Self-Published Authors should charge $2.99 to $9.99 for their e-books

Self-Published Authors Say ‘Don’t Overcharge for E-Books’ | Creatives at Work.

Interesting but this conclusion appears to be based on opinion (which I agree with) but there’s no hard data presented. The pricing model is also oriented towards short to mid-length novels rather than all types of e-books.

Still, I think consumers expect a discount for purchasing an e-book. And a lower price point may encourage more people to buy on a whim.

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The difference between software engineering and computer science

Computing Now | Putting the Engineering into Software Engineering Education.

(I have an undergrad degree in computer science and one of my graduate degrees is in software engineering. They are related but not the same thing. Legally, however, it is generally against the law in many states for anyone to call themselves a software engineer unless they are a licensed Professional Engineer – or they work for a company and their state permits an industrial exemption for titles given to internal employees. The first PE exam for software engineering is to be offered in April of 2013; licensure in most states may require passing the Fundamentals of Engineering exam covering topics such as chemistry, physics, mathematics, structures and what not.)

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Robotic Snowplows

I dreamed up some ideas about this a few years back: Design and Development: Robotics Teams Compete for Best Robotic Snowplow | Robotics Trends.

In my concept, we only need a small personal robotic snow plow. As soon as it starts snowing and there is perhaps just one inch of snow on the ground, the robot snow plow starts plowing the driveway or path.

It could even use a behavior-based approach, like the Roomba vacuum cleaner, where it seemingly randomly plows the driveway, but due to probabilities, covers everything anyway. Obstacle detection leads to a reverse course – or if necessary, a panic stop.

Since its a robot, it (and we) do not care if just plows all the time to stay ahead of the snow, as long as the battery holds out and an auto charger is available.

There could even be a fleet of little robots to cover larger areas.

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