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Bill Gates’ reputation hit hard by revelations

In a divorce filing, Melinda said their relationship was “irretrievably broken”. The question now is whether Bill’s reputation is, too.

Source: Bill Gates’s carefully curated dad-geek image unravels – TechCentral

Disclosure – I worked for Microsoft in product development in the 1990s. I have generally admired Gates – and could share stories from inside that showed he was often more in touch with real people than would be expected. However, recent disclosures and accusations about his personal behavior have been unsettling. Also, his hypocrisy on climate changes issues is obvious.

California proposes to steer new homes from gas appliances

Gas appliances will still be permitted, for now.

The California Energy Commission released a draft building standards code on Thursday that would require new homes to be equipped with circuits and panels that support all-electric appliances for heating, cooking and drying clothes.

Source: California proposes to steer new homes from gas appliances

We are going to put some large demands on the electric grid – electric heating and water heating use a very large amount of electricity. So too does EV charging. Simultaneously, the Biden administration has proposed shutting down 12-13 fossil fuel power plants every month through 2035. It is not clear how that power generation capacity will be replaced – that would be building the equivalant of 3 alternative power plants every week for the next 14 years.

Journal Paper: Facemasks or not?


Many countries across the globe utilized medical and non-medical facemasks as non-pharmaceutical intervention for reducing the transmission and infectivity of coronavirus disease-2019 (COVID-19). Although, scientific evidence supporting facemasks’ efficacy is lacking, adverse physiological, psychological and health effects are established. Is has been hypothesized that facemasks have compromised safety and efficacy profile and should be avoided from use. The current article comprehensively summarizes scientific evidences with respect to wearing facemasks in the COVID-19 era, providing prosper information for public health and decisions making.



The existing scientific evidences challenge the safety and efficacy of wearing facemask as preventive intervention for COVID-19. The data suggest that both medical and non-medical facemasks are ineffective to block human-to-human transmission of viral and infectious disease such SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19, supporting against the usage of facemasks. Wearing facemasks has been demonstrated to have substantial adverse physiological and psychological effects. These include hypoxia, hypercapnia, shortness of breath, increased acidity and toxicity, activation of fear and stress response, rise in stress hormones, immunosuppression, fatigue, headaches, decline in cognitive performance, predisposition for viral and infectious illnesses, chronic stress, anxiety and depression. Long-term consequences of wearing facemask can cause health deterioration, developing and progression of chronic diseases and premature death. Governments, policy makers and health organizations should utilize prosper and scientific evidence-based approach with respect to wearing facemasks, when the latter is considered as preventive intervention for public health.

Source: Facemasks in the COVID-19 era: A health hypothesis

France to ban short haul airline flights


French lawmakers voted late on Saturday to abolish domestic flights on routes than can be covered by train in under two-and-a-half hours, as the government seeks to lower carbon emissions even as the air travel industry reels from the global pandemic.

Source: French lawmakers approve a ban on short domestic flights | Reuters

What if the plane is a future Airbus electrically powered or hydrogen powered aircraft? That can’t fly those routes either?

Bill Gates says he buys green aviation fuel, uses solar panels on his homes and eats synthetic meats | Daily Mail Online

Bill Gates has become a parody of living the green life:

Bill Gates says he buys green aviation fuel, uses solar panels on his homes and eats synthetic meats to reduce his carbon footprint as he stresses the importance of consuming less

Source: Bill Gates says he buys green aviation fuel, uses solar panels on his homes and eats synthetic meats | Daily Mail Online

… and he stresses the importance of consuming less.

His carbon foot print is 3 to 4 orders of magnitude greater than mine. At least.

This is hypocrisy on the level of John Kerry, the climate czar, who flies around the world in his private jet lecturing us peons on why we need to make huge sacrifices.

Posting this is a awkward as I have met Bill several times in the past, admire him and his work, and have been in his “old house” and in his new home when it was under construction. Bill has made unbelievably massive donations to important functions that help a lot of people and the future of humanity. He is a good and decent person contrary to how many view him. I have not read his book on climate change but based on a review, I think his ideas make far more sense than most rhetoric on that subject. But considering his lifestyle, his climate advocacy turns into a parody – and he seems to acknowledge that.

“When Disneyland reopens, it’s going to have even more of a privilege problem”

Many governments and organizations are seeking to turn tourism in a post pandemic world into an elites-only experience. Many have said they want fewer tourists who are more upscale and seeking luxury amenities, spending more time and spending more money.

They want cheap tourism to end – tourism, you see, should not be for the masses but should return to days past when only the wealthy could travel.

Disney has adopted the same strategy – reducing access while raising prices. Their goal is fewer “guests” – with each spending hundreds of dollars per day per visitor.

This seems an unfortunate direction for so many organizations to be taking.

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Trust Science(tm): Anything that sounds science-y is trusted, even when nonsensical

In order to put a price on carbon, governments use sciency-y techniques to come up with estimates – but rely on assumptions that are nonsensical:

The scenarios underlying the SCC estimates of the Biden administration envision cumulative carbon dioxide emissions that are far, far in excess of any plausible current expectation about the future. In fact, to even approach these massive amounts of cumulative emissions, the world would have to make it a policy goal to burn as much coal as possible over the coming centuries. That seems unlikely.

Source: The Biden Administration Just Failed its First Science Integrity Test – The Honest Broker Newsletter

Translation: The Administration’s estimate of carbon $value/ton is based on an impossible assumption -there’s not enough carbon to reach such levels.

If there is a little bit of math involved, the media just reprints the press release without critical analysis.

Reminder: I invested in solar PV for my house, to offset the 70+% utility electricity produced by fossil fuels. I also replaced my attic insulation to R-60, and have installed two 220v outlets for future EV charging. Heating is done with locally sourced wood byproduct which the UN rates as carbon neutral. Carbon calculators indicate our household carbon emissions are one quarter that of average homes.

Covid crisis must be over, time for next one: “Crisis Ensued The Last Time Earth’s Magnetic Poles Flipped, Researchers Say”

With “experts” suggesting the pandemic is winding down on its own, possibly as soon as April – the media is in panic as it must find new fear inducing scary topics within weeks 🙂

A precise record of the last major reversal of the Earth’s magnetic poles can be found in ancient trees. Researchers say this event 42,000 years ago had a huge impact on the planet and ancient humans.

Source: Crisis Ensued The Last Time Earth’s Magnetic Poles Flipped, Researchers Say : NPR


From useless epidemiological disease projection models to this – time to stop taking models seriously except as the butt of jokes.

January 21, 2021

February 15, 2021

The EV Charging Problem

Note – this video mistakenly references the Chevy Volt when it should be the Chevy Bolt EV.

Notes that the industry needs more DCFS chargers, easily accessible.

The video producer suggests we need a government program to get more chargers, pointing to Europe (he attended college in the UK). It is not a government program issue – its a wide open space issue, as he later notes in regards to Australia. But then comes back to insisting we need a government infrastructure program for charging.

This addresses the issue I identified for my own use, last year. For me it is not the vehicle range, so much, but the speed of charging when traveling long distances. The Chevy Bolt is a great EV – but maxes out at about 50-55 kwh in its maximum charge point while others are now charging at 100 kwh or more.

But due to battery chemistry, you cannot charge at the full rate from empty to full. Hence, as this video notes, you really want to do several short, fast charges, on a trip. But this requires easy access to DCFS along the route.

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