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Air travel may get much more expensive, or could be limited only to the elite

Aviation could face a historic rupture in its growth trajectory as it grapples with pressures to reduce its impact on climate change. The technology shifts proposed will require major investment with success uncertain.

For the flying public, all outcomes in the years ahead point to an increase in the cost of flying.

Yet that distant net-zero emissions target is so radical, and the proposed technology solutions so uncertain, that aviation risks falling far short.

Airbus CEO Guillaume Faury recently warned that if the industry’s new push for climate sustainability fails, governments could force a reduction in air travel by banning some of the flying that is routine today — a major step back after more than 100 years of passenger flights.


Elsewhere, particularly in Europe, flying is already being curbed by government policy. France in April banned domestic flights between cities with a train connection of less than 2.5 hours. Various government agencies and organizations around Europe have imposed similar bans on short-haul flights for employee business travel.

Source: As climate concerns threaten air travel, aviation industry banks on technology solutions | The Seattle Times

Additionally, some countries already charge carbon fees on airline tickets.

How the elite travel in a Covid world: Book two trips and cancel one

Sophisticated global travelers now book two trips around the same time – just in case Covid restrictions cancel one of them. Then cancel the one they don’t take. Geesh.

Hoping that COVID-19 would be more under control by the time of her trip, Corbin booked a surprise trip for her mother to India, Nepal, and the Maldives for February 2022. As COVID worsened in India, she became worried that the trip wouldn’t be safe by then. “I decided to book a backup trip to a closer destination,” she says. So she’s booked a trip to Costa Rica for the same month.

Source: Travelers Hedging Bets With Double-Bookings

Only those of us who are travel inexperienced brain injured idiots find this amazing. I had no idea this is how it is done…

“Flight shaming”: Global travel should be banned.

Saving the planet requires that we stop gaping and gawking at travel blogs and vacation selfies. Instead, everyone who cares about the environment should shame those who clamber onto an airplane every chance they get.

This is what counts as discourse from an “intellectual”. Let’s take mask shaming to a new level – and scream at anyone who posts a vacation photo online! And yell at those who view travel items on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.

In addition to “Flight shaming” there is also “overtourism” where some popular destinations now have more tourists than some desire. I wrote about that topic previously – proposed solutions are to limit the number of visitors to those who pay more (the elite?). They want fewer tourists each of whom spends more money. One way may to be set minimum stay duration (e.g. 5-7 days). Some destinations have added tourist taxes and new requirements such as health insurance bought from an in-country health insurer (not your usual travel insurance).

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Post pandemic EU air travel prices to rise sharply

As I predicted long ago

“I think there will be a dramatic recovery in holiday tourism within Europe next year,” he said.”And the reason why I think prices will be dramatically higher is that there’s less capacity.”

Ryanair’s short-haul rivals had all had to reduce their fleets because of the pandemic, he added.

Source: Ryanair: Holiday prices likely to rise sharply soon – BBC News

Additionally, new “environmental taxes” on tickets.

Demand will spike while supply remains constrained, leading to higher prices. We may not see a return to a consumer price favorable market until at least 2023.

More airlines ban cloth facial coverings

Cloth masks became popular when the COVID-19 pandemic hit in the spring of last year, many made individually with colorful designs, even more made by companies looking to cash in with messages.

From a medical standpoint, however, they might not be as protective as other masks.

According to the aviation blog The Points Guy, so far it’s mostly been international airlines that have banned fabric masks.

Since Feb. 1, German national carrier Lufthansa has required passengers and crew to wear medical masks on all flights to and from Germany – either a surgical mask or an FFP2 mask or mask with the KN95/N95 standard.

Swissair also requires a non-fabric mask.

Source: Some airlines starting to ban fabric face masks | The Seattle Times

And also Finnair, Air France and Croatia Airlines.

The cloth facial coverings orders of 2020 and extended into 2021 will go down as one of the grandest public health failures in world history. Filed this under Crime/Corruption.


Airlines now specify what type of mask you may wear on board

The rules are mostly random except everyone now bans bandanas and balaclavas, which the CDC loudly endorsed in April of 2020:

Learn what some domestic airlines prohibit passengers from wearing to comply with the TSA mask mandate.

Source: Several Airlines Now Banning Cloth Face Coverings During Flights – TravelAwaits

Finnair mandates N95s and has banned all cloth facial coverings. Many now recognize that cloth facial coverings were largely useless. Public health should have developed standards for effective facial coverings – a random bit of cloth is NOT an N95 – bits of cloth have 0% to 25% effectiveness and there is on evidence they have reduce the spread of the disease.

Transportation mask mandate extended to Jan 18, 2022

It is literally face masks, distancing, events canceled, evictions prohibited forever as each is continually extended to infinity. 15 days to flatten the curve? Hah hah hah. You make funny joke.

President Joe Biden’s administration plans to extend requirements for travelers to wear masks on airplanes, trains and buses and at airports and train stations through Jan. 18 to address ongoing COVID-19 risks, three sources told Reuters.

Source: EXCLUSIVE U.S. plans to extend transport mask mandate through Jan. 18, sources say | Reuters

Next up: A push to ban air travel

Air travelers create a lot of greenhouse gas emissions that mostly harm other, less well-to-do people.

Source: Opinion: Big Tech flies too much. It’s time for these companies to practice what they preach to help stop climate change – MarketWatch

The article points out most carbon credit schemes are scams, where people pay not to cut down forests that no one had any intention of cutting down anyway.

In spite of having a solar PV powered home, in spite of retrofitting R-60 insulation in my house, in spite of adding 220 v outlets in my garage and outside my house to power a future EV, in spite of heating using wood waste products (UN says its carbon neutral), I did not even look at the IPCC 6 report or read the news stories. Every headline I saw was written as coordinated propaganda , not something trying to inform me.

Our household carbon foot print is less than 1/4th that of the average American home, and dropping.

I am so burned out on crappy science during this pandemic, I have lost confidence in all science. The IPCC 6 report? What ever. I’m not even paying attention!