In 2020, I saw one public health officer say the Constitution may be suspended during a pandemic. Unfortunately, I did not save that at the time. (If you are wondering, the Constitution still applies – and if we “suspended” the Constitution, the U.S. government itself would no longer exist as it is the entire basis for the government.)

Yesterday, Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding who is a nutritionist (anyone can call themselves an epidemiologist), moved his family from the U.S. to Austria (his wife, a doctor, is a native of Austria) so that his children could attend school in person – all the while, arguing that U.S. schools should remain closed. Even though travel between the U.S. and the EU is heavily restricted and you and I can’t do that, he is an elite intellectual superpower – unlike us mere peons and brain injured idiots.

He digs in deeper on that attitude with this tweet arguing that epidemiologists overrule democracy. Presumably he posted this from the comfort of his elite home in Austria:

I am concerned about the imagery of large groups partying in Florida.

Update: The story in Florida.

Second, we have repeatedly seen allegations of “super spreader” events in the media – Sturgis motorcycle rally, the Superbowl weekend, post college football games – none of which turned into spreader events. At some point, just as a stopped clock is right once in a while, one of these predictions for a super spreader may prove true. Maybe.

By EdwardM