‘Bringing back mask mandate is a good idea’: doctor on Delta variant

There is ZERO evidence that use of random masks by the general public has stopped any spread of Covid-19. But these quacks will push useless masks to the ends of time. It’s face masks forever: ‘Bringing back mask mandate is a good idea’: doctor on Delta variant

If you think masks work, then explain these charts.

This chart shows the epicurve per 100k residents. Mark on the chart when each non-pharmaceutical intervention was put in place.

And when your done with that, identify which of these states had no mandates what-so-ever:

Czechia is where the #MASKSFORALL meme started. At the beginning of the pandemic, mask promoters from Czechia concluded that low case counts in Czechia were because “everyone was wearing homemade masks”.

Czechia became a “poster child” for how to do masks right.

And then look at what happened?

A CDC published study found mask efficacy to be in the 0.5% to 1.8% range – in other words, useless.

Ultimately, face mask use by the general public is as useless as the entire field of epidemiology – the field with the accuracy of astrology and he honesty of alchemy.

At this point, I have lost all faith in public health, most of epidemiology and much of science itself. All are massively politicized and devoid of evidence-backed conclusions. All never read the fable “Never cry wolf” either – they’ve screamed “superspreader events”, “surge upon surge” and “variants” that went no where, so many times, that no one with functioning brain cells continues to listen to them.

Even those of us without functioning brain cells have stopped listening. Reminder: I am a brain injured idiot with no relevant experience. I make observations and ask stupid questions.

Los Angeles County announces that vaccines don’t work. Or something.

More confused messaging from public health, as seen from a news announcement on Twitter:

L.A. County Public Health is now recommending that *everybody*, regardless of vaccination status, mask up indoors in public places as a precaution over concerns about the Delta variant.

So … vaccines don’t work? In spite of tons of evidence they do including against all variants?

So you are saying masks are more effective than vaccines?

What percentage increase in protection does a random cloth mask provide a fully vaccinated person?

The public health messaging on all things Covid is a disaster of inconsistent, contradictory, illogical and incoherent statements.

California residents asked to avoid charging EVs

To avoid power grid demand problems, residents are asked to please charge EVs early in the day and avoid doing so in the evening.

Interestingly, the issued a similar alert a week ago for 2 days.

If they intend to fully electrify transportation and kitchen appliances (no more natural gas stoves and ovens), they need to build an electrical infrastructure that matches their requirements.

Source: Press Releases California ISO’s Network for Energy Conservation and Flex Alerts

Why is temperature data so random?

The randomness of temperature measurements.

At this minute, the weather source provided via Microsoft says it is 105 degrees F here.

At this same minute (from the time stamp) the NWS says the temperature is 108 degrees F.

Accuweather reports it is 106 degrees and the Weather Channel 105 degrees and WeatherBug reports it as 104 degrees.

Seems like such a simple thing to have standards so that regardless of who is asked for a city’s temperature, some consistency is provided. Just seems really weird.

Yep: “Trust in science has eroded”

And they will blame the public or politicians for this loss of trust, never looking inwards at their own numerous failures:

The pandemic is on its way out, but how many Americans think the U.S. approach succeeded? More than 600,000 Americans died from Covid, and lockdowns have left extensive collateral damage. Trust in science has eroded, and the damage won’t be limited to epidemiology, virology and public health. Scientists in other fields will unfortunately also have to deal with the fallout, including oncologists, physicists, computer scientists, environmental engineers and even economists.

Source: A Covid Commission Americans Can Trust – WSJ

I lost trust in public health and epidemiology and no longer give science a free pass of trust.

Trust in all science is badly eroded for all those paying attention.

Why do travel restrictions not work?

Isn’t this why we had travel restrictions in place?

Both strains have proved to be far more transmissible than the original coronavirus that first emerged in China in late 2019. The World Health Organization now predicts that the delta variant — which has already spread to more than 80 countries — will become the dominant strain of the disease worldwide.

Source: How the UK with the delta variant is a blueprint for the US

Indeed, past papers and the 2019 WHO report on pandemics said travel restrictions do not work, except for a very few island nations. We still have them and surprise, the data still shows they do not work.

Update: Hawaii says the Delta variant is now in the islands and expects it will be dominant in a few weeks. How did that happen? Through July 8, Hawaii has mandated negative Covid-19 test for all arrivals to the islands. Are they suggesting that travel restrictions do not work?

The Delta variant is also spreading in Australia, where frequent lock downs, super tight travel restrictions and much testing and contact tracing kept Covid-19 all under control. Until it isn’t under control. 80% of the country is under lock down or other restrictions.

Has the virus run it’s course?

Possibly. Time for the media to move onto the next scary thing they can spin!

I saw as any-yet not peer reviewed paper that argued that we have likely reached “peak mutations” and thereafter, the virus becomes less of a problem. It might transmit more readily but will be weaker. That makes sense from an evolutionary standpoint. Viruses that get worse and kill their hosts do not tend to spread so well.

About the high heat here in the PNW

The high heat here in the PNW over the next few days is caused by a combination of factors, including atmospheric waves that have created and inland high pressure system, an off shore low pressure area, and  “Santa Ana” like winds.

I live east of the Cascade mountain range, with a line of volcanic peaks to my west.

Even though I am at 3,100 feet elevation, this is high desert – where we normally have hot and dry summers.

By comparison, west of the Cascades is more humid and cooler, and typically cooled by breezes blowing in from the ocean.

But when a high pressure system is here, inland, and low pressure is off shore, winds to blow from the east to the west. As of right now, the winds are already blowing out of the east towards the Cascades.

This has two effects – the warmer air from inland heads west, but as it crosses the Cascade mountains it forms a down slope wind that “piles up the air” causing compression and increasing air pressure. When this air mass “piles up”, the air becomes warmer in a process called adiabatic heating.

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