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“Flight shaming”: Global travel should be banned.

Saving the planet requires that we stop gaping and gawking at travel blogs and vacation selfies. Instead, everyone who cares about the environment should shame those who clamber onto an airplane every chance they get.

This is what counts as discourse from an “intellectual”. Let’s take mask shaming to a new level – and scream at anyone who posts a vacation photo online! And yell at those who view travel items on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.

In addition to “Flight shaming” there is also “overtourism” where some popular destinations now have more tourists than some desire. I wrote about that topic previously – proposed solutions are to limit the number of visitors to those who pay more (the elite?). They want fewer tourists each of whom spends more money. One way may to be set minimum stay duration (e.g. 5-7 days). Some destinations have added tourist taxes and new requirements such as health insurance bought from an in-country health insurer (not your usual travel insurance).

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local air quality among worst in the U.S., areas rated “hazardous”

A blanket of thick wildfire smoke made the air in and around Central Oregon’s largest city the state’s least breathable on Labor Day and among some the worst in the entire U.S., according to multiple sites that monitor air quality.

Source: Bend’s ‘hazardous’ air quality is Oregon’s least healthy, among worst in U.S. –

Went through this last year too with AQI readings up to 625. This year, its been bad since mid-July and horrendous since late August.

There is zero political leadership. If they say anything they blame nebulous climate change. But what can we address about climate change that would effect forest fires next year? In 5 years? In 10 years?


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Greenland halts new oil exploration to combat climate change

Source: Greenland halts new oil exploration to combat climate change and focus on sustainable development – CBS News

Reality: There are currently no oil wells in Greenland. There has been little exploration. There are theories that oil may lie offshore but this has not yet been proven. The weather situation (ironically, extreme cold) makes exploration and extraction very difficult in or near Greenland.

Surfside Condo Wreckage Hints at First Signs of Possible Construction Flaw

The politicians said the collapse was due to climate change:

Engineers who have visited or examined photos of the wreckage of the Champlain Towers South condominium complex have been struck by a possible flaw in its construction: Critical places near the base of the building appeared to use less steel reinforcement than called for in the project’s original design drawings.

Source: Surfside Condo Wreckage Hints at First Signs of Possible Construction Flaw

Typical of large system failures, there are often multiple factors and these will not be known for some time.

California residents asked to avoid charging EVs

To avoid power grid demand problems, residents are asked to please charge EVs early in the day and avoid doing so in the evening.

Interestingly, the issued a similar alert a week ago for 2 days.

If they intend to fully electrify transportation and kitchen appliances (no more natural gas stoves and ovens), they need to build an electrical infrastructure that matches their requirements.

Source: Press Releases California ISO’s Network for Energy Conservation and Flex Alerts

Yep: “Trust in science has eroded”

And they will blame the public or politicians for this loss of trust, never looking inwards at their own numerous failures:

The pandemic is on its way out, but how many Americans think the U.S. approach succeeded? More than 600,000 Americans died from Covid, and lockdowns have left extensive collateral damage. Trust in science has eroded, and the damage won’t be limited to epidemiology, virology and public health. Scientists in other fields will unfortunately also have to deal with the fallout, including oncologists, physicists, computer scientists, environmental engineers and even economists.

Source: A Covid Commission Americans Can Trust – WSJ

I lost trust in public health and epidemiology and no longer give science a free pass of trust.

Trust in all science is badly eroded for all those paying attention.

About the high heat here in the PNW

The high heat here in the PNW over the next few days is caused by a combination of factors, including atmospheric waves that have created and inland high pressure system, an off shore low pressure area, and  “Santa Ana” like winds.

I live east of the Cascade mountain range, with a line of volcanic peaks to my west.

Even though I am at 3,100 feet elevation, this is high desert – where we normally have hot and dry summers.

By comparison, west of the Cascades is more humid and cooler, and typically cooled by breezes blowing in from the ocean.

But when a high pressure system is here, inland, and low pressure is off shore, winds to blow from the east to the west. As of right now, the winds are already blowing out of the east towards the Cascades.

This has two effects – the warmer air from inland heads west, but as it crosses the Cascade mountains it forms a down slope wind that “piles up the air” causing compression and increasing air pressure. When this air mass “piles up”, the air becomes warmer in a process called adiabatic heating.

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The heat dome effect: Pandemic will be declared over with within about a week

The media will pivot from the pandemic fears and hysteria to the climate change fears and hysteria. The timing of the western heat dome coincides with the end of the pandemic – hence, within about a week the pandemic will be declared largely over with. Time to move on to the next scary thing.

“Climate change isn’t your grandchildren’s problem, it’s yours.”

Source: With a heat dome poised to shatter Oregon records, what role does climate change play? –

Unfortunately, the media and the experts have cried wolf so many times this past year, that even a real issue of concern may now be ignored by the public. Much of the public has learned a lesson about the media, fused with the suicide of expertise this past year.

I don’t have a link but I had seen a while back that insiders at CNN said they were, in fact, planning to pivot to climate change fear porn as their next major media push.

Next: Bans on flying

Before the pandemic, a “flying shame” movement, which aims to discourage air travel in favor of greener options like rail, was gaining ground globally thanks to Greta Thunberg, a Swedish climate activist. There were early signs that it may have reduced air travel in Germany and Sweden. Now French lawmakers are considering a ban on short flights that can be replaced by train travel.

Source: Flying and Climate: Airlines Under Pressure to Cut Emissions

Covid-19 was apparently a trial run, Britain’s Speaker of the House of Commons said

Sir Lindsay Hoyle told a gathering of counterparts from some of the world’s most powerful countries that the pandemic shows people are prepared to accept limitations on their lifestyles – if they recognise it is for the greater good.

He was surprised by the willingness of millions of people to wear masks and accept new rules, and said the urgent response the world has shown to deal with Covid-19 should now be harnessed to address climate change.

A U.S. government official:

“So let me say that again, 60% of our emissions that need to be reduced come from you, the person across the street, the senior on fixed income, right … there is no bad guy left, at least in Massachusetts to point the finger at, to turn the screws on, and you know, to break their will, so they stop emitting. That’s you. We have to break your will. Right, I can’t even say that publicly.”

After a while, real life becomes indistinguishable from conspiracy theories.