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Face masks forever post-pandemic

Two big studies in the past month found that face masks do not work, or have extraordinarily small effects. It seems we are now proposing to mandate use of our least effective method to combat future diseases.

Lawmakers seek long-term limit on governors’ emergency power

As governors loosen long-lasting coronavirus restrictions, state lawmakers across the U.S. are taking actions to significantly limit the power they could wield in future emergencies.

Source: Lawmakers seek long-term limit on governors’ emergency power

In my state, the Governor can unilaterally (and did) declare a state of emergency lasting 60 days, renewable by the Governor, indefinitely (which she has done) every 60 days – without any consultation from the Legislature. Literally, without public input.

It is understandable that there be a 30- or 60-day declaration of emergency in certain situations; however, it seems that after that, consultation with the public should be restored as part of ongoing emergency efforts.

When policy is disconnected from reality?

IMF calls for a tax on “excess profits” made by some companies during the pandemic The IMF also calls upon countries to increase their top income tax rates. But, as the article notes “The IMF’s call comes despite the fact that most countries are not facing a crisis in their public finances.”

In other words, this is just an excuse to collect more taxes?

Source: IMF proposes ‘solidarity’ tax on pandemic winners and wealthy | Financial Times

Considerable decline in trust of the CDC, large survey shows

Rather than fix the root cause problems, the CDC will enlist public relations consultants and fix this with a propaganda campaign – and the CDC will continue business as usual:

These surveys show that the CDC will need some perception rehabilitation, particularly among those who reported intending to vote for someone other than Biden or not vote at all (who had low levels of initial trust that declined even further). Although we know that the Black community has had low trust in the CDC, it is now similarly low across all of the groups.

Source: Decline in Trust in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention During the COVID-19 Pandemic | RAND


  • In January 2020, the CDC declined to use an inexpensive Covid-19 test made available to it by WHO, and instead said it would develop its own.
  • The CDC spent February 2020 using their in house developed Covid-19 test – even though they knew it was defective (due to incompetent and very basic failures in preventing contamination of the test kits).
  • The CDC then spent March and April insisting that tests could only be done by government laboratories and not the private sector.
  • This single failure likely led to the explosion of cases in the U.S. The CDC failed in its #1, primary mission: total failure. This is literally the entire reason the CDC exists and they failed due to their own screw ups.
  • The CDC Director Robert Redfield said on July 14, 2020 that if everyone wore face masks, the pandemic would be over with within weeks. The data indicate that in almost all states, compliance was reaching 80 to 90%+. Yet by fall, Covid-19 test cases exploded by a factor of 10x or more. Even in states without mask mandates, around 70+% were wearing face masks in indoor situations.
  • In April 2021, the CDC released new guidance on travel saying travel for the vaccinated is low risk, except you should not travel, because travel is not low risk. And if you are vaccinated, you need to present proof of being vaccinated AND a negative Covid-19 test; but if you’ve had Covid-19 already, you only need proof of that. Because apparently having Covid-19 is more effective than a vaccination?

The CDC is a mess, they know it, but they won’t fix it.

Did you know that RC model aircraft pilots must keep their instruction manuals with them while flying? I didn’t.

FAA regulations require that operating instruction manuals be kept on board aircraft when the aircraft is in operation. Pilots can refer to manuals in the event a problem develops during flight.

Because unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are defined as aircraft, legally speaking, the FAA rules require that the operating manuals for drones be kept on board the drone. This is a problem when the manual is larger than the drone! 🙂

The FAA has, for practical reasons, decided to interpret the rule as requiring the pilot of a UAV to keep the manuals at the point where the flight controls (Remote control unit) is located, rather than on board the aircraft.

Source: See – Rupprecht Law P.A.

(This is my go to source for legal and often other information, regarding aviation and RC model aircraft rules and regulations).

This FAA interpretation interesting for two reasons:

1. I did not know that the operating instructions are supposed to be kept at hand while flying my RC model aircraft. I do keep my own check lists with me, which I have distilled from the instruction sheets, but I have not kept the instruction sheets with me. I think I will put all of them in a manila filing folder now.

2. This illustrates the problem of turning over everything in life to bureaucrats who cannot foresee future changes in technology – and who fail to go back and review all existing rules to detect such conflicts.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services acknowledges cloth face masks do not work?

Am guessing they intend to make face masks mandatory forever:

The Mask Innovation Challenge aims to improve the comfort, utility, and protective capabilities of available community masks that are worn during day-to-day activities when physical distancing is not possible. This competition is designed to support the development of mask designs that meet predefined performance standards, while providing increased comfort and durability to the average consumer.

The Mask Innovation Challenge seeks to develop innovative and effective designs for mass-producible, general-use, low-cost per use masks that provide enhanced protection from respiratory disease pathogens. Furthermore, it should be usable by most people without extensive considerations for form, fit, and training for the user. Despite guidelines published by the CDC that recommend the use of personal protective equipment to prevent COVID-19 infection and spread, there remains widespread resistance to mask use; these barriers include, but are not limited to:

  • Currently available retail masks are often untested, with unknown protective capability
  • Physical discomfort with prolonged use, particularly in hot and humid environments
  • Perceived or actual breathing difficulties
  • Irritant contact dermatitis with extended wear
  • Inability to effectively communicate with others using facial expressions
  • Speech intelligibility and difficulty with glasses wearing,
  • Lack of understanding of the features of a mask


There you go – the US DoHHS acknowledges that most masks are “untested, with unknown protective capability”. EXACTLY what I said one year ago – would you stand next to a person with confirmed Covid-19 who is coughing while that person is wearing a home made cloth mask, made from random materials, using an unknown design, and assembled by a person of unknown skill? That is specifically what the CDC told you to do one year ago – the whole point was that we don’t know if we were asymptomatic carriers and our home made cloth masks were to protect others.

Now here we are 12 months later and the Feds acknowledge the obvious – and this explains why subsequent cases went up by an order of magnitude after high compliance mask requirements went into effect. Because the cloth masks never worked.

That’s why Germany, Austria, the NBA and the White House have mandated certified N95 (or FP2s in the EU) and banned cloth face masks.

Common sense

In addition to protecting the vulnerable, universal masking salves the fears of those who are at risk of infection. Once vaccines are plentiful enough that any adult who wants one can easily get it, the calculus changes. If you’re unable to get vaccinated, it’s reasonable to expect others to accept infringements on their freedom as a precaution. Not if you refuse to get vaccinated.

Source: Dr. Fauci, Tear Off These Masks – WSJ