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European Commission recommends allowing travel to EU for vaccinated travelers

Also suggests EU states might eliminate the negative Covid-19 test for vaccinated travelers.

Member States should allow travel into the EU of those people who have received, at least 14 days before arrival, the last recommended dose of a vaccine having received marketing authorisation in the EU. Member States could also extend this to those vaccinated with a vaccine having completed the WHO emergency use listing process. In addition, if Member States decide to waive the requirements to present a negative PCR test and/or to undergo quarantine for vaccinated persons on their territory, they should also waive such requirements for vacccinated travellers from outside the EU.

Source: Restrictions on non-essential travel to the EU

20% of EV owners end up switching back to gas powered vehicles

“Here, on the basis of results from five questionnaire surveys, we find that PEV discontinuance in California occurs at a rate of 20% for plug-in hybrid electric vehicle owners and 18% for battery electric vehicle owners. We show that discontinuance is related to dissatisfaction with the convenience of charging, having other vehicles in the household that are less efficient, not having level 2 (240-volt) charging at home, having fewer household vehicles and not being male.”

Source: New study explains why nearly 20 percent of electric car owners return to gas | TheHill

Charging seems to be a key issue. Survey also says Tesla owners are least likely to switch back to gas vehicles.

U.S. extends transit face mask requirements through Sept. 13 | Reuters

The requirement should be based on disease metrics, not a fixed date. This illustrates the lack of data-based decision making – instead, their rules are random:

The Biden administration said on Friday it is extending face mask requirements across all U.S. transportation networks through Sept. 13 to address the spread of COVID-19.

Source: U.S. extends transit face mask requirements through Sept. 13 | Reuters

Suppose daily new cases reach the low thousands in 2-3 months, and daily deaths nationwide have fallen to 100/day. Shouldn’t face mask requirements be dropped – especially for vaccinated people by then?


GM to address rare Chevy Bolt EV battery fires with new diagnostics

Rather than replace the errant batteries (apparently problem may only affect some vehicles or scenarios), GM dealers will install a new diagnostic system that monitors the battery pack and issues a warning to have it serviced, before it becomes a critical failure.

The software will monitor for potential battery problems and alert owners before they become an issue.

Source: GM to install advanced diagnostic software in all Chevy Bolts as recall fix – Roadshow

Face masks, lock downs, social distancing forever: Even if vaccinated, its not really safe to fly, eat at a restaurant say “experts”

And the risk of dying in an airliner crash (which is very low) is probably higher than his dying of Covid-19, after being fully vaccinated, wearing a mask *and* a face shield (which he recommends).

Robert M. Wachter, chair of the department of medicine at the University of California at San Francisco and guest host of the podcast “In the Bubble,” says when passengers are allowed to take their masks off for meal services, his comfort with air travel goes away.

“When [planes] turn into a flying restaurant, the dynamics of spread become very different,” Wachter says. “I would not eat at an indoor restaurant at this point, even being fully vaccinated, and so the time during which the plane is, in fact, an indoor restaurant is a time when it is somewhat less safe.”

Source: Is it safe to eat or drink on a flight during covid? Experts say no, even vaccinated – The Washington Post

This doctor does not understand how aircraft ventilation systems work, pumping in new air, and sucking out old air, throughout the aircraft – not blowing air down the tube. The air is completely exchanged and run through high efficiency air filters every 2-4 minutes.

Instead, they recommend that even if fully vaccinated, you wear an N95 respirator at all times and wear a face shield with eye protection and disinfect everything in sight.  Until there is ZERO RISK you must continue to engage in these theatrics.

Until everyone is wearing a full hazmat suit with external O2 supply, no one is safe. /satire

CNN encounters a number and hilarity ensues

Hilarious – never, ever let a journalist be in a room, alone, with a number. (That’s actually a quote from a news editor!)