An estimated 1,500 private jet flights by the global elite were used to attend the conference, plus private helicopter shuttles from the airports to the venues.

The top 1% are estimated to have more than 2x the climate impact of the bottom 50% of the world’s population.

But it fits the profile we’ve learned from public health, the global elite’s behavior, and now climate change – us peons will be subject to rule by a technocratic elite autocracy while they ignore the rules they push on the rest of us. (See side bar for the hundreds of public health hypocrites that ignored their own rules.)

And it’s the elitist taint of Davos that’s hurting climate-change efforts, they believe.

“A key form of power lies in the technocratic and top-down worldview that shapes debates, controls institutions and entrenches the dominant political paradigm,” they argue. ”Largely unchallenged it defines international climate negotiations and repeatedly delays the transition away from fossil fuels.”

Source: Davos may devote time to climate change but polluting jets and limos common – MarketWatch

One-third of the sessions at the non-public WEF meetings are about influencing climate by exerting control over the peon class. There is even a proposal to measure everyone’s travels, methods of travel, and the type of food the eat.

The event is normally held in winter, but to emphasize the “global heating” meme, it was held this year at the end of May under warm spring weather.

Of course, the elite say they bought “climate offsets”, which many have noted are a scam and a con. Many forest owners are paid not to cut down forests they never planned to cut down! Many forests used for climate offsets are on terrain that makes logging impossible or unprofitable. In some scams, the forest offset was sold more than once. But at least it virtues signals!

By EdwardM