List of Covid-19 hypocrites grows ever longer

Added #68 Dr Deborah Birx, earlier today, and #69 All Members of Congress.

The list grows every day. Essentially every public health “expert” and political “leader” enjoys their privileged elite status, mostly ignoring the rules inflicted on the rest of us. It is apparent none of them believe in what they preach and at this point, I no longer believe in any of it either.

All Members of Congress

Young, healthy woman steps to front of line – ahead of most health care workers – to be vaccinated against coronavirus – while you, you sniveling little peon – must wait until late summer or fall of 2021. But they insure us this is to “instill confidence” – bull shit.

Watching this spectacle unfold is embarrassing and Congressional Members lack of empathy for others and recognition of their own privilege is tone deaf. Not just her – many are posting items like this on their social media.

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