Instagram no longer intended for photo sharing

Facebook’s head of Instagram said the service plans to start showing users full-screen, recommended videos in their feeds.

“We’re no longer a photo-sharing app or a square photo-sharing app,” Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri said.

Mosseri specifically highlighted TikTok as well as YouTube as serious competitors and reasons for these changes.

Source: Facebook tests changes to Instagram, would make it more like TikTok

  • They plan to force display videos full screen.
  • They intend to force display videos from people you do not follow.
  • They intend to make it a video focused social media service.
  • Instagram is looking at adding paid subscription-only features.
  • IG will add more branded content and more monetization features including “merch” sales and possibly voluntary Patreon-like payment features to creators.

Also, will it be possible to upload videos taken with anything other than a smart phone?

More inconsistent nonsense from public health “experts”

  • Vaccines don’t work – even if vaccinated, you should wear a face mask the rest of your life – Los Angeles Public Health.
  • Vaccines are effective against all variants including Delta and do not need to wear a mask – CDC Director.
  • Even vaccinated people need to wear a mask, says the World Health (Dis)Organization.

So which is it?

Is there any reason to listen to public health “expert” nonsense?

The only consistent thing they do – inconsistent, contradictory, illogical and incoherent. Always.

Public health experts have the accuracy of astrology with the honesty of alchemy.

Also, just saw a funny comment – most disease models can not accurately tell you what day tomorrow will be … Heh.

Number of People With Master’s and Doctoral Degrees Doubles Since 2000

Stunning: 35% of those age 25-64 now have at least a 4-year degree.

About 13.1 percent of U.S. adults had a master’s or doctoral degree in 2018, up from 8.6 percent in 2000.

Source: Number of People With Master’s and Doctoral Degrees Doubles Since 2000

The percent who now have a Master’s or higher is now on par with the percent that had a Bachelor’s degree in the 1970s. Think about that.

Where will this be in another 20 years?

The incompetence is staggering

ALL pre-pandemic research said N95/FP2/FFP3/KN95s work, surgical masks barely worked, and cloth masks did not work at all.

So what did we do: In the U.S. we de facto prohibited the public’s use of N95 masks, said not to use surgical masks, but to use worthless random bits of cloth.

An NHS hospital that upgraded the type of face masks worn by staff on its COVID wards saw cases fall by up to 100%, new research suggests.

Staff working on coronavirus wards at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge stopped using fluid resistant surgical masks (FRSMs) and replaced them with filtering face piece 3 (FFP3) ones in December 2020.

Source: COVID-19: Addenbrooke’s Hospital upgraded COVID staff’s face masks and ‘cut ward-based infection to zero’ | UK News | Sky News

Public health officials should be jailed over the harm they caused.

Update: Oh, they’ve know this all along to according to this Senior Lecturer in Epidemiology in the UK.

Told you: The pandemic is over with

Every day since late March of 2020, I have dutifully entered data into a huge spreadsheet used to generate several calculations and over 40 charts. By the end of 2020, as the published data was increasingly out of date and being backwards updated and corrected, it was no longer possible to make useful sense out of our state’s data and I discontinued tracking most items. But I have continued to update about half a dozen data series every days since then.

I have been giving though to discontinuing this soon – and with the above announcement, this might be where I considered this pandemic over and done with.

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Ignoring the Olympics

It is weird that some think the purpose of the Olympics should be political messaging.

American Olympians criticized the International Olympic Committee for its reiteration of a ban on protests at the Games.

Source: Tokyo Olympics: American athletes criticize IOC over protest ban

And after doing political messaging, some lose sponsorships and  complain of poverty. Athletes seem to misunderstand why someone offered to pay them money – probably not to promote political agendas and potentially upset future customers.

Athletics and sports are entertainment – and nothing more. The participants lose sight of this and deceive themselves into thinking they are something more than entertainment.

Face masks forever!!!!! “L.A. County urges masks for all as delta variant spreads – what does that mean for Bay Area?”

Source: L.A. County urges masks for all as delta variant spreads – what does that mean for Bay Area?

I have no idea if the Delta variant is worse, spreading faster or if there is any evidence that masks would have impact.

I do know that public health experts have cried wolf so many times now – scaring us about “super spreader events” that had no impact, predicting “Surges upon surges” that did not happen, predicting  “Holiday surges” that did not happen and scaring us about past variants that did nothing – that I no longer believe one word coming from public health or epidemiology.

Not. One. Word.

My lack of trust in their work and messaging has spread to other fields of “Science”. As soon as I see “New study says…” or “Trust the science” that a load of bull shit is incoming at high speed.

The damage these quacks have done is immense and they seem oblivious to the problem.

Everything public health did wrong – and how they lied to us

In reality, the rushed doomsday forecasts and commitment to politically correct pseudoscience prompted leaders to abandon decades of pandemic planning. This not only had disastrous economic consequences, but it also exacerbated the effects of COVID-19 itself. And rather than swiftly correct their errors, public health officials and politicians doubled down, manipulated data, and blamed ordinary people for the failure of nonsensical policies. The uncomfortable truth is that “The Science” did not protect vulnerable populations. Instead, “expert” advice served only to make the pandemic more deadly and replace the scientific process with destructive anti-science.


Basic civil, human, and economic rights were violated under demonstrably fraudulent pretenses. The sacrifices we thought we were making for the common good were sacrifices made in vain. Unlawful lockdowns demoralized the population and ruined lives. The tragic reality is that this was all for nothing. The only way to prevent these events from recurring is to exhaustively investigate not just the origin of the virus, but every corrupt and misguided decision made by politicians, NGOs, public health organizations, and scientific institutions made since its fateful emergence.

Source: The War on Reality – Tablet Magazine

  • Experts were wrong.
  • Models were fiction.
  • Politicians were incompetent.
  • Public health strategies were not just failures, they likely caused more harm than benefit.
  • Public health quacks knew their strategies were not working (which is consistent with pre-pandemic studies that found they did not work). Rather than acknowledge their failures, they doubled down on their failed strategies, killing more people.
  • Guidelines and rules were arbitrary, rarely based on evidence.
  • Guidelines were implemented and changed for political reasons.
  • They changed the PCR cycle testing threshold from a higher level for unvaccinated to a lower level for vaccinated, and only count post vaccinated positive tests if the person is hospitalized. If the same cutoff had been applied prior to vaccination, case counts might have been as much as 90% lower.

Epidemiology has the accuracy of astrology and the honesty of alchemy. The incompetence in the field is staggering – look at the failed past predictions of IHME, ICL, Michael Osterholm or Eric Feigl-Ding, and many others.

They have destroyed confidence and trust in all of science and all government institutions.

It’s called density altitude: “Too hot to fly at Portland International Airport?”

An aircraft’s performance is determined by density altitude.

At a high altitude airport, the air is less dense. At a hot airport, the air is less dense. Same with humidity.

The combination is called “density altitude” and refers to the pressure altitude after corrected for temperature and humidity.

On a hot day, the density altitude of a near sea level airport on a hot day might be more like 3,000 feet than sea level (that’s a guess – I did not do the calculation).

Portland Airport is basically at sea level so aircraft can accommodate a higher temperature and humidity than if this were an airport at 9,000 feet.

At 115 degrees, it wasn’t quite hot enough to affect air density to the point where it hindered flights.

Source: Too hot to fly at Portland International Airport? Not quite. –