Part 1 reached 120 single spaced pages in length and is no longer editable in WordPress.

Back in early 2020, I suspected the pandemic would become an historic event. I began taking notes. Up through the 2nd half of 2021, I estimate I had collected as much as 15,000 items – published peer reviewed papers, news reports, charts, screen captures of social media posts, and wrote thousands of notes recording the event.

Along the way, I quickly saw much hypocrisy as heavy handed public health officials began ignoring their own rules and orders – and then offering mealy mouthed excuses like “I hadn’t seen my daughter in six months” – excuses that would get the rest of us in trouble, but not them.

Eventually, I began logging these hypocrites – originally in a single post which was easy to scroll through. However, the post grew larger than could be accommodated in WordPress – and in late 2022, I split this collection into Parts 1 and 2.

Google co-Founder Larry Page

Hiding out on a South Pacific Island during the pandemic, Page was allowed to enter closed New Zealand, bypassing all the usual restrictions. Because he’s more important than the rest of us. Meanwhile, New Zealand citizens and residents can’t do what he did – and have also been denied re-entry to NZ for medical treatment. Money talks, apparently. [1]

Update – Later updates say Page acquired NZ permanent residency by making a $10 million investment in a NZ business. Money talks. And buys residency and citizenship in many places. Thus, as a NZ “permanent resident” who does not actually live there, he was allowed into NZ without the mandated quarantine. Because he is more important than you.

More: Billionaire Peter Thiel, after spending 12 days in New Zealand, and making an investment there, was granted residency rights. Many of the wealthy have moved to islands and remote rural ranches, because they can. There, they use their tech influence to tell the rest of us how to live.

[1] In Dec 2021, I watched a video by a NZ couple. He is an international airline pilot who had been furloughed for a long time but will resume flying soon. Because of NZ’s restrictions, he will leave NZ, fly world routes for 4 weeks, then return to his company’s airline base where he must do a two-week quarantine, then visit his wife for 2 weeks, and then leave again and repeat the cycle. He will spend 3 months of the year in quarantine. Because he is not named Larry Page.

Barack Obama

He threw a huge indoor birthday party for himself with huge numbers of elite celebrities in attendance, not one of which wore a face mask or practiced social distancing. But it was all okay because this was a group of the “sophisticated vaccinated crowd“.

They justify this event because “All were vaccinated”. Except that is not what the CDC or my state’s public health says. They both say the vaccinated can spread just as much as the unvaccinated and that’s why they ordered the vaccinated to wear face masks indoors at all times. (So, which is it? Vax spreads or doesn’t spread? Apparently at some events, the vaxxed do not spread but at others they do spread – the virus is amazing.)

Also, I don’t fly a private jet, as did many of the climate change enthusiasts at the birthday party. You know that birthday parties are “essential”, don’t you?

Elsewhere, Rep. Rashida Tlaib bashes Rand Paul for not supporting restrictions – the same day she hangs out a wedding, maskless, of course, in violation of CDC recommendations. But that’s because public health guidelines do not apply to the elite.

John Kerry (Climate, not Covid)

After learning about the above, I saw an item about John Kerry, climate czar. He had been reported to have flown a private jet to the Barack Obama birthday party, but that report was in error. He did not fly a jet to the party.

However, according to this report, his private jet emitted 30x more carbon emissions than a typical family’s personal vehicle during the first 8 months of this year. By the end of the year, that may be 50x to 60x – and that does not include his energy consumption at multiple mansions and with multiple vehicles.

The elite routinely violate the rules and guidance they enforce on the rest of us non-essential, worthless pieces of shit people.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy

Governor Phil Murphy has been slammed for going on a family vacation to his luxury villa in Italy as the state of New Jersey continues to struggle with a recent spike in COVID cases caused by the Delta variant.

Murphy set off on a 10-day getaway to his 23-room multimillion-dollar villa in Umbria last Tuesday with plans to return to New Jersey next Thursday, Fox News reported. “

The guy has a carbon foot print the size of a small planet but hey, he’s on top of climate change. Well, to control your life – not his – to fix the climate. Unclear if he flew a private jet. He has previously used private jets.

These behaviors look like Animal Farm: Where everyone is equal but some are more equal than others.

Dr. Michelle Fiscus, Tennessee

Dr. Fiscus was the medical director for vaccine-preventable diseases and immunization programs in Tennessee.

Dr. Fiscus claimed she received a dog muzzle in the mail to her state office, and it was intended to intimidate her over her views on vaccines. A state investigation found the muzzle, ordered through Amazon, was billed to her own credit card.

She has since been fired and blames Republicans for her firing- the state said there were many reasons for her firing. The “muzzle” episode came after her work came under critique.

Australia Prime Minister Scott Morrison

In case the censors delete the above tweet – here is a screen capture:

If you read the full Twitter thread, you’ll learn the photo his office released to illustrate his Australia Father’s Day event was taken at an entirely different event many month’s in the past, some think to cover up that he had flown to Sydney and back.

He gets to violate Australia’s strict travel restrictions because he is “essential” – and you are not so shut up.

The Elite – ALL OF THEM

At the Met Gala fundraiser in September 2021, a US $ 35,000 per person ticketed event, much press was given to Rep. AOC’s “Tax the Rich” dress.

However, as many noted, none of the elite had to wear masks, while 100% of the servants staff were required to wear masks. Literally, this was masking of the servant class. The Covid mandates, you see, do not apply to the elite who are vaccinated but do apply to the non-elite, many of whom are also vaccinated. The hypocrisy of our betters knows no bounds – the media doesn’t care because they are part of the elite too.

Similarly, on 9/11, a large group of elite dignitaries, including current and former Presidents, all vaccinated, appeared in an outdoor group photo op, all wearing face masks. Just five minutes before, the crowd was milling about with each other and nearly no one was wearing a face mask. They put the masks on for the photo.

Because it is not at all about public health – it is about virtue signaling and show. They know that most face masks used by the public are worthless, and likely have no value to the fully vaccinated outdoors. But they all play along. Why? Some surmise this is about prep’ing the battlefield for further government controls on our lives across an array of activities. Who knows?

Photo from tweet, linked above, in case the tweet is deleted. First photo – no masks. Second photos, posing for the group portrait, everyone has their fake mask protection on.

Because all of this is just for show at this point – and apparently showing who is elite and who is not – so shut up peons.

Update: Here’s another example – in France – the live TV feed started before they knew they were on TV – and when they realized they were on TV, they scrambled to put their face masks on. They do not even pretend this is not theater. It’s nothing but fucking bull shit from faux leaders.

Update: And another observation about the elite – none of them give a shit for the rules they created for everyone else. All of this Covid theater is a charade.

In February 2022, AOC was photographed flying first class from Texas back to NYC. This seems inconsistent with her socialism messaging, or her $1,000 custom made dress she wore to the $35,000 per ticket Met gala, where the dress had written on it “Tax the Rich”. Indeed, this sounds more like Animal Farm socialism – where all are equal, but some are more equal than others. Which is precisely what this page documents: the elite live in their own world, and always have justifications for their actions that would never work for you, dear peon.

Nevada State Sen. Jacky Rosen (D-NV) and Rep. Susie Lee (D-NV) Violate Mask Order

Neither politician was wearing a mask, even though Steve Sisolak, Nevada’s Democratic governor, had imposed an indoor mask mandate that went into effect the previous day.” The venue where the party was being held had its own mask mandate in effect as well.

San Francisco Mayor London Breed (Again!) (Sep 2021)

“San Francisco Mayor London Breed was seen partying and singing maskless in a nightclub … breaking her city’s mask mandate”.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, she was partying with BLM co-founder Alicia Garza. So that probably makes it okay. Protesting is more important than fighting a virus according to the epidemiology experts:

As the SF Chronicle pointed out, almost no one at the venue wore a mask. This is why, in late 2021, mask mandates are pointless and stupid. Their effectiveness is zero (not including that cloth facial coverings are now officially declared as useless.)

Update: She defends not wearing a mask while dancing with this excuse:

Breed told CBS 5 that people don’t “need the fun police to come in and micromanage and tell us what we should or shouldn’t be doing,

“My drink was sitting at the table,”  Breed said. I got up and started dancing because I was feeling the spirit and I wasn’t thinking about a mask.” 

“No. I’m not going to sip and put my mask on, sip and put my mask up, eat and put my mask on,” she continued. “While I’m eating and drinking, I’m gonna keep my mask off.

She also said she is vaccinated. Yet her cloth facial covering rule applies to the fully vaccinated.

A nanny state leader says we “don’t need the fun police to come in and micromanage and tell us what we should or shouldn’t be doing” when that is EXACTLY what she has been doing. Hypocrite. She violated her own rules but invented a new exception on the spot.

Would that excuse have worked for you? Absolutely not.

This illustrates why NPIs NEVER WORK. NPIs are only as effective as the weakest link in the chain – and there are numerous weak links through every day activities. People eventually move on to living their lives without going through contortions – but Breed is too dense to recognize her own actions are why NPIS do not work and why her heavy handed mandates do not work, ultimately leading to everyone recognizing those who write the rules do not actually believe in their own rules.

NY Gov. Kathy Hochul

Masks were required. But not for her, only for you, you peon. Know your place.

My state still has a mandatory mask policy both indoors AND outdoors for the fully vaccinated at the time this item was added here.

World Leaders at a Summit Meeting

They are not wearing masks inside their vehicles. They get out and put on masks and wear them while walking outdoors, at a distance from other people – because image counts and photographers are present.

As soon as they enter the building, they all remove their masks – because masks work outside but not inside. Watch the full video embedded here. Unbelievable. No one believes in masks, especially world leaders.

Sen. Chuck “Wear a Mask” Schumer

Masks are only for the little people, as he dances without one in place where face masks are mandated. He’s known for telling everyone else to wear a mask – except that does not apply to him. He’s elite.

Jamie Dimon in Hong Kong

Quarantines are for the little people; he got to skip the quarantine required of everyone else because he’s CEO of a really big bank.

University of Wisconsin-Madison Chancellor Rebecca Blank

Chancellor Rebecca Blank ‘regrets’ the incident

University of Wisconsin Madison Chancellor Rebecca Blank was seen Saturday not wearing a face mask in an indoor setting at the school’s football game, a violation of both the stadium’s and school’s COVID health mandates.

Dr. Anthony Fauci

Worse, he put a mask on when he thought someone might take his photo – but otherwise took it off, apparently violating the WA DC mask order.

Dr. Anthony Fauci was spotted Tuesday night without a mask while he attended journalist Jonathan Karl’s book party at Café Milano, the élite Washington, D.C., bistro 

Maskless President Joe Biden

Biden goes shopping in a store in Massachusetts in late November 2021, where the store itself mandates all shoppers wear a mask and the Island of Nantucket mandates face masks for all indoors – but since the media is not present inside the store, Biden leaves his mask off. A security guard eventually blocks the view through the window.

Of course.

(Nov. 18, 2021) Nantucket’s island-wide indoor mask order is  back in effect, after the town’s most recent wastewater analysis showed a significant increase in the presence of COVID-19 in the sewer system.

The mandate is effective immediately.,26767

SF Mayor London Breed (yet again)

Again photographed dancing in a club without a face mask – in violation of her own order. Again. And again.

Israel Prime Minister Naftali Bennett

Just days after telling Israelis not to travel abroad due to Covid dangers, this hypocrite and his entire family left on an international vacation trip abroad. But that’s ok, his staff explained, this trip was planned in advance. Except they’ve changed country destinations at the last minute and refused to say where they are going – so much for advance planning. And do you think this excuse would work for you, you little plebian?

No amount of arrogant hypocrisy can embarrass a member of the elite.

Why should you follow official travel guidance when the people making the rules do not give a shit?

Oregon Governor Kate “Wear a Mask” Brown (again)

Oregon still has an indoor mask mandate, and the state is writing a regulation, as of December 2021, to make indoor mask wearing permanent. Until two weeks ago, Oregon was the only state in the country that required fully vaccinated persons to wear a cloth facial covering outside; that rule was dropped 2 weeks ago. As of today (Dec 2021), Oregon is one of only 5 states still requiring the fully vaccinated to wear masks indoors.

But here we are, in a photo posted online by one of the people in the picture, and there is Governor Kate Brown not wearing a face mask not social distancing at a crowded indoor event in Washington, DC – because the need for masks does not apply to her and especially when she is Washington, DC. Only the peons can get or spread Covid by not wearing a mask.

Update: She tells the news she invented a new exemption on the spot – she says that masks are not needed when eating, giving a speech, or when having your photograph taken. One cannot make this up! She also says that everyone in attendance was fully vaccinated – but that is not good enough in Oregon were fully vaxxed must wear masks indoors.

Once again, the elite make a mockery of NPIs they demand from us – but refuse to adhere to themselves.

The evidence is clear that the experts and the authorities have stopped wearing face masks. I will no longer comply. I will no longer play along with their games as of December 2021. Playing along with their bull shit game is over with as of the 2nd week of December 2021. I went shopping and did not wear my mask. I did have my triple vax record on display, hanging on a lanyard around my neck..

Australian Government

Australia has the most authoritarian and draconian, non-Democratic government in the world when it comes to Covid. If contact tracers think you have been in close contact with someone with Covid-19, police show up on your doorstep to tell you to pack your bags for a 14-day detention in the government run Covid-19 quarantine camps. Even if you repeatedly test “negative”, they will detain you. You have no rights. If you refuse or question, you will be subject to arrest and a $5,000 fine.

Except their rules do not apply to elite persons … the Australian government exempts special people from the rules – because hypocrisy:

Rebel Wilson was given special treatment upon her arrival in Australia from the US on Monday.  

The A-list actress, 41, who flew from Los Angeles to Sydney ahead of her appearance at Wednesday’s AACTA Awards, was granted permission by the New South Wales Government to skip mandatory 72-hour quarantine.   

Unlike the vast majority of international travellers, Rebel was able to visit a public park at 5pm on Monday – just hours after touching down in Sydney at 8.30am.  

The star was pictured at the park spending time with family and friends including her sister Annachi.”

Rebel Wilson granted exemption to skip Australia’s 72-hour quarantine (

Rules apply only to the little people. Important people – public health experts, politicians, elite celebrities are exempt from the rules. Because they are so vastly superior to us peons that Covid simply bounces off of them!

Related: Three aboriginal teens were detained in a quarantine camp because they may have been near someone with Covid. All three repeatedly tested negative for Covid-19. The three chose to escape detention and fled into nearby wild lands. A full-scale police and military search was undertaken to locate them. Keep in mind: they never had Covid, never tested positive for Covid, but were imprisoned by the Australian government in the Howard Springs Detention Camp.

Allegra Stratton, UK PM’s Press Secretary and Boris Johnson, UK PM

Rules are only for the little people. The UK Prime Minister’s former Press Secretary resigned her position (Dec 2021) after a video surfaced of her joking about when they held a Christmas party in the PM’s residence in total violation of the government’s lock down Orders in December 2020. In fact, Johnson had publicly stated that Christmas was canceled, and people were told not to visit family.

In the video, published by ITV News on Tuesday, Stratton is seen at a press conference rehearsal joking with colleagues and trying to answer a mock question about reports of an illicit Downing Street Christmas party held days earlier, saying through laughter that “this fictional party was a business meeting and it was not socially distanced.”

Johnson and his team have repeatedly denied that such an event took place, but a source confirmed to the BBC that it happened December 18 with “several dozen” people in attendance, and that “party games were played, food and drink were served, and the party went on past midnight.”

Boris Johnson Aide Resigns Over Downing Street Christmas Video — The Outrage Explained (

This event was banned by their own Orders at the time. Then they lied about. In fact, later reports indicate it may have been larger than implied and included many people who were not work associates for this “business meeting”.

Why on earth are any of us abiding by public health Orders?

There is not a single elite official anywhere that – by their actions – believes in any of these NPIs. They have all concluded the NPIs do not work and they need not follow them. Meanwhile, many citizens were denied even attending funerals for family members, and limited to no more than 2 people getting together for anything.

Boris Johnson PM not only knew about the parties but participated as well, in violation of the rules in effect at the time.

And of course – wait for it – the sob story excuse!!!

“We all just went ahead and did it. At the time we didn’t even click that what we were doing was so severely wrong. I’ve realised now that it was actually pretty outrageous.

“We felt like we were working extremely hard and working a lot of hours. Looking back, I accept we shouldn’t have done that.”

Boris Johnson pictured hosting Number 10 Christmas quiz ‘in breach of Covid laws’ – Mirror Online

It is now believed confirmed that the Prime Minister’s office may have held multiple parties in violation of the Orders in effect at the time.

Update January 31, 2022. The government has issued a damning report on numerous parties held by Prime Minister and clown Boris Johnson. A criminal investigation is now underway. He refuses to resign. Fat chance anyone ever listens to public health mandates after the past two years of the elite ignoring their own damn rules.

Update April 12, 2022: UK Prime Minister Johnson will be assessed a fine for his violation of his own quarantine regulations. Ordinary non-elite peons were fined up to US$13,200 for violating such rules. Johnson not only violated his own rules, but he also repeatedly lied about it. Meanwhile, many peons were prohibited from attending funerals for family members. Johnson is an ass, like all politicians.

Update May 23, 2022: There are photos of Johnson drinking at the party that wasn’t a party. “Experts” say there is now “no doubt” that Johnson lied about his participation in the parties.

Update May 25, 2022: Investigative report releasedvoters complaining that officials ignored the tough rules they imposed on the rest of the country” because rules never apply to the elite, dummy!

Update July 7, 2022: UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson resigns. That news report never mentions his Covid hypocrisy.

Finland Prime Minister Sanna Marin

This is a case of “bad judgement” and being dumb – not hypocritical, just stupid. Going out clubbing, without your phone, after being swabbed for a Covid-test due to possible exposure – sort of dumb.

At first Ms Marin defended her actions, arguing that she had followed the advice of her secretary of state, who informed her about the Covid exposure.

But in a Facebook post on Monday, Ms Marin said she should have double-checked the guidance and used better judgement.

“I am very sorry for not understanding that I needed to do that,” she wrote.

UK PM Boris Johnson again

Rules are for the little people:

Scientists are pushing Prime Minister Boris Johnson to take tougher measures to slow the exploding number of new infections driven by the omicron variant — as photos emerge of yet more alleged parties held at his 10 Downing Street office during lockdown last year.

Sheriff’s Deputy Robert James Haney

A Multnomah County sheriff’s deputy stole blank vaccination cards and copied a co-worker’s vaccine record, intending to use it as a template to falsify vaccine records for himself and his family.

Of course, he did not create the rules he was violating – he merely violated the Orders. Also perhaps not too bright since he could have downloaded the PDF template online. As a government employee, and unlike the private sector, he was on paid leave for 7 months since he was caught and will resign in December 2021 (not even be fired?)

Oakboro Town, NC Police Chief T.J. Smith

Told his officers where they could get a vaccination card issued by a clinic that would skip giving them the vaccination shot. For $50, they would issue the card and flush the dose down the toilet. This is known as “vaccine fraud”. He’s a police chief. You are not, so get lost, peon.

In his defense, he says he only heard about it and “passed it on”, because you know, that’s what police chiefs do. It’s worse than it sounds, too. He was suspended for 2 weeks without pay but allowed to keep his job – even though he demonstrated he is wholly untrustworthy.

First Lady Jill Biden

Attends a (bizarre) White House event where face masks are required for all – except for her, where she goes without wearing a face mask. Undoubtedly for the usual reasons.

Credit Suisse Chair Antonio Horta-Osorio

He does not make the rules he violates, but for the second time, an investigation by Credit Suisse found he had violated Covid-19 restrictions including quarantine, on trips to Switzerland, and to go watch Wimbledon in the UK. Because, as you know by now, rules are for the little people and do not apply to the elite. Unusually, at this point, he may end up being fined for the rule violations.

Sports Reporter Erin Andrews

On camera, she does interviews “socially distanced” from the sports personalities. As soon as the camera is turned off, she gives them a full body hug. Of course. All that matters is the appearance of playing along with public health orders.

Oregon Health Authority Lies. Again.

Read this – vaccine sites are closed due to “weather”.

But … The Redmond Fairgrounds closure was announced more than a week earlier as a pre-planned holiday closure. It was not closed due to weather. The site is run by the Oregon Health Authority itself. Public health cannot help itself – it lies about everything – and the result is predictable – no one believe one God damned word coming from them anymore. The closure of the Fairgrounds site left public health vaccine options in the large county to 3 hours on one day during the week in the small town of La Pine, and about 3 hours on one day in a couple of other locations. They do not even care anymore.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (Again)

Whitmer is a serial violator of her own rules. She’s on this list more times than anyone else. She never learns and sure has hell doesn’t care about her own Orders.

The governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer, has apologized after she was caught on camera with a dozen other people who pushed tables together at a bar in East Lansing, thereby violating the state’s Covid-19 restrictions.

This is from May 2021. Frankly, it’s hard to keep up with all the violations. If you read the linked article, the implication is this violation was all okay because it was brought to the public’s attention by a person affiliated with a “rightwing group”. If not for that, no harm done. Of course. (Caution – this links to The Guardian, a documented propaganda service.)

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

This goes back to March of 2020. While gyms across the country were forced to close, DHHS kept its own private gyms open. Because – elite! And important people can ignore their own guidance!

Rep. Eric “Wear a Mask” Swalwell (D-CA)

In May of 2021, when told he no longer needed to wear a mask due to new CDC guidelines, Rep. Swalwell replied with “You don’t tell me what to f—ing do!” (Rep. Swalwell was linked with a sexual relationship with a Chinese spy, which he has not denied. In July of 2020, he called for a nationwide mask mandate.)

In January of 2022, Rep. Swalwell was seen in Florida, maskless, in an indoor hotel lobby. If this were in California, Eric “Wear a Mask” Swalwell would have been required to have a mask on during this meeting.

Many Congressional members who have supported strict behavioral measures against Covid have spent the holiday break in Florida, which has nearly no rules at all. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes was also photographed, maskless, in Florida (she was dining outdoors with her boyfriend – she also caught Covid-19 during this period – which does make her a hypocrite too as she left her “masks required state” to go maskless and party in Florida, per later photos.)

I think Swalwell is saying he doesn’t need to wear a mask because (a) juggling a baby, and (b) meeting with someone important. Is that how the rules work where you live? (They are not valid excuses in my mask mandatory state. Although, if you are a politician, the Governor says you do not need to wear a mask while public speaking or being photographed. Hmmmm….)

UK PM Boris Johnson (again – a serial asshole)

More parties during the lockdown he Ordered.

MPs put Boris Johnson on a final warning tonight after his half-hearted apology for a boozy Downing Street party during the first lockdown.

The PM was told he is ‘taking on water’ after he bought himself time by finally admitting attending the event in May 2020 – but argued he thought it was a ‘work event’ and ‘technically’ within the rules. 

At a stormy PMQs, Mr Johnson said he wanted to ‘thank’ staff at the event in May 2020 but recognised that in ‘hindsight’ it should not have happened.

He said he understood public ‘fury’ and ‘took responsibility’, but said he had ‘implicitly’ believed it was a work event – even though around 100 people were invited and urged to ‘bring your own booze’. 

‘I bitterly regret it. I wish we could have done things differently,’ he said.

Time to face the music, Boris: PM braces for Partygate mauling in Commons | Daily Mail Online

He regrets it because his eliteness got caught at it.

Update: He says “no one warned me” it was against the rules. You, dear peon, must understand these rules on your own – but the elite can do anything as long as someone didn’t warn them about the rules they issued!

Update: Clown Boris Johnson is eviscerated in Parliament.

Rep. Ted “Wear a mask” Lieu (D-CA)

He has a history of supporting mask mandates. But doesn’t wear them himself if he can avoid them. Plus, says he can’t go to Congressional meetings due to Covid crisis, but simultaneously goes to professional sports entertainment – without masks.

(NOT A HYPOCRITE) NZ PM Jacinda Ardern

Including this as example of a responsible leader that is definitely NOT a hypocrite. When PM Jacinda Ardern established a “red” semi-lockdown state in NZ, she canceled her own wedding. This is the opposite of what many elite would have done. Thank you Prime Minister for showing the world how it should have been done all along.

Under the “red” COVID-19 restrictions, gatherings such as weddings are allowed for vaccinated people with up to 100 people. If a gathering will go on without a vaccine pass, it is limited to 25 people. Hospitality venues that require a vaccine pass can be open for up to 100 people with social distancing.

U.S. Senate Democrats

Democrats Abandon COVID Protocols to Vote on Bill to Suit Their Agenda – OutKick

Asks all Democratic Senators to NOT test for Covid so that no one is excluded from the vote for the Inflation Reduction Act, due to a positive test result.

Prof. A.W. Peet

A coddled professional who had the privilege of working at home for 2 years and having servants delivering his groceries is angry at having to go back to the office. He got Covid. As has at least 82% of the country, per CDC. But he’s special. He knows exactly where he got Covid – and it’s his employer’s fault. Of course. He is dripping with arrogant privilege.

NY Gov. Kathy Hochul (again)

The Governor and Weingarten do not wear masks – while the kids must wear them. How does this make any sense?

Note – comments on posts are closed automatically after a period of time. This is to prevent spam, which targets primarily old posts. Have not found a way to re-open comments on this post.

Pennsylvania Lt. Governor John Fetterman

Pennsylvania lieutenant governor John Fetterman (D.) took a taxpayer-funded security detail on a family vacation to the Jersey Shore while publicly advocating strict coronavirus lockdowns.

Pennsylvania state police spent $3,500 for overtime, food, and lodging during Fetterman’s trip to Ocean City, N.J., from June 24-27, 2020, according to records obtained by the Washington Free Beacon. Fetterman, the Democratic Senate nominee for Pennsylvania, made the trip amid a surge of cases in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania Department of Health warned at the time against nonessential travel. New Jersey’s governor threatened to crack down on Jersey Shore revelers because of a spike in cases there two days before Fetterman’s junket.

PA Dem Pushed COVID Lockdowns During Taxpayer-Funded Jersey Shore Vacay, Records Show (

President Biden in August of 2020

Biden goes bicycling – outdoors – wearing a surgical mask. He does not wear a bike helmet. He does not understand probabilities and risk[1]. While a surgical mask concurred with Fauci’s then idiotic guidance to wear bandanas and pieces of t-shirts over our faces, subsequent studies reconfirmed that surgical masks had no effect on the community spread of Covid-19. None at all. Let alone, outdoors.

[1] I have fractured my skull in a bike crash, and later, I broke two helmets in crashes that also broke other bones and knocked me out. I suffered traumatic brain injuries that resulted in lifelong issues for me. I fully admit I am a brain injured idiot – what’s your excuse?

Dr. Uche Blackstock, MD

Mask enthusiasts say we should wear masks at conferences (see first item) but in 2nd post, she attended a conference days before, without a mask. Because Science.

Days earlier, she posts maskless photos on her Twitter account, taken at another conference because inconsistent and contradictory messaging is essential in public health:

Keenange-Yamahtta Taylor

New Yorker author said opening schools is “white supremacy” – while sending her own kids to private day care.

Comments to this tweet have more examples of people advocating school closures – but simultaneously sending their own kids to open private schools.

NY Gov. Kathy Hochul

August 26, 2022:

“We’re going to peel back every dynamic and let’s look at not just in the workplace, but what happened to women when the decisions were made to have all the kids go home and learn remotely. Wow. Wow. What a mistake that was. What a mistake that was.”

Holding power to account – by Jennifer Sey – Sey Everything (

But Kathy Hochul supported closing schools in May of 2020:

“NY Governor Cuomo announces K-12, colleges will remain closed for the remainder of the academic year. Distance learning will continue with a decision on summer school expected at end of May. This is the best course of action to keep students, staff and NY families safe.”

Remember, if you disagreed back then, you were the problem and deserved to be canceled. Suggesting lockdowns were wrong and harmful to children could get you kicked off social media, or as the author noted, at risk for continuing to remain in her job.

Gov Kathy Hochul, like all elite, has been inconsistent, contradictory, incoherent – and made clear their own policies never applied to them, just us.

Micah White, PhD

Micah White is the co-founder of Occupy Wall Street “a protest movement against economic inequality“.

In an October 14, 2022 Tweet, he revealed he has been outsourcing his Covid risk to low paid third-party servants, having food and service delivered to his home. In over 2 years, he has not been indoors elsewhere more than about half a dozen times. He used his privileged and elite status to outsource his risk to others. He also makes his kids wear KN95 masks outdoors. His Covid thread revealed him as a hypocrite.

Initially he blocked those who saw his behavior as bizarre but within a day, he deleted all of his Tweets – as in his entire account history, every tweet he had ever posted.

His Covid thread revealed him to be a hypocrite.

In the rest of his original tweet thread, which I had read before it was deleted, he explained how he used delivery services and curb side pickup and relied upon others – and outsourced his risk. Because he is more important than those other people. Yes, the co-founder of Occupy Wallstreet is more important than everyone else.

California State Senator Scott Wiener (D)

CA State Senator vociferously promotes staying home, wearing masks, and those who question public health orders are anti-science and choosing to make others get sick with a disease. This was in the spring of 2020 regarding Covid-19.

He advocated for a national mask mandate in October 2020, but when it comes to gay sex in 2022, it’s party on!

That quote appears in this Washington Post article. We went from:

  • stay home, save lives
  • Don’t kill Grandma
  • Lock down
  • Close businesses (many in my area went out of business)
  • Close the schools
  • Social distancing
  • Prohibit visiting relatives in hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living centers – for months on end
  • Prohibit attending funerals of family members who died

To in 2022 – People should make their own decisions about their own risk levels. We can’t control what you do, so party on with sex orgies.

But literally, we could order people to lock down for months, prohibit hiking on outdoor trails and use of bike lanes, for Covid, and prohibit people from attending funerals of their own family members or visiting dying family in hospitals.

CA Sen. Scott Wiener is a public health covidiot. Inconsistent, contradictory, incoherent messaging. This is about control, not your health.

Georgia politician Stacey Abrams

Inside a school, in a city that has a face mask mandate for all, Georgia political figure Stacey Abrams appears maskless, using Gov Kate Brown/Gov Gavin Newsom’s spontaneously invented “Photo exemption” excuse. She or her staff posted the photo on her social media account, but later deleted it after coming under fire for hypocrisy.

She later claimed the spontaneously made-up exemption for “Taking a photo” and “Making a speech”. The “Taking a photo” exemption, however, only applies to the elite – all of the kids were still required to wear a mask while taking photos. She implied that anyone who complained about her behavior at this event was “racist”. Why stop there? They are undoubtedly Nazi sympathizers and members of the KKK too.

Maskless Hollywood Celebrities at the 2022 Superbowl

Important elite people do not need to follow the rules. The virus can distinguish between the elite and peons. It’s Science!

Gov. Gavin Newsom (D CA) (Again)

“California Gov. Gavin Newsom, and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti are facing criticism after being spotted at the Rams game without their face masks on.”

Gavin Newsom and Eric Garcetti photographed without a face mask alongside Magic Johnson at LA Rams, 49ers game at SoFi Stadium – ABC7 Los Angeles

(Also San Francisco Mayor London Breed, on this list more time than I can count, attended the same game, without a mask on.)

Face masks were mandatory at events with 5,000 or more attendees such as this entertainment game.

‘LA County currently has a mask mandate in place for outdoor “mega events” that host more than 5,000 people, regardless of vaccination status. The rules will apply for the Super Bowl matchup that will be hosted at the stadium on Feb. 13, local health officials have said.’

Gavin Newsom spotted maskless at 49ers-Rams game (

The stadium rules, as of January 30-31, 2022:

As of January 2022, not one politician or public health official believes in their nonsensical rules they enforce on everyone else. Not one.

American Airlines Flight Attendants

American Airlines flight attendants who have routinely kicked off families because 2 year old’s did not succeed in keeping masks on, routinely take their own masks off on flights. They don’t give a shit. Obviously, it’s not safe when the crew do not follow their airline’s own policies. How many other flight safety guidelines do they ignore because they feel like it?

Webster NY School District Board and Staff

District Board members pose shoulder to shoulder, without masks, for a photograph. Days later, they have security forcefully remove a parent from a meeting for not wearing a mask. The hypocrisy is stunning, but they don’t care.

They cited the “photo exemption” (which does not exist in any mask mandate nationwide) as their excuse. The “photo exemption” does not apply to students, who must wear a mask up to 7 hours per day.

Seattle Police Department

Report: SPD flouting of mask mandates throughout pandemic ‘indicative of a serious culture issue’ –

Of course. No surprise.

Former Credit-Suisse Chairman António Horta-Osório

He violated numerous Covid rules enforced by the banking system of which he was the Chair. A member of the global elite, he flew company paid private jets to his homes in Lisbon and London, and later all over the world, and attended sporting events in violation of company and public regulations in effect at the time. He ignored his bank’s mask mandate, and broke national quarantine rules. He flew all around the world, frequently ignoring mandatory quarantine rules.

“Switzerland has a complex social and business rulebook that can be hard for newcomers to crack. A life of wealth and privilege is allowed for those who succeed, but it should never generate headlines or be on display in times of crisis, according to people who have worked at the bank. Also: Follow the rules.”

Eventually, he was fired. If he were a public health quack violating his own rules, he’d have been promoted.

France Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer

He asked for students at schools to be tested for Covid under a “Strict” testing and isolation protocol because of the dangers of Omicron. He made this request while on vacation in Ibezia, a Spanish island. This did not go over well with anyone in France and there are now calls for his resignation.

He was fired. If he were a public health quack violating his own rules, he’d probably have been promoted.

New York City Council

In January 2022, the city council staff met in a restaurant, with no masks, and used this for a photo op. Citizens visiting City Hall must be masked at all times, as do all school kids. But the elite – nope – they don’t need masks. Click through, if needed, to see the photo.

Sen. Kirsten “Wear a MaskGillibrand (D-NY)

Arrogantly walks right past the government mandated “Masks Required” sign at Innovo Kitchen restaurant in New York, where masks are required by government order. (Security video clip at the link).

Because she’s important, so screw you, worthless non-essential peon!

Members of Parliament (MPs) Australia

MPs are exempt from all public health mandates in Australia. Because they are more important than you stupid peon.

Marsha Lederman

Columnist for the Globe and Mail tells us that we need to get used to wearing masks 24×7 for the rest of our lives (ok, not exactly that but there are times we must wear masks all the time). While telling all of us to wear masks, she is caught not wearing masks – but she not only has her excuses for not wearing a mask, she implies she is more elite than you or I and can make her own decision on whether to wear a mask or not.

It is surprising that professional communicators leave people confused:

Dr. Brian Goldman

Yet another assertion of the non-existent “Photo exemption” mask rule. This rule is popular among the elite.

Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Kieran Moore

Video has emerged online of Ontario’s top doctor unmasked at an event Thursday night — only days after he “strongly” recommended masks in indoor public settings, citing extraordinary pressures on the province’s health-care system.

Posted by the publication Toronto Life on its Instagram page, the video shows Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Kieran Moore without a mask, standing in close quarters with other guests as they watch a performance.


Asked by CBC News if Moore has a responsibility to model the behaviour he has urged Ontarians to follow, the Ministry of Health said: “Like all Ontarians, Dr. Moore evaluates the risk of each situation including private events.

“He follows many layers of protection including screening daily for symptoms of any respiratory infection, practicing good hand hygiene, staying up to date on immunizations, masking when necessary and distancing when possible.

“Dr. Moore continues to encourage everyone to use their best judgment on when it’s appropriate to wear a mask, particularly around the most vulnerable, including young children.”

Ontario’s top doctor seen unmasked at event days after ‘strongly’ recommending masking | CBC News

NY City Mayor Eric Adams

Passaic School District

School district Christmas party – lots of fine masks there …. or not.

Days later they mandated masks for kids:

The woman who posted the above was then blocked by the school superintendent. Blocking the public’s access to government communication is generally treated as illegal:

Patterson New Jersey School District

Superintendent of Schools Eileen Shafer and Chief Health Officer Doctor Paul Persaud do not practice what they enforce on children:

Local TV news report on the above.

Paterson New Jersey Mayor Andre Sayegh

The Mayor enforces a mask mandate for little kids, while he attends parties maskless – and then argues the kids’ mandate is needed because the pandemic is not over. Hypocrite.

Do As You Are Told

The technocratic elite mindset in a tweet – although I believe it was a spoofed or parody account. The account no longer exists.

The original:

This tweet is made to look like it is from commentator Sam Harris – as some of his tweets use that style. However, I could not find it on his own tweet timeline, and the account samharrisorg no longer exists.

I am pretty sure that tweet was faked – but there are many in the celebrity, narcissist, arrogant technocratic elite community that think this way. Sort of “fake but accurate” Dan Rather way of describing things, I suppose 🙂

Update: Turns out Sam Harris strongly favors censoring of those he disagrees with. and that news reporters who are not subject Experts should be silenced if they disagree with him (which means most reporters-wrote about that on my Social Panic blog). Bottom line – he favors censorship of others. Consequently, it’s hard to tell if the prior item is a parody or is real – he does seem to think this way.

The result of this attitude is a loss of trust in all institutions.

A Video Version of the Elite Covid Hypocrites

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