As I have been predicting for several years:

Robots have been making their way into kitchens nationwide as the technology becomes cheaper and finding workers becomes harder.

Source: Robot cooks are rapidly making their way into restaurant kitchens

Self-order kiosks, self-order smart phone apps, self-order menu tablets were only the start.

2 days ago I stopped in a Panda Express which had a sign saying they offered $19-$20 per hour for customer facing staff, up to $75,000 for an assistant manager, and up to $95,000/year for a general manager. All positions included a variety of benefits including tuition assistance, access to a “doctor on call”, some positions with health coverage and more.

A stop in a “Fast food” place for 2 adults is now running about $30, up from $20 a year ago.

With the costs of labor skyrocketing as automation becomes cheaper, the end result is predictable – fewer, somewhat higher paid workers, in restaurants.

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