The Sturgis South Dakota motorcycle rally was held August 6-15, 2020.

We were assured that this would be a major super spreader event.

This was emphasized by a study predicting 266,796 new cases from this event and over $12 billion in health care costs.

124 cases in SD were traced to the event. Another 290 cases in other states were potentially linked to the event (cannot say for sure when people have traveled had potentially other contacts too). In addition, national daily cases trended downwards for the next six weeks.

There was no super spreader surge from this event, as was predicted.

Today is Superbowl Sunday. We have been warned this is going to be a superspreader event, just as we were warned that Christmas was going to be “surge upon surge” after the holidays (the holiday surge never happened but is a myth still promoted in spite of the evidence.)

In a week or two, let’s follow up and see what happens. I do not predict the future. I observe and ask stupid questions.

By EdwardM