In fact, the Bend hospital saw a drop of 10 patients with COVID-19, from 42 on Friday to 32 on Monday, six of them in the ICU and three on ventilators.

But Robinson says that number may not stay low for long.

“Even though our numbers have dropped today, we anticipate in one to two weeks, we’ll see them jump back up,” she said.

Source: Recent decline in COVID-19 patients good news for short-staffed St. Charles – KTVZ

One to two weeks later, what happened to patient numbers? Did they go up, stay the same or did they go down?

They went down. (UPDATE: AT 3 weeks, they are now down to 17 patients as the case numbers continue to drop.)

Have any forecasts of “it’s going to get worse” proven correct? Rarely.

Constant fear mongering and scary projections leads to the Never Cry Wolf syndrome – and fewer and fewer people believe anything regarding public health pronouncements. We just roll our eyes and tune them out – again.

Update June 26: 4 weeks later, cases have fallen. The epi-astrologers were wrong, again.

By EdwardM