This was the experts prediction in June 2020. This did not age well.

If lock-down periods are combined with 100% adoption of facemask use by the public, the initial disease progress peak is dramatically flattened and delayed and subsequent waves are prevented

Source: A modelling framework to assess the likely effectiveness of facemasks in combination with ‘lock-down’ in managing the COVID-19 pandemic | Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences

Fortunately, there were no additional waves in the summer, the fall or the winter, proving that their model was correct! Good to know that face masks knocked it down to Zero Covid from the summer of 2020 onward! /satire

In the real world, cases skyrocketed after this model projection was issued. Neil Ferguson, celebrity epidemiologist who was found violating his own lockdown for a sex romp (10 days after diagnosed with Covid-19, no less) predicted we could have periodic short lock downs to tamp down the disease until vaccines were available. He was wrong about that too.

Disease models generally failed to provide anything actionable. Projections have been wrong, repeatedly, and seem useless.

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