White House admits cloth masks do not work – Mandates n95s for staff

White House staff required to use N95 masks because they know cloth masks basically do not work.

During her first press briefing, White House press secretary Jen Psaki suggested those working in the office would receive daily testing and N95 masks would be mandatory.

Source: Testing wristbands, masks signs of a new boss at White House | KATU

I’m so old I remember getting chewed out when I wore my used shop N95 mask – because it was supposed to go to hospitals (who would of course want a used shop mask). We were not (then) supposed to use any masks because masks, the public health “experts” told us, do not work when used by the public. Until April when they ordered us to wear home made, random bits of cloth, unapproved design and materials, assembled by persons of unknown skill cloth masks.

  • Yesterday, France announced it citizens should abandon cloth masks and use certified surgical masks (they noticed cloth masks have had no effect on the pandemic).
  • Today, the White House announces that cloth masks are not good enough in the White House. Must use N95s.
  • Simultaneously, the White House ordered everyone to wear a cloth face mask while hiking in remote BLM, USFS, NP and wilderness area lands, while sleeping inside your tent or RV or driving on Federal roadways. Because that is logical to some public health quack.

Indeed, the actual science since before day #1 supported use of N95 masks, not so much for surgical masks, and not at all for cloth masks.

This mask crap has been a fiasco as is public health:  There is now much evidence that CDC scientists and staff were (and may still be) incompetent.  The new head of the CDC says she will try to regain our trust. Good luck with that effort. (Suggestion: start by listening to all of the public and then add in employee performance reviews and internal performance improvement programs, including termination of employees who fail in their duties.)

Teachers moved to head of vaccination line but do not want to re-open classrooms until there are zero cases

15 days to flatten the curve has now become “until there are zero cases”.

Teachers lobbied to go to the head of the vaccination line. Once they got that (vaccinations for teachers in Virginia started this week), they now wish to keep school closed until “zero new cases” of Covid-19.

Science and Health Safety data support and require that no one should return to in person instruction until there is a widely available scientifically proven vaccine or highly effective treatment. The metric for Safe Reopening should be 14 days of zero community spread.

Source: Fairfax teacher’s union letter to the school district

Same thing  in California – the teacher’s union lobbied to go the front of the line, and 3 weeks later after their demands were met, the unions said they do not wish to re-open classrooms.

It kinda looks like its ending

The hospitalization curve has been the most useful and reliable curve for spotting trends – and is far more accurate than the daily new positive test cases curve or death curves.

Positive test cases is dependent on how many tests were run – thus at the start of college semesters, for example, the daily positive test case numbers shoot up because of testing all staff and students, biasing the results for a week or two. Second, WHO acknowledged this week that there is a false positive problem when the RT-PCR test is used not as a diagnostic test but to screen mass populations (WHO has revised procedures to address this). Consequently, the daily new cases trend is not a reliable indicator of the direction of the disease.

Deaths are also a surprisingly unreliable indicator. This is because the curves are based on “daily body count reports” which have nothing to do with the actual days of death. First, you can see that no one collates death data on weekends – rather obvious from this chart.

But the larger problem is the daily body count is a measure of data collection efficiency – not actual deaths by date.

To illustrate, in my state, each daily report lists the actual date of death. On a peak day in December, 54 deaths were listed. However, 38 of those occurred the prior months – in fact, that report include deaths occurring across 5 months. In fact, the most deaths to occur in a 24 hour period was 33 on December 9th. Yet 7 “daily body count” reports exceeded 33 as they caught up with past deaths, often long ago.

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Clown show continues: Oregon’s months late vaccine advisory committee met again today with no decisions

To put it mildly:

Progress has been slow.

Source: Coronavirus vaccine equity group whittles recommendations to about half of Oregonians amid first signs of tension – oregonlive.com

The meeting degenerated into calling other members racist. Ultimately, the group’s recommendations are likely to be ignored as being (a) way too late, (b) unworkable, (c) partially illegal.

It seems likely the pandemic will be over with before we have access to a vaccine anyway. Based on their current directions, 91% of the state will be eligible before me, and it is likely that last 9% will have its own sub-priorities. Thus, looks like I will be the last person in the state eligible to wait in line for a vacation, perhaps by 2023 or 2024 at the pace this is going!

Oregon’s clown show marches on.

France acknowledges that cloth face masks do not work

Good grief. I noted this last April – over the span of 3 days the public health quacks went from face masks do not work when used by the public to everyone should wear a home made mask, made of random bits of cloth, using unproven random designs and assembled by persons of unknown skill. And this, in spite of overwhelming number of papers finding that N95 masks appear to work, certified surgical masks are helpful, and zero evidence that home made cloth masks reduced the spread of the disease. Zero and is none.

To anyone with a functioning brain cell (which means not public health experts) this was to be expected:

PARIS (Reuters) – The French government is now recommending that people wear surgical masks in public because they offer better protection from COVID-19 transmission than fabric face coverings, Health Minister Olivier Veran said on Thursday.

Source: France tells its citizens: Fabric masks not enough to protect from COVID | Reuters

And once again, miraculously this comes out on January 21st, 2021. Beats us as to why all the common knowledge has changed overnight.

The use of ineffective masks is likely what explains this. I have repeatedly asked “experts” for a unified theory to explain this and they do not answer. Now we may know why.

New tech startups no longer considering Silicon Valley as old ones flee the area

Founders, executives and tech employees of all ranks, who normally are based in Silicon Valley, have been moving out of the city at a high pace this past year in an exodus sparked by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Source: John Chambers says his start-ups are skipping over Silicon Valley

High costs, high taxes, unreliable electrical power grid, wild fires from mismanaged forests and a government that no longer seems to care has taken its toll.

U.S. will rejoin WHO and join Covax vaccine program

Not sure what this means in a practical sense. As noted several times, my expectation is that once the “elite” of the U.S. are vaccinated, the U.S. will then divert part of our vaccine supply to other nations.

As of today, California says they are tracking to vaccinate all 65+ year olds by June, and then move on to the next prioritized groups (1c) after that. That means 1c starts in summer and Phase 2 after that.

My state’s public health Director said 2 weeks ago that the general public is not likely to be able to wait in line until the Fall of 2021. Based on California’s announcement, that now seems likely. Several official are not pointing out the obvious – logistics. Unless we can vaccinate many millions per day, it will indeed take until the end of the year.

The U.S. has not announced details of what joining Covax means. Does this mean providing funding? Or does it mean the U.S. will divert its doses once the “elite” and “essential” people are vaccinated? We do not know.

“15 days to flatten the curve” was a public health lie. We are now looking at 18-21 months based on their latest updates – although I no longer believe anything they say.


And just like that … a global alliance of well known non-profits says

“Most importantly,” he added, “the Biden administration must lead international efforts to prioritize vaccine distribution for those most at risk, regardless of the country they live in. We urge the administration to implement a human rights-centered approach to the Covid-19 pandemic.”

Once the elites are vaccinated in the U.S. the pressure will be intense to move doses destined for the U.S. to other countries, while forcing the rest of us to the back of the line (even when our tax money paid for the development, manufacture and distribution of those vaccines).

Of interest, the richer nations have the highest per capita mortality – thus, if this scheme to prioritize by risk were to be implemented, the vaccines will still go mostly to the richer nations. Watch for creative new definitions of “risk” in order to avoid that.

Well, that didn’t take long. Distribution, say academics, should prioritize by mortality risk, then by socioeconomic factors including gross national income and poverty levels. (All of the authors work in teaching positions or health care positions or high level government positions, which are prioritized for early vaccinations – once the elites are vaccinated they will urge redistribution of vaccines to elsewhere. This is rather obvious.)

You can see where this pressure is going. It will also be tied into the public pressure from the vaccine privileged to get on with life through vaccine passports. In fact, one vaccine passport consortia suggests vaccine passports could be required in some situations – in just a manner of weeks from now.

COVID-19: Guidance for School Operation during the Pandemic

And just like that, also on January 21, 2021, a major report from Canada concludes we need to “reduce the fear and anxiety” created by public health itself:

The rationale for the recommendations outlined in this document should be clearly articulated in order to help reduce the fear and anxiety in parents and children/youth

Source: COVID-19: Guidance for School Operation during the Pandemic

This report also notices the false positive elephant that’s been hiding in plain sight for months:

  • Targeted large-scale one-time surveillance (i.e., point prevalence) programs for presymptomatic or asymptomatic children are not generally recommended.

  • Targeted surveillance may be reasonable in situations where the pre-test probability of SARS-CoV-2 infection is higher (as this will increase the yield and help preserve testing capacity).

    • Low prevalence setting: no asymptomatic surveillance recommended.

    • Moderate to high prevalence settings and in schools with outbreaks identified: surveillance testing can be considered in discussion with local public health unit, taking into consideration the potential benefits and negative consequences (outlined in considerations below).

What is so special about January 20th -21, 2021? Beats me.

But in the past two days:

  • WHO says RT-PCR testing has a false positive problem
  • Canada says testing has a false positive problem when used for mass screening in schools
  • Canada says we need to scale back the fear and anxiety
  • Imperial College London issues a pre-print report saying lock downs do not work
  • BBC – Lockdowns caused people to avoid seeking critical health care (like heart attacks) which will lead to excess deaths
  • France says cloth face masks do not work and recommends everyone use certified surgical masks.
  • The White House bans cloth face masks and mandates certified N95 masks.
  • Michigan announces re-opening of restaurants. These reductions in restrictions are widespread across the country, being done in spite of not meeting the metrics they said were required to reduce restrictions and there are accusations they were done for political purposes.
  • Week before Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot announces they will soon re-open restaurants and NY Governor Cuomo says they will be re-opening businesses or there will not anything left to re-open.
  • CNN – Vaccines may not work on variants to (January 20th) vaccines work

So odd that these came out on Jan 20-21, 2021. Can’t think of a single reason for this coincidence.

CDC New Cases Report, morning of January 21, 2021.

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