This is a hoot. In a Twitter thread, people post the dumbest Covid-19 things they were required to do.

A teacher says she was required to “quarantine” homework turned in by students, but she was not required to do anything when handing out assignments or returning papers. That makes sense. Face plant.

Another teacher was not permitted to allow students to bring their textbooks back to school (after studying at home) – but it was okay for the student to come back in the classroom? Logic?

A child’s clothing store permitted only 1 child in the store at a time. How then were families having multiple kids able to shop? And gosh, they all live in the same household anyway.

Having to wear a cloth mask – while swimming. Think.

Metro trains prohibited people sitting next to each other – so everyone stood up in the aisle, next to each other.

Stores sold greeting and event cards, but at Mother’s Day, only purchases of Mother’s Day cards were allowed.

Local hardware stores could remain open, but sales of garden vegetable seeds were prohibited.

Where I live, which is mostly rural, all forest access and desert land parking lots were closed, forest service roads were “closed” (except they were not, actually), trails and bike lanes were closed, and all city parks were closed. Because – reasons.

We can look back on this in amusement but under it all is the utter bullshit nonsense that permeated public health, which had no clue what it was doing. And they wonder why no one has any confidence in public health anymore?

Scan the whole list. It is dumbfounding. Even with all the things we were asked to do, we still had 600,000 dead. As if none of them made much difference.

By EdwardM