Everyone is noticing the lack of logic in public health orders

From the US Supreme Court ruling yesterday, to this article in The Atlantic or this one in Wired – all find that public health rules are arbitrary, lack supporting evidence and are generally incoherent – and as life has shown us, do not even work.

The rules are routinely ignored by public health officials, politicians and other elite members of society. It’s as if they all know its a hand waving charade to pretend they are doing something to stop the virus from spreading.

Update: Today, the Guardian notices the lack of trust problem too. And it’s spot on. Cite the evidence, or if you have uncertainty be honest about that. Don’t just make stuff up on the fly (which much public health is doing). The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette weighs in the nonsensical pronouncements too.

Many people have begun to notice – public health has lost credibility – and the people are losing interest in participating in the charade.

When health authorities present one rule after another without clear, science-based substantiation, their advice ends up seeming arbitrary and capricious. That erodes public trust and makes it harder to implement rules that do make senseā€”for this pandemic and any future public health matters.


A lot of this goes back to what I wrote a couple of weeks ago – “Sell, don’t tell”.

Most people do the right things when they understand the issues and appropriate responses. But there was never any selling, only telling, and lot of it turned out to be illogical, inconsistent, contradictory and incoherent nonsense, thereby losing the trust of the people that are needed to “do the right thing” on their own.

Combined with the lengthy list of the elite who ignore their own rules, why are we surprised the public has become fed up with public health nonsense?

As people lost faith in the “experts”, we’ve gone from the “telling” of things that do not work to now arresting people for not agreeing. Los Angeles is shutting off water and power to homes of alleged rule violators. The police in my state, have been asked to arrest people for non-compliance.

At this point, government itself has lost credibility and legitimacy in the eyes of many.

At the end of the day – or year – public health has utterly failed.