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Another one: Oklahoma’s death reports were garbage too

Same problem I discovered in Oregon, leading to a change in how the state reports deaths:

The provisional death count is based on death certificates. As cases increased at the end of 2020, OSDH’s epidemiologists began encountering larger numbers of incomplete records require in-depth investigation leading to a large difference between OSDH’s death count and the CDC’s, the health department said.

Source: OSDH Changes How It Reports COVID-19 Deaths; 747 New Virus Cases Reported

Ohio recently dumped 4,000 Oct-Dec death counts – In February.

Iowa got behind too, but at least their PR explains why the death reports are always lagging.

Media morons have spent months excitedly reporting “54 deaths today!!!!!!!!!!!!” even though, in my state, 75% of them were weeks to months earlier.

Basically, daily body counts have always been wrong but the error was small – until deaths began to increase. Then, the states got further and further behind in reporting deaths, leading up to high death “reports” in January and February as they caught up.

The public saw this and assumed deaths were increasing – when deaths had actually peaked 4-6 weeks earlier.

Epidemiology’s inability to communicate honestly and effectively is embarrassing. The field has the accuracy of astrology with the honest of alchemy.

Surge in Good news: T-cell immunity response effective against variants, Asthma not a risk factor

Our T-cell immunity response is effective against all existing variants, says study.

See here.

This is a real bummer for the constant daily barrage of fear, hysteria and panic.

My prediction (I do not make real predictions though):

The news media will turn its attention away from Covid-19 and begin focusing on “the climate crisis” or something else that can be spun into scary, gloom and doom, we are all going to die click-bait headlines!

The hysterical beast of fear must be fed!

Oh, have not posted one of these in a while.

Back on November 25, 2020, I said the slope of the epicurve as moderating. In fact, subsequent data and the 1st derivative show that it peaked on November 14, 2020. My post was eerily on the mark.

A week ago I suggested the downward curve might mirror the upwards curve, which meant we should expect to see the decline curve start to flatten out. This was based on how the curve had gone in other regions. Nothing fancy – I used the eyeball-o-matic instead of an AI-machine learning algorithm. In today’s world, we’d believe the AI-machine learning algorithm but insist our eyeballs are not scientific.

EVs that swap batteries instead of recharging

(Reuters) – Ample, a seven-year-old San Francisco startup, wants to skirt one of the big hurdles to widespread adoption of electric vehicles by reviving the idea of quick, automated battery swaps for owners concerned about running out of juice while driving.

Source: California startup touts battery-swapping to juice demand for electric vehicles | Reuters

Interesting but I suspect super fast DC charging will meet most use scenarios for EVs. As EVs switch to 125 kwh to 350 kwh charging capabilities – the time to charge 80% of capacity will be short enough.

Some one paying attention: UK official says tax hikes to follow “irresponsible” government spending

I think in the U.S. the government sees this as a feature. Am expecting very large tax hikes to be proposed soon.

Source: Budget 2021: Rishi Sunak warns tax rises to follow spending spree – BBC News

At this point, at lot if not most of the “stimulus” and “Relief” spending is pork spending to favor constituents. That, in turn will be used as the reason we must raise taxes.

End of globalization: “Walmart announces it will invest $350 billion in US manufacturing”

Companies such as Walmart and GE created the outsourced, offshore manufacturing boom. Globalization was the future and it would be great for everyone. That’s what the economics theory says too.

But then the pandemic happened and much has changed.

BENTONVILLE, Ark. (KNWA) — Walmart announced Wednesday a goal to invest $350 billion in the “future of U.S. manufacturing” over the next 10 years.

Source: Walmart announces it will invest $350 billion in US manufacturing | NewsNation Now

A related issue is “carbon taxes”. Many countries know full well they outsourced their own dirty industries to other countries – so they could virtue signal how clean their country had become.

Now, though, several countries have proposed a carbon import tax – such that goods made in cheaper but dirty manufacturing facilities elsewhere – will cost the same as those made in cleaner domestic facilities.

Of course, this does mean we will all be paying more for things in the future.

Bill Gates: Nuclear power will ‘absolutely’ be politically acceptable


Nuclear power has to overcome a baneful reputation garnered by association with the atomic bomb and radioactive disasters, but it’s a necessary, worthy and surmountable challenge to correct the naysayers, according to Gates.

That’s because the need for clean energy is dire, and the operation of nuclear power plants produces no greenhouse gas emissions. According to Gates, new innovations in nuclear technology (in which he is an investor) are making nuclear energy safer and more affordable, and countries around the world are starting to adopt nuclear power.

Source: Bill Gates: Nuclear power will ‘absolutely’ be politically acceptable

state public health cuts off rural counties from vaccine access

Deschutes County, Oregon

Oregon Health Authority has taken vaccine doses from rural counties and re-assigned them to the Portland metro area.

On just 2-3 days per week does the County have sufficient doses to administer vaccinations. For the coming week, Deschutes County is allocated 25% fewer doses than the week before.

Multnomah County, Oregon

Multnomah County is home to Portland. The low point at right is due to an ice storm shutting everything down. Otherwise, a rising trend of increasing vaccinations.

Public health thinks rural areas are non-essential, non-elite, worthless – and then wonders why people hate public health officials?

Surprisingly, this scandal is ignored by the media.

In Louisiana, Covid-19 deaths and non-Covid-19 deaths rise sharply in 2020

Around 7,800 people had died of COVID-19 in Louisiana …. at the same time, another 5,000 excess deaths — 40% of the total — cannot be chalked up to the virus — not directly, anyway.


many of the deaths apparently came from those who couldn’t or wouldn’t seek care in that crisis. And it appears from a sharp rise in drug- overdose deaths that worries the pandemic would exacerbate so-called “deaths of despair” were equally prophetic.


Researchers will likely spend years struggling to tally the years shaved off lives from missed cancer screenings,


data and anecdotal evidence suggest that many people died from other causes because they didn’t get medical care for serious conditions, either out of fear of the virus or because the care was not available.

Source: Louisiana deaths jumped by nearly 30% in 2020: How the victims died | News |

The UK government has also estimated that 40% of excess deaths during the pandemic are not due to Covid-19 but due to the side effects of government policies, for the same reasons suggested above.

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