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King County vaccine requirement for indoor businesses takes effect Oct. 25

All government employees were mandated as of October 18th; generally those that did not get vaccinated lost their jobs.

That will encompass indoor dining at restaurants, as well as bars, nightclubs, music venues, movie theaters, performing arts venues, gyms/fitness centers, conventions, outdoor events with more than 500 people, and professional and collegiate sports.

Source: King County vaccine requirement for indoor businesses takes effect Oct. 25

This means businesses are delegated to check vaccination records but are not given any law enforcement authority with which to enforce it.  A store employee can ask you to leave but they cannot physically detain you and carry you out of the store if you don’t wish to comply. Police are just as unlikely to respond as they are to a “someone’s not wearing a mask” complaints, which is, not at all.


  • Last winter, “experts” and leading politicians said they would never mandate vaccinations. They did anyway through de facto mandates via proxy. They lied.
  • Why not have the guts to pass a law mandating it everywhere for everyone except medical conditions? Pretending they are not mandates by virtue of mandates via third party proxy is nonsense.

Spain to refund fines on those who left their homes during Spain’s lock up of innocent citizens

Spain’s equivalent of the U.S. Supreme Court ruled the government had violated rights of citizens.

As a result, the government will now be refunding perhaps over 100 million Euros:

The decision comes after Spain’s Constitutional Court ruled in July that the government had overstepped its powers and violated the rights of citizens to freedom of movement when it decreed a state of emergency in March 2020.

Source: Covid-19 and Boosters Live Updates: Vaccines, Global Cases and the Latest

Unfortunately, the public health elite viewed themselves above the laws and Constitutions. Courts in many jurisdictions have struck down their illegal rules and mandates on innocent citizens.

California sea ports among least efficient in the world

Have you noticed that the media is incapable of using the word infrastructure without prefacing it “crumbling“?

English should be like German and just combine the words into one: crumblinginfrastructure!

President Joe Biden is fighting for massive federal funding to modernize crumbling infrastructure – including seaports. Government control, 24/7 operations and automation help make many non-U.S. ports more efficient.

Source: California ports, key to U.S. supply chain, among world’s least efficient, ranking shows | Reuters

The media loves the word “crumbling” – how it sounds is great and it instantly produces a vision of collapsing bridges, pot holed roads and breaking concrete.

Oops: Oregon inadvertently sends spreadsheet containing vax status of 40,000 employees – to state newspaper

Oregon’s Department of Administrative Services on Monday mistakenly sent individual vaccination statuses to The Oregonian/OregonLive and the Statesman Journal, instead of the agency-level vaccination and exemption percentages the news organizations requested.

Source: Oregon government agency inadvertently releases 40,000 state employees’ vaccination status –

No it isn’t: Missouri governor says viewing HTML source code containing private data the state published on every page, is a crime 

Republican Gov. Mike Parson on Thursday condemned one of Missouri’s largest newspapers for exposing a flaw in a state database that allowed public access to thousands of teachers’ Social Security numbers, even though the paper held off from reporting about the flaw until after the state could fix it.

Source: Missouri governor slams newspaper for uncovering state data security flaw | NewsNation Now

The state’s education department online database public interface posted private information within the HTML page layout code, easily visible by (in many browsers) right clicking on the page and selecting View Page Source.

The Governor thinks it is a crime to right click in your browser and view the HTML source that the state’s web site delivered directly to every user of the web site, and has asked the state and a prosecutor to conduct an investigation.

The Missouri Governor, when it comes to information security laws, is an idiot. Lots more here.

Gallup poll: “Americans Revert to Favoring Reduced Government Role”

Likely an effect of authoritarian rule the past 19 months:

Americans once again say the government is doing too many things that should be left to individuals and businesses.

Source: Americans Revert to Favoring Reduced Government Role

Suggests the Democrats are out of step with their constituents, as Democrats push for a massive expansion of government and eventually, taxes too. Regardless, there is not overwhelming support for massive government expansion envisioned by Biden’s “Build Back Better” agenda now stalled in Congress.

This sure looks like the goal is to control the people

This Nature item advocates taxing EVs by weight, saying because batteries are heavy, models say EVs will result in more highway fatalities (all things being equal – but what if they have better automated collision avoidance?)

The goal, it says, is to reduce the weight of vehicles. Okay on that goal, mostly.

But then it veers off to suggest a need to tax people on distance traveled to discourage us from traveling at all.

Have been reading many history books lately – and this seems reminiscent of “know your place peasants” thinking – where the elite will travel all they want. This is primarily about controlling the people.

Adding travel distance to the fee would also incentivize people to drive less. Oregon is piloting such a programme, giving owners the option to base their registration fees on the distance they drive in a year (at a rate of roughly 1.1 cents per kilometre) in lieu of fixed annual fees. Travel data can be collected by on-board devices; some insurance companies already offer policies that are based on total mileage and other driving habits.

Source: Make electric vehicles lighter to maximize climate and safety benefits

The goal, it says, is to encourage everyone to walk, ride a bike or use “public transport” and oddly says riding a bike is “safer, more convenient”.

First, based on the data, bikes are not safer. Because we mostly do not collect data on crashes and most injuries, we have no hard data on which to evaluate this claim. Estimates are about half a million bike related injuries are treated at ERs in the U.S. every year (yet only 1-2% of the population today commutes by bike). Those injuries are the only ones likely to be reported. Estimates are that there are 1-2 million bike related injuries every year that are self treated or treated by the family doctor. Now, increase the number of bicycle commuters from 1-2% to 10-20% – what do you think will happen to the number of injuries?

Second, as someone who has suffered a fractured skull, and later broke two bike helmets in crashes that knocked me out and broke other bones, the government may push everyone to bikes without considering the range of health impacts.

Bike crashes are the largest cause of traumatic brain injuries seen in ERs in the U.S. Brain injuries can become lifelong injuries too.

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Feds order Google to turn over contact info of anyone who uses certain search terms

The U.S. government is secretly ordering Google to provide data on anyone typing in certain search terms, an accidentally unsealed court document shows. There are fears such “keyword warrants” threaten to implicate innocent Web users in serious crimes and are more common than previously thought.

Source: Exclusive: Government Secretly Orders Google To Identify Anyone Who Searched A Sexual Assault Victim’s Name, Address And Telephone Number

Thanks to dragnet surveillance that tracks and records everything we do, everyone is now a suspect of something, somewhere, some time. There is no escape.

New York hospitals fire unvaxxed staff

18 months ago, we locked down my own state to protect hospitals for becoming overloaded.

We lauded health care workers as “heroes”.

18 months later, the state of New York is about to fire up to 25% of their hospital staff because they have not been vaccinated.

This makes senses to whom?

New York hospitals on Monday began firing or suspending healthcare workers for defying a state order to get the COVID-19 vaccine, and resulting staff shortages prompted some hospitals to postpone elective surgeries or curtail services.

Source: New York hospitals fire, suspend staff who refuse COVID vaccine | Reuters

Also, the hospitals do not recognize prior Covid infection and having antibodies as being protective (that’s actually how the immune system works and it is recognized by the EU countries).

Update: The “25%” figure was yesterday’s news report. Reports today say it might be 8%, and that many workers got vaccinated in the last few days.