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King County vaccine requirement for indoor businesses takes effect Oct. 25

All government employees were mandated as of October 18th; generally those that did not get vaccinated lost their jobs.

That will encompass indoor dining at restaurants, as well as bars, nightclubs, music venues, movie theaters, performing arts venues, gyms/fitness centers, conventions, outdoor events with more than 500 people, and professional and collegiate sports.

Source: King County vaccine requirement for indoor businesses takes effect Oct. 25

This means businesses are delegated to check vaccination records but are not given any law enforcement authority with which to enforce it.  A store employee can ask you to leave but they cannot physically detain you and carry you out of the store if you don’t wish to comply. Police are just as unlikely to respond as they are to a “someone’s not wearing a mask” complaints, which is, not at all.


  • Last winter, “experts” and leading politicians said they would never mandate vaccinations. They did anyway through de facto mandates via proxy. They lied.
  • Why not have the guts to pass a law mandating it everywhere for everyone except medical conditions? Pretending they are not mandates by virtue of mandates via third party proxy is nonsense.

Spain to refund fines on those who left their homes during Spain’s lock up of innocent citizens

Spain’s equivalent of the U.S. Supreme Court ruled the government had violated rights of citizens.

As a result, the government will now be refunding perhaps over 100 million Euros:

The decision comes after Spain’s Constitutional Court ruled in July that the government had overstepped its powers and violated the rights of citizens to freedom of movement when it decreed a state of emergency in March 2020.

Source: Covid-19 and Boosters Live Updates: Vaccines, Global Cases and the Latest

Unfortunately, the public health elite viewed themselves above the laws and Constitutions. Courts in many jurisdictions have struck down their illegal rules and mandates on innocent citizens.

Astrology disease modeling

Note the range of the disease models goes from zero to infinity.

Forecasts for new cases for the state of Vermont, October 20, 2021:

Source: Vermont reports 318 new Covid-19 cases, 2 new deaths – VTDigger

Astrology is more accurate than these disease models; they are really that awful yet have become the basis for errant public policy. Per the linked story, Vermont is now using disease models to look ahead one week recognizing how useless the disease models have shown themselves to be.

Uniquely, the reporter on this story appears to have the necessary background to understand data (unlike most reporters). This is good news and glad to see this.

Reminder: In my state, from late October 2020 to late February 2021, OHA’s 3-week disease models had the wrong sign 11 out of 13 projections. Flipping a coin would have been more accurate.

Oregon disease model

Diseases models have proven themselves to be worthless – and likely causing harm, not benefit. My state shut down non-emergency health care access in the spring of 2020 due to a shitty model from the UW IHME that was badly incorrect. I had to wait 13 weeks to get a diagnosis of a broken foot and torn tendon, by which time there was not much that could be done. Disease modelers can go to hell.

“Researchers show Facebook’s ad tools can target a single user”

A new research paper written by a team of academics and computer scientists from Spain and Austria has demonstrated that it’s possible to use Facebook’s targeting tools to deliver an ad exclusively to a single individual if you know enough about the interests Facebook’s platform assigns them.

Source: Researchers show Facebook’s ad tools can target a single user | TechCrunch

I have past posts on how the Facebook ad system has been used to discriminate based on race, sex and age.

Advertisers on Facebook have previously been caught targeting ads to specific ethnic and age groups. Job ads are frequently constructed in a way to avoid being displayed to anyone over, say, age 35, or to avoid being seen by persons in certain ethnic groups.

For example, I have degrees in computer science (B.S.), software engineering (M.S.) and business administration (M.B.A.), previously worked in Silicon Valley and also for Microsoft. I have the top sought after degrees in job listings, say various surveys. Yet I have never – not once! – seen an add on Facebook for a job related to my background! The reason, of course, is I am above the cut off age for hiring in the tech sector.

Several companies including UPS, Verizon, State Farm Insurance were found to have used FB’s ad features to intentionally avoid hiring workers over the age of 35. Similarly, ads for nurses were targeted exclusively at women (about 90% of RNs are female, worse than the tech sector’s hiring issues). And then ads for police officers and truck drivers were targeted exclusively at men.

Tricks have also been used to target ads at – or not at – certain ethnicities and used to discriminate for jobs and housing.

No it isn’t: Missouri governor says viewing HTML source code containing private data the state published on every page, is a crime 

Republican Gov. Mike Parson on Thursday condemned one of Missouri’s largest newspapers for exposing a flaw in a state database that allowed public access to thousands of teachers’ Social Security numbers, even though the paper held off from reporting about the flaw until after the state could fix it.

Source: Missouri governor slams newspaper for uncovering state data security flaw | NewsNation Now

The state’s education department online database public interface posted private information within the HTML page layout code, easily visible by (in many browsers) right clicking on the page and selecting View Page Source.

The Governor thinks it is a crime to right click in your browser and view the HTML source that the state’s web site delivered directly to every user of the web site, and has asked the state and a prosecutor to conduct an investigation.

The Missouri Governor, when it comes to information security laws, is an idiot. Lots more here.

September 23, 2021: CDC finally says its okay to wear N95 masks

They still tell people to wear cloth masks but now says its okay for non-essential worthless members of the public to wear masks that actually work:

Updates as of September 23, 2021

Added considerations for use of NIOSH-approved respirators because the availability of NIOSH-approved N95 respirators has increased significantly over the last several months

Source: Types of Masks and Respirators | CDC

They also now suggest wearing masks meeting ASTM F3502 standard. Face plant.

They now suggest wearing “respirator” masks (N95, KN95, FFP2, etc), but note that 60% of KN95 masks sold in the U.S. do not meat NIOSH requirements.

They also acknowledge that “certain types of facial hair” (e.g. beards) harm the effectiveness of masks.

Remember that this mostly agrees with pre-pandemic research which found cloth masks useless, surgical masks somewhat effective, and N95-type masks mostly effective. In April 2020, the CDC told us to wear bandanas and cloth facial masks made of pillow cases and t-shirts.

It’s taken them one and a half years to recognize their masks advice has been largely bull shit since April of 2020. Idiots.

Here is a chart illustrating the effectiveness in controlling Covid-19. The gray line is the daily number of new cases in Victoria, Australia, which has had among the strictest restrictions in the world, enforce by the police, on horseback, in helicopters, with police dogs, and the Australian military. As you can clearly see, the mask mandate crushed the curve – if you turn the chart upside down, apparently.

New York hospitals fire unvaxxed staff

18 months ago, we locked down my own state to protect hospitals for becoming overloaded.

We lauded health care workers as “heroes”.

18 months later, the state of New York is about to fire up to 25% of their hospital staff because they have not been vaccinated.

This makes senses to whom?

New York hospitals on Monday began firing or suspending healthcare workers for defying a state order to get the COVID-19 vaccine, and resulting staff shortages prompted some hospitals to postpone elective surgeries or curtail services.

Source: New York hospitals fire, suspend staff who refuse COVID vaccine | Reuters

Also, the hospitals do not recognize prior Covid infection and having antibodies as being protective (that’s actually how the immune system works and it is recognized by the EU countries).

Update: The “25%” figure was yesterday’s news report. Reports today say it might be 8%, and that many workers got vaccinated in the last few days.

Some times mask mandates do result in actual harm

Ein 20-jähriger Student jobbt an einer Tankstelle und macht einen Mann ohne Mundschutz auf die geltenden Corona-Regeln aufmerksam. Dieser kehrt mit einem Revolver zurück und erschießt den Kassierer. Gegen den 49-Jährigen ergeht Haftbefehl wegen Mordes. Die Polizei hat einen solchen Fall noch nicht erlebt.

Source: Nach Zurückweisung in Tankstelle: Masken-Verweigerer erschießt Kassierer –

Similarly, in the U.S., people have been shot, knifed, physically and verbally assaulted because they were not wearing a mask or because they were wearing a mask.

Update: Kansas school teacher tapes mask to student’s face.

Duh: “The tiered restrictions enforced in November 2020 did not impact the epidemiology of the second wave of COVID-19 in Italy”

(Original text had no paragraph breaks – I’ve added them to improve readability. TL;DR Summary: Public health mitigation measures did not work. Decreasing metrics were occurring prior to the introduction of mitigation measures. In some cases, metrics got worse after the introduction of mitigations.)

In the attempt to counter the second COVID-19 wave in autumn 2020, the Italian government introduced a unique countrywide system of physical distancing measures organized in progressively restrictive tiers (coded as yellow, orange, and red) imposed on a regional basis according to epidemiological risk assessments.

This followed a set of other scattered or limited measures described in full detail by Manica et al.1. This paper concerns the introduction of the tiered restrictions. The data used to evaluate the impact of the restriction system on SARS-CoV-2 transmissibility and hospitalization burden in Italy is from the Italian COVID-19 integrated surveillance system.

The reproduction number R(t) estimated on the onset of COViD-19 symptoms constantly decreased during most of the observation period 04 October 2020 – 06 December 2020 than is centered on the date of introduction of the measures and includes the expected latency to reach an effect.

The fastest decrease of R(t) occurred in the period preceding the introduction of the tiered restrictions. There was no evidence that introducing the tiered restrictions determined the reduction of R(t). An alternative analysis using the daily growth rate of the epidemic curve confirms these conclusions.

Similar considerations are made concerning the health system burden, analyzing hospitalizations at country level. The trend of R(t) tending to increase shortly after the measures became effective does not allow to exclude that the enforcement of such restrictions might have been counterproductive.

These results are instrumental in informing public health efforts aimed at attempting to manage the epidemic efficiently. Planning further use of the tiered restrictions and the associated containment measures should be carefully and critically revised to avoid a useless burden to the population with no advantage for the containment of the epidemic or a possible worsening.

Source: The tiered restrictions enforced in November 2020 did not impact the epidemiology of the second wave of COVID-19 in Italy. | medRxiv

I have observed that in my state, the Reproduction Rate was decreasing weeks (up to 6-8 weeks) prior to public health mitigation mandates. In some situations, the epicurve was decreasing weeks before the mitigation measures began.

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