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The media’s role in scaring us to death over Covid-19

The NY Times has itself run numerous scary stories about variants, helping to keep anxiety levels high:

While it’s true that the virus variants are a significant public health concern, the unrelenting focus on each new variant has created undue alarm and a false impression that vaccines don’t protect us against the various variants that continue to emerge.

Source: Can the Covid Vaccine Protect Me Against Virus Variants? – The New York Times

The media’s intentional goal has been to create fear and hysteria as they keeps viewers and readers emotionally hooked. Those in an emotional state are, interestingly, more susceptible to being persuaded by advertising messages too 🙂 I will soon write a post on the media’s fear mongering on my Social Panic blog and will post a link here when I do.

CNN encounters a number and hilarity ensues

Hilarious – never, ever let a journalist be in a room, alone, with a number. (That’s actually a quote from a news editor!)

It is critical that high fear levels be maintained

Most Americans believe that the COVID-19 situation in America is improving, despite evidence of rising cases.

Source: ‘This is not the time to lessen our efforts’: Americans’ fear of COVID-19 falls to lowest level since April 2020 – MarketWatch

Optimism is “not good news”?

Public health “experts” continue to focus on fear. For nearly the entire pandemic, there has been no sense of “hope” – yet “hope” was the theme of the 2020 WHO World Mental Health Day.

There is a reason for the focus on fear: Propaganda is messaging designed to encourage a target audience to adopt someone else’s agenda, and fear is one of the most powerful techniques of propaganda messaging.

When we are scared, we stop thinking rationally. And rational thought is the enemy of the propagandist.

Public health “experts”, the media and numerous politicians want us to remain living lives in fear for as long as possible. A state of fear enables them to do what they want, which is not necessarily what you want.

I do not normally post anything specific to politics here. However, in 2016, a prominent social media propaganda campaign was shared into my social media news feeds, and that 2016 campaign is relevant here because it explains what is going on in 2021.

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Can you get a disease after being vaccinated?

The news media reports on every case of someone contracting Covid-19 after being fully vaccinated.

For example, “Over 100 fully vaccinated people contract COVID-19 in Washington State, officials say

At this time, the state has identified 102 “break through cases” out of 1.2 million fully vaccinated people or 0.01% (which is likely to climb higher as more data is collected, over time).

How does this compare to vaccines for other diseases?

  • About 3 in 100 fully vaccinated for measles will contract measles – or 3%.

This is common in viruses for which people have become vaccinated. But with other viruses, we do not receive daily reports on each and every break through case.

Source: Can I Still Get Measles If I’ve Been Vaccinated? |

Since the beginning of the pandemic, news reports repeatedly sensationalized the ordinary.

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How the media warps our view towards negativity and fear regarding Covid-19


Earlier this week, I saw a reporter post on social media that the job of journalists is to find problems and expose them.

By definition, their focus is exclusively on what is perceived as wrong with the world. Hence, the news media has an automatic bias to the negative – creating constant doom and gloom, continuous fear mongering.

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