And that’s where the danger comes in. Because it’s not just hypocritical to act like capitalist accumulation is altruism. It’s also a great way for people like Bankman-Field to avoid being investigated for what turn out to be Ponzi schemes.

It’s no accident that our hellish cultural landscape that grants favors in return for moral posturing and patronage has unleashed the insidious ambitions of opportunistic figures like SBF, or Elizabeth Holmes, another Silicon Valley darling revealed as a fraudster.

Source: FTX’s Downfall: How Moral Preening Obscured Fraud | Opinion

(The article blames liberals for this but it is not just liberals who play these games.)

This quote:

The ability of Sam Bankman-Fried and the liberal elite to style themselves as dazzling influencers and moral leaders employs the same brutal logic behind why corporations have seemingly embraced wokeness and its socially, financially and politically lucrative dogma: Anything we do is justified because we are the good guys and contribute to the good of all.

With my emphasis on the last sentence (and not just blaming the liberal elite) – that summarizes how today’s games are played. As long as their message fits the current conventional wisdom, critical thinking skills are thrown out the window.  This explains why the media piles onto a remarkable number of climate twits who smother themselves with hypocrisy yet get a free pass from a non-skeptical media that elevates them to saint hood.

As long as we tend to agree with their worldview, we nod agreement and buy everything they sell us, even if it is a load of rubbish. We lose our ability to be skeptical.

At the end of the day, we discover we are unable to trust anyone or anything, as everything is twisted into manipulative propaganda messaging to sell us someone’s agenda.

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