Jan 11-12, 2021:

Thousands of University of Alabama football fans partied in the street near campus after the Crimson Tide defeated Ohio State 52-24 for the national championship, ignoring pleas for safety at the height of the coronavirus pandemic in a celebration a top health official said Tuesday could worsen disease.

Source: Thousands party in streets after Alabama win, despite virus


Sturgis Motorcycle Rally (forecast for 260,000+ new cases resulted in 124 in SD and 290 in other states), Superbowl weekend (cases fell dramatically everywhere, afterward). And of course the fake “Holiday surge upon surge” meme promoted by Dr. Fauci and many others.

Now this – cases fell sharply after the Alabama game party superspreader event in January. Perhaps some events, at a certain time and place do act as spreaders – but many super spreader predictions have been worthless (and there is on coherent explanation as to why).

The track record of labeling everything a “superspreader event” by the epi-astrologists has been falling flat. Perhaps like a broken clock they will eventually be correct once in a while. It is as if epidemiology is impervious to looking at real world data. Even the media is starting to notice this bull crap. They’ve also noticed this bull crap in England too.

Now we have a super spreader spring break underway in Florida. What will things look like in 2 to 3 weeks?