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Public health did not think this through

Because financial losses would surely be a better incentive to ramp up production of vaccines faster than has ever been done before in history?

Earlier this week, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus criticized drugmakers for seeking profits from the pandemic and mostly supplying wealthy countries.

Source: Pfizer to supply 40M COVID-19 shots for poor countries | National News |

This is what happens when public health experts voice economic opinions without adding the caveat, that I typically do with health topics – that I am an idiot who knows nothing about health care.

New tech startups no longer considering Silicon Valley as old ones flee the area

Founders, executives and tech employees of all ranks, who normally are based in Silicon Valley, have been moving out of the city at a high pace this past year in an exodus sparked by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Source: John Chambers says his start-ups are skipping over Silicon Valley

High costs, high taxes, unreliable electrical power grid, wild fires from mismanaged forests and a government that no longer seems to care has taken its toll.

Investment strategist: “Covid-19 vaccines will end pandemic in U.S. by early summer”

Several investment firms have suggested this:

“Our view is by summer — by Independence Day — we will be free of the coronavirus. We’ll reach critical mass, herd immunity in terms of the American population,”

Source: Covid-19 vaccines will end pandemic in U.S. by early summer: Federated

I agree based on the data I collect. See the charts I post on this blog. Other investment companies have made similar statements – and they hire expert panels to advise them.

One expert I spoke with thinks daily new positive test cases may be 1/10th the level of today within ten weeks. Combined with the WHO’s new concern about false positives and recommendations to cut them down, this too will drop the daily new positive cases.

This pandemic will mostly end on its own, I think – plus with an assist from vaccines late in the process.

Government restrictions will likely remain in place for too long – but government and public health officials and the elite will just ignore them anyway.

Amazon offers to help with vaccine rollout

Dave Clark, CEO of Amazon’s worldwide consumer business, wrote a letter to President Joe Biden offering to help with the nation’s Covid-19 vaccination efforts.

Source: Amazon sends letter to Biden offering to help with Covid-19 vaccines

Am imagining you’ll be able to place an online order, and 2-days later someone will show up at your door and jab you in the arm, and a few minutes later, you’ll receive a text message saying your vaccine has been delivered 🙂

“Hit and Run” will be a thing of the past

Microsoft joins GM in self driving vehicle initiative.

To unlock the potential of cloud computing for self-driving vehicles, Cruise will leverage Azure, Microsoft’s cloud and edge computing platform, to commercialize its unique autonomous vehicle solutions at scale. Microsoft, as Cruise’s preferred cloud provider, will also tap into Cruise’s deep industry expertise to enhance its customer-driven product innovation and serve transportation companies across the globe through continued investment in Azure.Microsoft will join General Motors, Honda and institutional investors in a combined new equity investment of more than $2 billion in Cruise, bringing the post-money valuation of Cruise to $30 billion.

Source: Cruise and GM team up with Microsoft to commercialize self-driving vehicles – Stories

This past year, the FAA wanted to track toy remote controlled model airplanes in real time, once per second. If the government thought they needed real time tracking of toys, you can be sure they will demand real time tracking of all automobiles.

Every vehicle incident will be tracked – in real time. The era of people driving away in hit-and-run accidents will come to an end. So will privacy but what ever, right? It’s probably for the children anyway.

Sec of Treasury-elect says cryptocurrencies used mainly for “illicit financing”

Janet Yellen on Tuesday suggested lawmakers “curtail” the use of Bitcoin amid terrorism concerns.Yellen said cryptocurrency transactions were used “mainly for illicit financing.”

Source: Janet Yellen suggests ‘curtailing’ cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, saying they are mainly used for illegal financing | Currency News | Financial and Business News | Markets Insider

Large international study finds lockdowns not effective

Locking people up like prison inmates was no better than less restrictive measures:

The peer reviewed study, which was conducted by a group of Stanford researchers and published in the Wiley Online Library on January 5, analyzed coronavirus case growth in 10 countries in early 2020.

Source: COVID Lockdowns Have No Clear Benefit vs Other Voluntary Measures, International Study Shows

There are issues with this study – including selection bias, the use of models, the time dimension issue. Still, this is the same conclusion that numerous other studies have reached.

That lock downs do not work has been known for many years.

Continue reading Large international study finds lockdowns not effective

Out: Living in the big city core, In: Single family homes in suburb and rural markets

Rent in San Francisco has declined 27% since the start of the pandemic, the sharpest decline in the country, according to Apartment List. Asking rents are down 22% in Seattle, 21% in Boston and 20% in New York City, according to the company.

Source: Portland apartment rents fell significantly in 2020, with downtown driving sharp decline –

Portland rents are down 7%.

As the article notes, the attractions of downtown living – being close to work, lots of restaurants, close to other attractions and events – are useless in a pandemic.

Now, many are working from home, restaurants are closed, and events and attractions are canceled.

Last night I watched a video about NYC residents moving out – with many moving to rural or small town areas such as in Vermont. As one couple noted, there they could be twice the house and one-third the price.

Will this migration reverse when the pandemic is done?

Related: use of mass transportation – buses and light rails has plummeted and may threaten the viability of some public transit systems.

BigTech confirms it now can control the world

  • FB, IG, Twitter and now YouTube have shut down Donald Trump.
  • Twitter deleted Tweets from the official U.S. government account @POTUS and has shut down access to it.
  • Youtube has suspended his Twitter account, including comments, for seven days.

Think about this for a moment: BigTech has the power to shut down world leaders, even official government communications.

This is not whether Trump is an idiot or not – these actions demonstrate that BigTech is in a position to control the world.

BigTech is now more powerful than the President and more powerful than the U.S. government – more powerful than any government entity.

This represents a MASSIVE SECURITY THREAT to all world governments, all world leaders, and to all people.

They have just demonstrated that BigTech must be broken up AND heavily regulated.

BigTech just killed itself.