally, one year later, smart phone and Bluetooth-based contact tracing has accomplished nothing. So let’s roll it into the schools where the CDC now says 3 foot – not six foot – spacing is just fine.


Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!: “WSU will no longer require SAT, ACT scores in admissions process”

As a victim decades ago, of a GRE testing error – for which they did not notify us students but quietly told colleges – I am glad to see more universities dropping useless tests:

SAT or ACT scores will not longer be requirements when applying to Washington State University, the school announced last week. The Washington State University board voted to stop requiring the standardized test scores in their admissions process and also recommended they stop being used in considering students for scholarships and tuition waivers.

Source: WSU will no longer require SAT, ACT scores in admissions process | KATU