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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services acknowledges cloth face masks do not work?

Am guessing they intend to make face masks mandatory forever:

The Mask Innovation Challenge aims to improve the comfort, utility, and protective capabilities of available community masks that are worn during day-to-day activities when physical distancing is not possible. This competition is designed to support the development of mask designs that meet predefined performance standards, while providing increased comfort and durability to the average consumer.

The Mask Innovation Challenge seeks to develop innovative and effective designs for mass-producible, general-use, low-cost per use masks that provide enhanced protection from respiratory disease pathogens. Furthermore, it should be usable by most people without extensive considerations for form, fit, and training for the user. Despite guidelines published by the CDC that recommend the use of personal protective equipment to prevent COVID-19 infection and spread, there remains widespread resistance to mask use; these barriers include, but are not limited to:

  • Currently available retail masks are often untested, with unknown protective capability
  • Physical discomfort with prolonged use, particularly in hot and humid environments
  • Perceived or actual breathing difficulties
  • Irritant contact dermatitis with extended wear
  • Inability to effectively communicate with others using facial expressions
  • Speech intelligibility and difficulty with glasses wearing,
  • Lack of understanding of the features of a mask


There you go – the US DoHHS acknowledges that most masks are “untested, with unknown protective capability”. EXACTLY what I said one year ago – would you stand next to a person with confirmed Covid-19 who is coughing while that person is wearing a home made cloth mask, made from random materials, using an unknown design, and assembled by a person of unknown skill? That is specifically what the CDC told you to do one year ago – the whole point was that we don’t know if we were asymptomatic carriers and our home made cloth masks were to protect others.

Now here we are 12 months later and the Feds acknowledge the obvious – and this explains why subsequent cases went up by an order of magnitude after high compliance mask requirements went into effect. Because the cloth masks never worked.

That’s why Germany, Austria, the NBA and the White House have mandated certified N95 (or FP2s in the EU) and banned cloth face masks.

California wants vaccinated visitors to get a negative Covid-19 test result and still quarantine for 7 days

Trust Sciencetm of which there is absolutely none involved:

The guidance for non-essential travel is more restrictive, advising Californians to continue to avoid unnecessary travel outside of the state and “strongly discouraging” non-essential travelers from outside the state from visiting, regardless of their vaccination status. If those visitors do come, the public health officials asks that they get tested three to five days after arrival, and self-quarantine for a full 7 days, even with a negative test. For those who don’t test, the recommendation is 10 days.

Source: California, CDC make big changes to travel restrictions. Here’s what’s changed for travelers.

Read that again

  • if you are fully vaccinated and go to California,
  • you should should still be tested for Covid-19 after arrival
  • Even with a negative test result, you should quarantine for 7 days.

This is even harsher than what the CDC Is now asking of international travel to the U.S.  (Explain the science for why California’s domestic travel restrictions are more harsh than the CDC’s for inbound international arrivals? There is on science.)

So why bother to be vaccinated? This makes no sense what so ever. The usual inconsistent, contradictory incoherent garbage public health messaging – everyone will ignore this guidance and it is, in fact, unenforceable.

One year ago – April 5, 2020: US Deaths from Covid will peak this week (in 2020)

April 5, 2020 – one year ago today:

According to a model created by the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, coronavirus will reach its peak on April 16 [2020] in the U.S.

Source: Surgeon General Jerome Adams: This will be ‘hardest and the saddest week of most Americans’ lives’ | Daily Mail Online

Christopher Murray’s UW IHME has been a serial prognosticator of garbage so bad it is properly termed “bull shit”. His institute is a joke yet remains the “go to” for reporters to get yet another garbage forecast.

I’ve taught University courses in development of computer models – yet this pandemic has taught me to distrust all model output. Have never seen so much garbage unquestionably promoted by “experts” and politicians. I strongly believe these fools must eventually be held accountable.

Lock’em up: “Ontario to enter third COVID-19 lockdown”

Last year, a study in Ontario, Canada proved that face masks worked – until, apparently, they didn’t anymore:

TORONTO (Reuters) – The Canadian province of Ontario will enter lockdown for at least four weeks on Saturday as COVID-19 cases and hospital intensive care unit occupancy rises, Premier Doug Ford said on Thursday.

The third such lockdown in Canada’s most populous province will shutter all indoor and outdoor dining but allow retailers to remain open with capacity limits, Ford said.

Source: Ontario to enter third COVID-19 lockdown as cases, hospital rates rise | Reuters

If face masks and lock downs work so well, why is this happening?

Face masks and lock downs forever: Even when fully vaccinated

This seems to be the goal:

March 30 (UPI) — Even with COVID-19 vaccines widely available, people must still wear masks, practice social distancing and stay away from crowded, poorly ventilated indoor spaces to suppress the virus and avoid future lockdowns, a study published Tuesday by the Journal of the Royal Society Interface.

Source: Masks, distancing still needed as cities reopen, even with vaccinations, researchers say –

It’s not based on real world data but on computer models.

For this study, scientists at the Universities of Cambridge and Liverpool in England used computer models of virus spread under different potential control scenarios.

Their model, in spite of real world data and published papers saying otherwise, says lock downs, school closures, staying at home and wearing face masks forever, works.

The nice thing about a model is you can use any assumptions you want and it will be true for virtual worlds having the same virtual assumptions.

Ontario has locked up 150,000 innocent senior citizens for up to 15 months

Public health has engaged in unimaginable cruelty confining 150,000 nursing home residents to solitary confinement in their rooms for up to 15 months.

Residents of Ontario’s long-term care homes begged on Tuesday to be allowed outside, saying anti-pandemic restrictions that have confined them indoors for more than a year make no sense given almost all have now been vaccinated.

Some compared their situations to solitary confinement, and urged the provincial government to act on what they called a gross violation of their basic human rights.

Source: Long-term care residents beg to go outside after year-long COVID-19 confinement

Yesterday I read about hospitals that have prohibited parents from visiting new born babies, including those in intensive care for long periods of time. This is devastating.

Boondoggle: Oregon’s smart phone contact tracing app failure

Smart phone contact tracing apps are a technology whose time never arrived:

Months after agency officials said they were actively “assessing the results” of a trial conducted at Oregon State University, state officials now say they have no final documentation about efforts to evaluate the project.

The decision by state officials not to formally assess the technology helps explain why the project has been delayed for months, leaving Oregon as one of just four states along or west of the Continental Divide that has failed to adopt the technology.

Source: Oregon can’t produce written evaluation of long-delayed COVID-19 exposure app –

Oregon is incapable of doing IT projects anyway. Cover Oregon was the $450 million failed “health exchange” that never enrolled anyone before they pulled the plug.

White House considers incentive to stop developing Covid vaccines and therapies

The White House is weighing whether to suspend intellectual property protections for Covid-19 vaccines and treatments, in response to pressure from developing nations and subsequent support from progressive lawmakers, according to three sources familiar with the matter.

A temporary suspension of intellectual property protections would apply to all medical technologies to treat or prevent Covid-19.

Source: Covid vaccine updates: White House mulls lifting intellectual property shield

That would certainly encourage companies to further invest in new vaccines, oral vaccines, skin patch vaccines, vaccines for other diseases, and development of new drugs and therapies for Covid-19. Not.

The approach sounds virtuous – the government giving away other people’s property – but there is no such thing as temporarily waiving IP. Why not formal licensing agreements instead of forced hand off of IP?

Forced give away of property is reminiscent of central government planning of the type done by the Soviet Union. How did that turn out?

Number of hospitalized youth suicide attempts tripled at Canadian hospital

Huge increases in drug abuse, suicide attempts, psychiatric problems, eating disorders:

McMaster Children’s Hospital says it has seen a steady increase of youth in crisis since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

According to the hospital, youth admitted for medical support after a suicide attempt has tripled over a four-month period, compared to last year. The hospital also said that patients are staying in hospital longer due to more serious attempts.

McMaster Children’s Hospital says a large number of these youth have reported COVID-related issues such as lack of social interaction, increased conflict at home, and the inability to rely on friends as main contributors.

Source: Number of youth in hospital after suicide attempt tripled over 4-month period under COVID-19 | CBC News

The hospital says the reasons for the increase are unclear, but the shared hypotheses from hospital professionals and literature cites a combination of factors, such as isolation, risk of over exercising, limited or no school, or limited access to family physicians in the earlier part of the pandemic, as well activities where teachers and coaches would notice changes in health.

We’ve failed to stop the spread of Covid-19 but at least we’ve increased societal dysfunction on a grand scale, so guess public health has been quite a success.

Scandal: Oakland teachers refuse to return to classrooms, after getting priority vaccinations and cash incentive payment

More than a dozen Oakland elementary schools and preschools will not reopen as planned Tuesday after the majority, if not all, teachers at the sites opted not to return until required to do so in mid-April, despite an $800 incentive and prioritized vaccinations.

Source: More than a dozen Oakland schools won’t reopen as planned after teachers choose not to return