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Interesting comments

I recently saw social media comments from a virologist who noted that eventually – nearly everyone in the world will be vaccinated or will end having Covid-19 (with or without symptoms) until most everyone has immunity, via vaccination or infection acquired-immunity.

That is the clearest explanation of how this proceeds that anyone has used.

Last year, a retired doctor in the UK pointed out that as far as the path forward went then, there was no path forward in which some people would not get sick and die. And he was right. At the time, many thought that we could “lockdown” our way to zero deaths; that obviously did not work.

Related: from the posts I see on social media, I’d guess 95% of those who use social media have no understanding of how a vaccine works. 95% seem to think a vaccine works by blocking the disease as if you were surrounded by an impenetrable wall. No, that is not how it works.

A vaccine trains your immune system to respond quickly. Even if vaccinated, you can “test positive” for SARS-CoV-2, the virus. You may even have symptoms of Covid-19, the disease. If all worked well, the vaccine trained your immune system to respond very quickly – giving your immune system a head start to fight off the disease before it becomes bad. A vaccine does not totally prevent the disease – it gives you a club to beat it up when it arrives.

Most people do not seem to understand that, which we can blame on bad public health messaging and even worse media incompetence.

Should public health be permitted to operate without democratic oversight?

For 18 months, many of us have lived under a “state of emergency” during which public health “experts” suspended civil rights, mandated covering our faces. restricted our access to services, even critical health care, shut schools and businesses, putting many out of business permanently.

These unilateral actions are anathema in a democracy based on freedom.

At some point their Orders must be treated like any other government agency and subjected to public review and comment, and discussed directly with those affected.

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He’s had Covid-19 and is double vaccinated: “UK’s Johnson to quarantine after COVID-19 contact”

LONDON (AP) — British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will spend 10 days self-isolating after contact with a confirmed coronavirus case, his office said Sunday — reversing an earlier announcement that he would not have to quarantine.

Source: In U-turn, UK’s Johnson to quarantine after COVID-19 contact

He was informed by the (unreliable) smart phone tracing app  of a “ping” that he had been near someone who “tested positive” for Covid-19.

He has had Covid-19, and he is double vaccinated. But apparently vaccines do not work? Thus, symptom free, he will isolate for 10 days.

Public Health England has different standards than the U.S. CDC – the CDC says a fully vaccinated person does not need to isolate unless they develop symptoms.

Thus we have:

  • Contradictory guidance from two public health authorities
  • The public health message is we do not believe vaccines work.
  • Cases in the UK continue to climb steeply, in spite of the UK being in lock down the whole time, and in spite of their using smart phone-based tracing, and in spite of high vaccination rates.

This brain injured idiot can not form a coherent, logical path to understanding their contradictory statements.

PPI up 7.1%, Annual deficit to reach $3.7 Trillion

The Producer Price Index (PPI) was u 7.1% year over year.

On a 12-month total basis, the deficit posted $2.6 trillion, representing 12.3% of GDP. While the gap is smaller than a few months ago, it is still near a record share of GDP, outside of the pandemic. The Treasury estimates the deficit for the full fiscal year which ends in September will reach a record $3.7 trillion

Source: Ned Davis Research: U.S. Daily Perspectives and Economics Content List Signal Alert (sorry can’t link to it)

What cannot go on forever, won’t go on forever. But at the moment, no one cares.

What were they thinking?

What an idiot:

“They were hoping, the federal government was hoping, they could sucker 90 percent of the population into getting vaccinated,” Berenson said at CPAC, eliciting uproarious applause from the conservative audience.

Source: Fauci Deplores ‘Horrifying’ Moment at CPAC When Crowd Applauded Anti-Vaccine Speech

Their brains are dysfunctional.

I admit I am a brain injured idiot with no relevant experience here; I make observations and ask stupid questions. But … what’s their excuse for such absurd comments and crowd reaction?

Related – I do not know many people with confirmed Covid-19 cases – just a handful. However one, who is younger than me, spent 3 days on a ventilator and about 10 days in the hospital. I have said repeatedly, Covid-19 is a real disease – my criticisms are about inconsistent, contradictory, illogical and frequently incoherent public health responses and messaging to the point that public health no longer has credibility. But Covid itself is real. Vaccines are real and do work very well.

Amazingly, official policy is to still say that there is no such thing as natural acquired immunity

So explain this?

Chinese app publisher limits children’s use of games at night via facial recognition

Bad feeling about this – we seem to be gradually adopting all of these methods in the West, over time.

Tencent, the world’s largest Chinese video game publisher, has taken an extreme step to comply with its nation’s rules about limiting minors’ access to video games. As of this week, the publisher has added a facial recognition system, dubbed “Midnight Patrol,” to over 60 of its China-specific smartphone games, and it will disable gameplay in popular titles like Honor of Kings if users either decline the facial check or fail it.

In all affected games, once a gameplay session during the nation’s official gaming curfew hours (10 pm to 8 am) exceeds an unspecified amount of time, the game in question will be interrupted by a prompt to scan the player’s face.

Source: Dozens of Chinese phone games now require facial scans to play at night | Ars Technica

Executive Order on “right to repair” may have broader “ripple” effects

US President Joe Biden will soon sign an executive order that will give farmers the right to repair their own tractors, said Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary in a press briefing on Tuesday. This is a shot in the arm for the activists who have been seeking legal protection for individuals engaging in repairs at local stores instead of having to send them back to manufacturers every time.

Source: biden executive order to allow self tractor repairs