She’s younger than me yet I won’t be eligible to try signing up until mid-2021 – this is nothing more than shameless elitism for a photo op:

Gov. Kate Brown was vaccinated against COVID-19 at a rural health clinic in Scappoose on Saturday.

Source: Oregon Gov. Kate Brown vaccinated against COVID-19 |

Contrary to state recommendations, she had herself chauffeured 67 miles to the small town of Scappoose, probably because they had some doses reserved for the elite.

She could have donated her dose to an essential worker or person of color, but no, she did this to send the usual dumb shit message:

It was important to me to demonstrate today that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is safe and effective,” the statement said. “Plus, the fact that it’s only one dose makes it even more convenient for all Oregonians.”

“Every week my office hears the question: If these vaccines are so safe, then why hasn’t Kate Brown gotten one? I want to reassure Oregonians that they should feel confident taking any of the three vaccines available to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Brown said vaccination efforts in Oregon have expanded significantly over the past few months, with an average of more than 20,000 doses given each day. 

At this time, demand VASTLY exceeds supply – so her justification is she is taking steps to encourage greater demand. She’s lying. – she took advantage of her elite position to move forward in line – otherwise she’d be waiting in line at mid-year like the rest of us.

Do the pretentious elite have any idea what message they are sending?

Why is anyone surprised that no one believe a word of anything involving public health anymore?

Update: From the social media thread I saw, this stunt has not gone over well with the very large number of age 65+ and others with underlying conditions who cannot even get through to try and schedule a shot. In fact, it is now likely to be end of May before these people are able to get their first dose.

Dictionary definition:

Arrogant elite – see Governor Kate Brown, Oregon.

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