Source: G-20: Prince Charles warns Glasgow summit is last chance to save planet

Back on planet reality:

Of course, since he’s rich, he can buy large “Carbon offsets” (which are frequently reported to be scams, like paying someone to not cut down trees they never had any intention of cutting down). You, of course, can’t afford the carbon offsets so you must cut back your actual carbon emissions.

These people are hypocrites as are a vast number of climate change enthusiasts among the 30,000 who have traveled from across the globe to the climate conference in Glasgow, Scotland. In fact, over 400 private jets arrived in Glasgow – emitting more carbon than all of Scotland does in an entire year.

Many of these “private jets” are not small – they are full size airliners operated by governments.

Climate hypocrites are typically the elite, wealthy and the powerful with personal carbon footprints the size of small planets. They lecture us about restricting our lifestyles, increasing our costs and making our lives more difficult – while they routinely jet about the world for frivolous activities – by private jet. And this after a year of telling us to stay home and use Zoom – good enough for you but not for them.

But of course, they all say, “we buy carbon offset” indulgences so we can do anything we want.

Prince Charles is a hypocritical, condescending jerk. These “leaders” with their faux concern over climate must not be taken seriously. Do as I say, but not as a I do, they proclaim – so shut up you peon. Remember, you are “non-essential” – public health determined that.

Their hypocrisy is blatant – and produces results counter to what they proclaim they want. Why should I care about my carbon footprint when not one of these asses subjects themselves to what they want to inflict on us?

Reminder – I re-insulated my house to R-60, installed solar PV that produces more power than we consume in a year (enough for a future EV), and heat our house with locally sourced wood pellets, and drive an old car getting 42 mpg. Why not an EV? Because until months ago, about 70% of our local power came from mostly coal and 30% from “other” (which includes a mix of hydro, wind and coal). Investing in solar PV had a greater impact on carbon reduction than an EV (after including product life cycle carbon costs) powered by a coal fired utility. It is more carbon effective to drive an existing fuel efficient ICE vehicle as long as possible, when considering overall product life cycle energy use. I have done more than most to reduce my carbon footprint and I am not done yet. 

Coldstreams Skeptic