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NZ air carrier sees electric aircraft for regional, smaller aircraft flights

Sounds Air is looking replace small aircraft, on shorter regional routes, with electric powered aircraft. Notes that maintenance costs will be far less than conventional gas and jet powered aircraft.

The Climate Change Commission wants electric planes on regional routes by 2030. It may happen much sooner.

Source: Electric passenger aircraft on the horizon for regional routes, aviation industry says |

Ravn Alaska to use electric aircraft perhaps by 2025

For short flights of 100 to 500 miles with 9 passengers.

Ravn Alaska said it will buy 50 electric planes from the California-based company Airflow when they come onto the market. Airflow’s planes will use batteries instead of gas to power their engines.But first, the company has to finalize its aircraft design. Airflow CEO Marc Ausman said he hopes to have Airflow’s planes ready for service by 2025.

Source: Ravn Alaska to purchase fleet of electric aircrafts – Alaska Public Media

Tesla upgrading Supercharger network to 300 kW

This work with Tesla vehicles designed to charge at the 300 KWH rate. Regardless, the Tesla charging network is a major competitive advantage for Tesla (certainly true when I look within 150 miles of where I live).

Elon Musk confirmed that Tesla is upgrading the Supercharger network from 250 kW to 300 kW max capacity in order to enable faster charging.

Source: Elon Musk: Tesla is upgrading Supercharger network to 300 kW faster charging – Electrek

Chevy Bolt EV with “fix” to prevent battery fires, catches fire

There are now two of the “fixed” (post recall) Chevy Bolt TVs that have caught fire.

Previously GM said there is a defect in the batteries but said a software update would detect failures before they became a problem, and enable batteries to be repaired early on.

Sort of looks like the fix is not working.

A Chevrolet electric vehicle owned by Vermont state Rep. Timothy Briglin, who has backed the industry, caught fire while charging in his driveway, police said.

Source: Chevy Bolt EV belonging to Vermont lawmaker who has backed industry catches fire