For more than a decade, Credit Suisse Group AG has claimed to be “carbon neutral” in its operations. Every gleaming office tower, every flight by an executive — all the emissions generated directly by a global banking giant are supposedly counterbalanced. A closer look at the Swiss bank’s sustainability reports tells a different story: its sweeping claim is based on purchases of low-quality carbon offsets that experts rate as useless.

Source: Delta, Credit Suisse Claim Carbon Neutrality Using Junk Carbon Offsets

They are all mostly bogus, says Bloomberg.

But hey, all the global elite continue to spew planet-sized emissions of carbon but it’s okay – because they buy scammy carbon credits that are bogus and offset nothing tangible.

Related: COP27 agree to paid climate reparations, to countries that lack even accurate weather records and evidence – but at least COP27 failed to control emissions. Get that? The actions that would actually matter – if the theories are correct – is to control carbon emissions. But COP27 made no progress on that.

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