Public health “experts” and pundits loudly proclaimed that the Feb 8 Superbowl would be a “Superspreader” event that would “kill us all”.

Public health agencies nationwide participated in these warnings and follow up afterwards.

14 days later, there has not been a surge – in fact, cases have continued rapidly downwards in Florida, the nation, and Los Angeles, where public health said “Superbowl parties” would likely lead to mass spreader events.

Los Angeles County Public Health:

Public Health is concerned that actions over the Super Bowl weekend and this past holiday weekend could lead to increases in cases if individuals were not taking precautions and businesses were not fully adhering to their sector specific protocols. Public Health is carefully monitoring data over the upcoming weeks to see the impact across County communities.

So What Actually Happened


Los Angeles County New Cases

CDC National New Cases

Note – due to extreme weather conditions, testing and new case reports may be under reported in the U.S.


  • I cannot find any evidence of a Superbowl Superspreader event.
  • I was unable to find any evidence for holiday “surges upon surges”.
  • I was unable to find any evidence for a holiday surge in California.
  • I was unable to find any evidence for the 260,000 new cases originally forecast for the August 2020 Sturgis motorcycle rally.

I am, however, a brain injured idiot. These surges are probably highly visible to brilliant epidemiologists unlike stupid people like me. You’ve been warned. I just make observations and ask really stupid questions.

Epidemiologists, on the other hand have a perfect track record of accurate warnings and model projections and perfect guidance that resulted in the collapse of Covid-19 during 2020. We should worship their holiness and accept their greatness as they accurately forecast the 80% decline in cases over the past six weeks. Oh wait ….

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