I save bookmarks of past forecasts for future follow up.

Steven Kashkett of USA Today claimed in July of 2020 that Czechia proved face masks worked to stop Covid-19. He claimed There is no question, which is intended to immediately silence dissent.

Reality as of December 29, 2021.

Red Arrow marks when Steven Kashkett made a fool of himself, above. He was wrong. Because “time”.

As pointed out repeatedly here in the past, given time, everywhere ends up about the same place.

Czechia made a name for itself when a Czechian writer (but NY resident) was one of the first advocates for the #MASKS4ALL meme on social media. He claimed everyone in Czechia used simple cloth masks and this is why cases were low in the spring of 2020.

This is what happens when people draw correlations without control groups. You can conclude anything.

Given time, Czechia more than caught up with everyone else.

Czechia now ranks in the top 10% of excess deaths, globally, and is worse off than the U.S.

Remember, “There is no question” that mandatory face masks worked – just look at Czechia!!!!!

Many people will remember the propaganda from the past – and rarely will go back and look at what actually happened. This is why propaganda messaging is successful – people generally remember the first message they heard, even if subsequently proven spectacularly wrong.

Today we know that cloth facial coverings were an awful failure and may have killed many – because they were not wearing a certified mask that might offer actual protection. Doctor Science and many “experts” staked their reputation on the cloth mask myth in April of 2020 – they blew it, and their decisions likely killed many people. Two years later, they can no longer hide the obvious failure of their choices – and begrudgingly are now saying that, well, Omicron might be worse and cloth masks might no longer work. Hint: cloth masks never worked, which is obvious from all the epicurves seen everywhere. But to openly admit that is to admit they had no clue what they were doing, and they cannot admit the obvious.

By EdwardM