“Immunity passports” have troubling implications

Airlines and politicians are promoting the concept of “immunity passports”. Hungary and Iceland have already implemented these concepts – if you provide proof of past Covid-19 – you can bypass quarantine requirements, and in Iceland, you are exempt from wearing a face mask.

Updated: IT IS STARTING: Israel is now offering a “Green immunity passport” to all those who have been vaccinated. Those with the passport are not required to quarantine, may travel abroad, and may receive entry to venues that would otherwise be closed.

By early 2021, as many people become vaccinated, there will be pressure to begin using “immunity passports” so people can get on with their lives. Can you imagine the political pressure as 100 million “prioritized” vaccine recipients demand to get on with their lives by March?

But do you see the problem? Due to prioritization, many of us are not eligible to receive a vaccination until the summer of 2021. Those without Immunity passports would be banned from air travel, train travel, perhaps light rail and bus travel, access to theaters, museums and more.

“That’s going to be really important for people to have [proof of COVID vaccination] for travel purposes, perhaps for work purposes, for going to theatres or cinemas or any other places where people will be in closer physical contact when we get through the worst of the pandemic,” said Ontario’s Health Minister Christine Elliott to reporters on Tuesday.

While trying to stress that the vaccination is voluntary, Elliott made clear that not taking the vaccine could lead to severe limitations to individuals’ freedom.

Source: Ontario suggests COVID ‘immunity passport’ for people wanting to travel, go to movies | News | LifeSite

Access to travel via air, rail, bus, city light rail could be prohibited. Access to certain kinds of businesses – such as theaters and bars, and indoor dining – may be restricted. Access to museums and national park visitor centers may be prohibited.

The lack of an immunity passport then becomes the Star of David armband enforced by Nazi’s on the Jews in Germany in World War II. Do you see any problem with this at all?

Here in the U.S. this would be unconstitutional, violating equal protection requirements of the Constitution and laws. It also violates international Codes and agreements on human rights and ethics.

In Canada, where this news report originates, the article makes clear that such limitations  violate numerous national and international agreements and basic human rights and bioethics.

“These are egregious violations of our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms as well as violations of international agreements including the Nuremberg Code and the Universal Declaration of Bioethics and Human Rights. These violations should not be tolerated,” Kuntz told LifeSiteNews via email.

“Any coercive measures as restrictions on travel, access to businesses or services would be a clear violation of the Nuremberg Code developed in response to the violations of the Nazi regime in Germany.”

Yesterday I reviewed the forecasts for when Covid-19 vaccines may be generally available to those not in “special priority groups”.

  • Dr. Fauci says “mid-2021”.
  • Several states give broad windows – saying they hope that general availability starts sometime between April to July. One state gives a broader window, saying the start time may be from April to September.
  • Several states say they do not expect general availability until the summer of 2021.
  • One province in Canada only gives and end date, saying they think everyone who wants a vaccination will have gotten one by September of 2021.
  • Once availability opens, there may be a weeks to months long delay as it takes time to fulfill request for vaccinations.
  • It will take 5-6 weeks after first dose of a 2-dose sequence to have full protection of the vaccine. This means if you are not able to be vaccinated until July 1, you would not be eligible for an immunity passport until mid August 2021.
  • Literally, it may be early fall before those who want to be vaccinated, have been vaccinated and are eligible for immunity passports.
  • If you live in a country outside North American, Europe and Russia, and may be China, you may be until 2022 before you can be vaccinated.

A related issue is what about those who possibly cannot receive a vaccination? At the present time I am banned from taking the Pfizer vaccination due to severe allergic reactions. Doesn’t matter since at age 62 next year with two “moderate” risk factors I am, surprisingly, dead last on the priority list and by then there may be half a dozen or more vaccines available.