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“Flight shaming”: Global travel should be banned.

Saving the planet requires that we stop gaping and gawking at travel blogs and vacation selfies. Instead, everyone who cares about the environment should shame those who clamber onto an airplane every chance they get.

This is what counts as discourse from an “intellectual”. Let’s take mask shaming to a new level – and scream at anyone who posts a vacation photo online! And yell at those who view travel items on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.

In addition to “Flight shaming” there is also “overtourism” where some popular destinations now have more tourists than some desire. I wrote about that topic previously – proposed solutions are to limit the number of visitors to those who pay more (the elite?). They want fewer tourists each of whom spends more money. One way may to be set minimum stay duration (e.g. 5-7 days). Some destinations have added tourist taxes and new requirements such as health insurance bought from an in-country health insurer (not your usual travel insurance).

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Where does the U.S. stand on vaccination relative to other countries?

Here in the U.S. we get see much news blaming too many unvaccinated for the Delta wave of the pandemic. Sometimes the news says rural, conservative area resistance to vaccinations are the problem.

But how does the U.S. compare to other countries?

The U.S. is just 3 percentage points behind the European Union and pretty much middle of the pack for the richer nations. Of course, the U.S. can and must do better than it has done so far, but this data shows the U.S. is not nearly as far behind and as backward a country as the media would have us believe. (Click on chart to enlarge)

Chart comes from OurWorldInData.

That Bangladesh mask study…

The media concluded the as yet unpublished study proves masks work, even cloth masks that the CDC and public health told people to use in the U.S.

Except that’s not what the study found.

That’s interesting – it’s what I have said consistently since spring of 2020. Pre-pandemic research found that N95s were generally effective, when used properly, that surgical masks were much less effective, and that cloth masks had essentially no effectiveness.

The much publicized Bangladesh study findings are the same. The media still does not understand that an N95 mask is not the same as a random bit of cloth facial covering.

By now, we hopefully understand that much of the news is fictional and little can be trusted.

More double wrong think eludes the media censors

Have you noticed when someone not supportive of wearing masks catches Covid, this becomes a big headline news story?

Here, a health director, fully vaccinated and wearing a mask caught Covid-19. Ooops.

Nashville’s top health official spent much of this week stuck in a hotel room in Ecuador after testing positive for coronavirus at the end of a family vacation.

City Health Director Gill Wright is not seriously ill and is in self isolation as of Thursday night, said Dr. Alex Jahangir, chairman of the Board of Health. Wright is still working and in regular communication with Metro Public Health Department staff by text and email, Jahangir said.

Jahangir said that Wright, who is fully vaccinated and wears a mask frequently, tested negative before flying to Ecuador for a family vacation, but then tested positive as he attempted to return at the end of his vacation. Wright remained in Ecuador to wait out his infection.

“He’s a fully vaccinated guy who wears masks and takes precautions,” Jahangir said. “Everybody has a chance of getting sick.”

Source: Nashville health director Gill Wright in Ecuador in COVID-19 isolation

A fully vaccinated health professional wearing a mask caught Covid – Wow – isn’t that impossible?

Double wrong think – 7 of 10 worst Covid states had best vaccination rates

The censors failed – how did they let this get through?

Roughly 62.2% of the US population has received at least one Covid-19 vaccine dose while about 52.9% is fully vaccinated, CDC data shows. Of the 10 states with the worst Covid-19 case rates over the past week, seven of them also had among the 10 best vaccination rates, according to the agency.

Source: US coronavirus: Already vaccinated against Covid-19? Experts say you’re protected, even without a booster shot – CNN

That is contrary to the media morons’ meme that Covid case growth is only occurring in Southern states, and is due to uneducated, red neck, Bible thumping, conservative white racist Nazi Trump supporters /satire. My blue state in the PNW is among the worst right now.

That boldface sentence above is double plus wrong think that should not have bypassed the censors!

Oops: “COVID-19 and the Political Economy of Mass Hysteria”, peer reviewed paper



In this article, we aim to develop a political economy of mass hysteria. Using the background of COVID-19, we study past mass hysteria. Negative information which is spread through mass media repetitively can affect public health negatively in the form of nocebo effects and mass hysteria. We argue that mass and digital media in connection with the state may have had adverse consequences during the COVID-19 crisis. The resulting collective hysteria may have contributed to policy errors by governments not in line with health recommendations. While mass hysteria can occur in societies with a minimal state, we show that there exist certain self-corrective mechanisms and limits to the harm inflicted, such as sacrosanct private property rights. However, mass hysteria can be exacerbated and self-reinforcing when the negative information comes from an authoritative source, when the media are politicized, and social networks make the negative information omnipresent. We conclude that the negative long-term effects of mass hysteria are exacerbated by the size of the state.


In fact, prior scientific research on disease mitigation measures during a possible influenza pandemic had warned against such invasive interventions and recommended a more normal social functioning []. Moreover, in reaction to past pandemics such as the Asian flu of 1957–1958, there were no lockdowns [], and research before 2020 had opposed lockdowns []. From this perspective, the lockdowns have been a policy error. We have shown that these policy errors may well have been produced by a collective hysteria.

Source: COVID-19 and the Political Economy of Mass Hysteria

Snopes shot itself in the head

The fact checking site never fact checked itself – as their co-founder plagiarized dozens of articles and wrote fake content under a pseudonym.

A BuzzFeed investigation, along with an internal Snopes investigation, has revealed dozens of plagiarized stories by company CEO David Mikkelson.

Source: A Note From Snopes Writers About Co-Founder’s Plagiarism |

The irony of a fact checking “misinformation” detecting web site being full of fake articles and bylines.

They have confirmed the allegations but have not fired the co-founder. May be he can get Chris Cuomo’s or Michael Avenatti’s job at CNN?

I won’t be spending much time on Snopes anymore as they have self identified as a fake news service.

Predictable: “States that had a grip on COVID now seeing a crush of cases”

Who knew that DeSantis was the governor of Oregon, Arkansas and Louisiana?

Oregon — like Florida, Arkansas and Louisiana — has more people in the hospital with COVID-19 than at any other point in the pandemic. Hawaii is about to reach that mark, too.

Source: States that had a grip on COVID now seeing a crush of cases | KATU

Gov. DeSantis also runs Hawaii. He really gets around.

As explained repeatedly, given time, everywhere ends up at roughly the same point, regardless of mitigations measures (or no measures).

The media has piled on to DeSantis – will they do the same for the Governors of these other states?

The U.S. is seeing the virus storming back, driven by a combination of the highly contagious delta variant and lagging vaccination rates, especially in the South and other rural and conservative parts of the country.

Didn’t realize Oregon is a rural, conservative Southern state. The things I don’t know (and I even live in Oregon). Today is the worst daily number of new cases – hospitals are now said to be full. Blame Gov. DeSantis!

Oregon had 4th lowest “cases per 100k” population, in the country. This means comparatively few people had natural acquired immunity. More recently, about 56% of everyone were fully vaccinated. By comparison, South Dakota previously had a huge number of “cases” and presumably much acquired immunity; today, they have one of the lowest case counts and no Delta spike has been seen, as of yet. My concern is that Oregon’s low acquired immunity rate might play a role in the Delta spread – and this could now get very bad.

Today, Jackson County (Medford, OR) and Josephine County have made an emergency request for a 300 patient field hospital and for hundreds of additional staff to be brought in. They have run out of hospital beds. One hospital official said that if you are not expected to die in the next 24 hours, then your surgery is canceled.

Media remains innumerate