If world renowned experts in Covid-19 “who did beyond everything right” got Covid-19, why do we expect that untrained peons should be able to do better than them?

Seriously – untrained people, even 2 year olds, are expected to continue doing NPIs that didn’t work for experts. Because somehow, magically, we should be able to do them better than world-class experts?

Yale Public Health professor and the world’s foremost expert on how not to get Covid, got Covid – and like all experts, he knows that it was “Someone else’s fault”:

Celebrity epidemiologist and media expert:

Like all experts, she knows she got it from the one thing she’s focused on – masks. Some are focused on restaurants, some on air travel, some on meetings, some on masks – in each case, whatever their focus area was, they know that was the specific source of their infection. It is amazing how this works:

“We went beyond all the guidelines in our precautions and are still sick”:

Unlike most people, he had the privilege of staying at home for 2 1/2 years and hiring low paid servant class workers to deliver his food and packages to his home:

“I’ve been so careful and haven’t been anywhere indoors”:

“I’ve been as careful as one possibly could be”:

President Biden, Queen Elizabeth, and others were the most protected people in the world – and they got Covid. But 2 year old’s are expected to avoid Covid by wearing N95 masks in pre-school.

It is always someone else’s fault that someone got Covid. Always. Most of the population had to do in-person work before vaccines were available. But after 2.5 years, you had to leave the privilege of the Bat Cave. But it’s “A Big FU” because you know precisely how he got Covid. Precisely. (Masking has not stopped the spread of Covid anywhere but you do you.)

She knows – it was “while wearing an N95 on a plane…You’re more careful than anyone I know”. Of course, she knows precisely where she got it and why – it is always someone else’s fault:

“I never stopped wearing a kn95 indoors, took precautions” … but got Covid anyway:

She Did Everything Right:

Lots of non-experts did everything right and got Covid – and are mad at everyone:

And she’s angry! They “tried so hard” and did everything right:

They made the kids wear N95 masks outdoors and he still got Covid – “I am beyond devastated”.

It turned out to be “sniffles and coughs”- they test everyone in the family every day because they have such wealth and privilege they can afford do that:

Their fears and precautions for years were to prevent this eventual outcome of mild symptoms:

I apparently do not have access to health care like others do – wow – multiple rapid tests each week, PCR tests for all, several times as week. As I write this, I likely have a stress fracture in the proximal head of the 5th metatarsal of my left foot after 3 ankle twists/sprains a week ago. Point source pain, swelling. Tried a short walk today but was too early to try that – after a few hundred feet started hurting. I read these are common after a sprain and usually heal on their own in 3-5 weeks. I’m suppose most would have gone to the podiatrist, but I did not because it would take weeks to get in, by which time, this would be better on its own. Update: It seemed to heal in about 5-6 weeks, and was good for 7 months – when the same thing happened again. 3 months later, it is finally improving – if I had health care privilege like others, I probably should have seen a podiatrist as soon as possible after the re-injury. I’ve been mostly sitting for almost 3 months now.)

Maybe I will update this post in the future.

The point is – if world class experts on not getting Covid, got Covid anyway, how the hell are us brain injured idiots expected to do better than them? This makes no sense.

Just maybe, the NPIs don’t work, or if they do, they are not sustainable. Maybe, just maybe, pandemics end when most of the population has immunity from vaccination, having had the infection, both, and/or the infection mutates to a less virulent form. Just maybe.

I am a brain-injured idiot who cannot make logical sense of this – how I am going to be better than world-class experts and the most mitigated people in the world (i.e. President Biden)?

Maybe NPIs do not actually work?

Reminder – I had Covid-19 in June, fortunately mild. I was 3x vaxxed at the time. Was scheduled to get a 4th booster shot in May 2022 but I had hepatitis and had to cancel (public health stopped doing food inspections for almost 2 1/2 years and only restarted in May of 2022). I did not blame anyone else for getting Covid. I could speculate endlessly on how I got the disease – numerous potential contacts – but the reality is there is no way for most of us to know where we contracted a highly contagious respiratory virus spread by vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals having no symptoms.

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