Kinsa Model This Week

Kinsa Model Forecast Next Week

Forecasts falling cases in all but 2 states. Both states had pretty strict rules.

As the surge in good news continues, epidemiologist panic. This is not going according to plan.

They’ve forecast that the UK variant will sweep the country, out of control in the near future. Except that it has been here since early November which makes that hypothesis awkward.

But, the head of UW IHME says “COVID may never go away, and may instead become a ‘super-flu'”!!!! (Set your fear volume control to 11!)

A professor of Biology at the University of Washington explains why this comment by the IHME is nonsense.

The professor continues on to say:

No cross-strain protective immunity? Based on what evidence? Even the linked story—which @UW_IHME wrote—says nothing of the kind.

I think people still listen to @UW_IHME even after last spring’s modeling fiasco. If so, this is dreadfully irresponsible. If not, it’s still false.

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