University lifts student domestic travel suspension

Good grief. Ohio University was regulating student travel within the United States (you know, their own country).

Ohio University has lifted its suspension of student domestic travel activities. Effective immediately, students are not required to seek approval from their college when planning domestic travel.

Source: University lifts student domestic travel suspension

“Flight shaming”: Global travel should be banned.

Saving the planet requires that we stop gaping and gawking at travel blogs and vacation selfies. Instead, everyone who cares about the environment should shame those who clamber onto an airplane every chance they get.

This is what counts as discourse from an “intellectual”. Let’s take mask shaming to a new level – and scream at anyone who posts a vacation photo online! And yell at those who view travel items on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.

In addition to “Flight shaming” there is also “overtourism” where some popular destinations now have more tourists than some desire. I wrote about that topic previously – proposed solutions are to limit the number of visitors to those who pay more (the elite?). They want fewer tourists each of whom spends more money. One way may to be set minimum stay duration (e.g. 5-7 days). Some destinations have added tourist taxes and new requirements such as health insurance bought from an in-country health insurer (not your usual travel insurance).

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Another study finds cloth facial coverings and surgical masks do not halt spread of Sars-CoV-2

To test whether face masks work in blocking the virus from being transmitted among people, the study measured how much S-CoV-2 is breathed into the air and tested how much less virus people sick with COVID-19 exhaled into the air after putting on a cloth or surgical mask.

Face coverings significantly reduced virus-laden particles in the air around the person with COVID-19, cutting the amount by about 50 per cent, the researchers found.

However, the loose-fitting cloth and surgical masks didn’t stop infectious virus from getting into the air, they said.

Source: Coronavirus Variants: Covid Variants Getting Better At Travelling Through Air, Study Shows

The “Alpha” variant (we are now at Delta) put 43 to 100x more viral particles in to the air than did the original virus.

The study authors say we now need to use real high filtration, tight fitting masks, not cloth facial coverings.

Some times mask mandates do result in actual harm

Ein 20-jähriger Student jobbt an einer Tankstelle und macht einen Mann ohne Mundschutz auf die geltenden Corona-Regeln aufmerksam. Dieser kehrt mit einem Revolver zurück und erschießt den Kassierer. Gegen den 49-Jährigen ergeht Haftbefehl wegen Mordes. Die Polizei hat einen solchen Fall noch nicht erlebt.

Source: Nach Zurückweisung in Tankstelle: Masken-Verweigerer erschießt Kassierer –

Similarly, in the U.S., people have been shot, knifed, physically and verbally assaulted because they were not wearing a mask or because they were wearing a mask.

Update: Kansas school teacher tapes mask to student’s face.

We tried 200 covid-19 vaccines so you don’t have to! | Coldstreams Business and Tech

I wrote this in August of 2020 as a joke – it was satire and parody of news headlines.

Sadly, many of these headlines ended up becoming real!: We tried 200 covid-19 vaccines so you don’t have to! | Coldstreams Business and Tech


  • We tried 200 Covid-19 vaccines so you don’t have to!
  • Study finds this one weird trick could alleviate vaccine side effects
  • I had the Covid-19 vaccine – what was it like?
  • Covid-19 vaccine to increase climate change emissions
  • Do you really need to spend more than $40 on a Covid-19 vaccine?
  • Up to 40 million Americans could be injected by year end-will you be one of them?
  • Covid-19 Vaccines – Hands-On!
  • You won’t believe what Melania said about the new vaccine!
  • History of diversity at Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson in light of vaccine release
  • How to pick the right vaccine for you!
  • Confusion reigns over which vaccine to choose
  • How vaccines are impacting low income earners
  • A former KGB spy talks disinformation tactics and how this effects the Covid-19 vaccine
  • Most stunning Instagram selfies of people getting vaccine!
  • Alt-right protestors gather without face masks and question the real reason for vaccines
  • 7 secrets you should know about the Covid-19 vaccine
  • News reporter gets vaccine, live, on the air, and you won’t believe what happened next
  • DHS concerned over “insensitive names” given to some Covid-19 vaccines
  • How a vaccine is changing remote Nunatsiavut
  • Unsolved mysteries of vaccine distribution
  • Bay area to fine people who do not get vaccinated
  • Survey: Tell us what you think of your vaccine?
  • Learn how vaccines are ruining work at home opportunities for the disabled
  • Data shows which vaccine is worst for Californians
  • Moderna’s vaccine is here and its named “Sweet Shots Live!”
  • Trump mispronounces name of new vaccine
  • Man who predicted 2000 market crash says this about 2021 vaccines
  • Airlines to ban travelers who refuse vaccine
  • Airports add Covid-19 vaccine sniffer dogs to check travelers
  • J&J to skip U.S. vaccine release and go straight to Netflix distribution
  • Covid-19 vaccine will widen the “digital divide”
  • Zoom faces business collapse as millions get vaccinated

GM to start replacing Chevy Bolt fire batteries in mid-October

The process of replacing batteries may take many months:

GM expects to begin replacing battery modules in recalled Chevrolet Bolt EVs due to fire risks as soon as next month, the company announced Monday.

Source: GM to begin fixing recalled Chevy Bolt EVs next month due to fire risk

While GM has directed owners to limit range to 100-160 miles (depending on model year), and to park within 50 feet of any other vehicle (a near impossible requirement to meet), GM dealers are themselves parking unsold inventory, side by side.

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What are the metrics?

There are many fields of study that seem to lack useful metrics by which to judge their usefulness and effectiveness.

Nutrition science, see below, is certainly one example. Epidemiology and the Covid pandemic is another. There are others. The problem is that experts seem to rarely acknowledge that their past work was insufficient, flawed, ineffective. Instead of learning from the past, they tend to double down on what did not work previously (see, Covid-19).

Lock downs failed: “Australia reports 1,607 COVID-19 cases as states learn to live with virus”

Australia reported 1,607 new coronavirus cases on Sunday as states and territories gradually shift from trying to eliminate outbreaks to living with the virus.

Source: Australia reports 1,607 COVID-19 cases as states learn to live with virus | Reuters

As is true of all NPIs, every where eventually ends up with roughly the same out comes, given time. NPIs never stop a pandemic. The only way a pandemic ends is through immunity – from vaccination, from acquired immunity, or both, or the predominate virus eventually mutates to a less lethal form.

NPIs, per WHO and published papers, when they work at all, primarily delay the inevitable.

We now have high quality evidence out of Australia, an island nation where lock downs were enforced by police, police with dogs, on horses, in helicopters, and by the military – that lock downs are not a general solution. (Lock downs may work, when done during the first few weeks of spread. But once the disease is established in the community, lock downs do not appear to work.)

I am just a brain injured idiot with no relevant experience. I make observations and ask stupid questions – and point out the obvious.



Many Australians have had it with the penal colony locking them up for months on end. Australians were not permitted to travel more than 5km (about 3 miles) from their homes, were allowed “out” for just 1 hour per day to walk or jog, by themselves. Eventually, many reaching a break point: a mob breaks through police lines. (News report here. The reporter says police will begin arresting protesters after this. Basically, the government has gone to war against its own citizens.)

You cannot lock up entire population in a highly interconnected society and economic system for more than a few weeks, tops. And even then, you need metrics to show that it is actually working – and it did not work.

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